Baptiste ‘grateful’ for Raiders deal

first_imgStarting his NRL career at Brisbane opportunities in first grade at Red Hill proved hard to come by, with Baptiste moving south in the lead-up to the 2014 season in search of more regular NRL game time, making five appearances towards the back end of his first year in Canberra.He would improve on this the following year – playing 16 games and scoring two tries – before becoming an integral member of Ricky Stuart’s side on their run to the preliminary finals in 2016, starting from the bench on all but one occasion and striking one of the most effective hooking combinations in the NRL with England international Josh Hodgson.Commencing his fourth pre-season at the club, Baptiste said he was relishing the challenge of another few months of summer training with his future settled for the foreseeable future.”I’m really looking forward to the next two years, I’m just grateful for the opportunity the Raiders have given me here,” Baptiste said at Raiders HQ on the first day of the club’s pre-season training. “I’m looking forward to getting into pre-season and looking forward to next year.”It’s always going to be tough, every club’s going through it at the moment. It’s the start of a new year and everyone starts on the same level.”They’re all pretty hard, they’re all tough. They seem to get a bit tougher each year and I’m sure this will be no different.”Canberra players were well represented at the season-ending Four Nations tournament, with Shannon Boyd (Australia), Jordan Rapana, Joseph Tapine (both New Zealand), Hodgson and Elliott Whitehead (both England) all still yet to report back to the club for 2016 preparations.When quizzed about his teammates’ experiences in the UK, Baptiste was confident it would give the side a lift as they attempt to go one better in 2017.”I think it would be a great experience over there, I think they’ll bring a lot of confidence to the squad and they’ll probably be better players for it,” Baptiste said.”I’m sure they’ll come back in pretty good nick after Christmas and we’ll be able to hit the ground running there.”Me and ‘Clydy’ (hooker Adam Clydsdale) will be there in the hooking duties while Josh is away and it gives us a bit of time to work on those combinations before he gets back. It’ll be good to have him back.”last_img read more

Lewas top table in Asia tournament

first_imgAfter the completion of four games, the Pacific MMI Lewas remain undefeated and are leading the competition ladder of the East Asia Pacific women’s trophy on 8 points.Lewas coach Kunemo Amini is more than pleased with her team’s performance saying there were games where the team had struggled at times but had fought back to win.“Our fielding was excellent; there were some great classic catches. We bowled very well, good line and length, “said Amini.With the Lewas on top, following closely in second place is Japan who are also undefeated. In third place is Samoa, followed by Vanuatu, Cricket Without Borders (CWOB) and Cook Islands who are yet to win a game.Today will see all teams have a rest with games to resume on Saturday. The Lewas will face giants Japan tomorrow at 10am with the game expected to go right down to the wire.Vanuatu should be able to beat the struggling Cook Islands while CWOB should give the Samoan team a run for their money. Finals will begin on Sunday and finish on Monday.last_img read more

These are some of the most famous UFO sightings in Spain

first_imgSpain is a hot country for UFO sightingThe Manises case is one of the best known filesRobledo de Chavela is an area with a lot of UFO history UFO simulation. Image: Pixabay Likewise, the security plane’s systems were firing, so he knew that the object was identifying or pointing. The Mirage F-1 was set to 1.4 mach to distinguish an object similar to an inverted cup without the base that changed color. Several radars detected the UFO in different areas, but the Mirage F-1 could not reach it; the UFO seemed to be playing with its superiority, until it disappeared towards Africa. The Ministry of Defense of Spain prepared a report where the acts carried out by the pilots, the radar recording and the testimonies of several civilians who saw the objects from the ground are collected.Robledo de ChavelaIt is one of the hottest areas of our country. In the 70s and 80s there was a large number of UFO sightings and even the sighting of a humanoid being. We are talking about Robledo de Chavela, a place near Madrid where there are gigantic antennas owned by NASA and INTA. The two best known encounters in the place happened in the early and mid-80s.In the first of the sightings four unidentified lights were seen flying around the bell tower of the parish church, lights that would later line up and set course for the NASA complex. Subsequently, a triangular-looking UFO was seen with a red wake in the back that also put direction to the space center, although the curious thing about this object is that it was also seen by witnesses on the Chamartín Station in Madrid.Also in the eighties several witnesses claimed to see a humanoid being, as well as many occasions in this type of phenomena, of great height. This supposed extraterrestrial came out of what appeared to be a kind of egg, which landed in a forest located between Robledo de Chavela and Valdemaqueda.The UFO of La GrañaAlthough the UFO phenomenon occurred much more in the 70s and 80s, there are previous cases in our country that are well known. One of them, declassified by the Spanish state, occurred in Ferrol on April 2, 1966. That day, around 11:30 p.m., several witnesses of the A Carreira radio station, including a corporal, saw a Luminous and opaque object that changed shape every few seconds. The corporal even took a picture of the object to the left of Monte Campelo.The phenomenon lasted up to 45 minutes, had a bluish color and was located a few hundred meters high. It was the change of form that most missed witnesses. A sailor who was in Narón, near Ferrol, could also see the object, this time located above the radio station. There was no further investigation.Legend has it, although this cannot be confirmed, that the UFO subsequently fell into the sea and was picked up by fishermen in the area. Upon arriving at the port, a convoy of the army waited for them to requisition the device, in addition to indicating that they should remain silent. The UFO was supposedly taken to the La Graña submarine base, introduced into one of the tunnels. Witnesses say that the object bore the logos of NASA and the American air agency, and that the US military ended up taking that object that looked like a spy drone. But … why the lights if it was a spy object?center_img Do you believe in UFOs? Many people answer this question with a refusal, but certainly there are more people who believe in unidentified flying objects, especially those that come from other planets or other galaxies. Many people believe that we are the only ones, others have seen or know someone who has seen something strange and, of course, there are also fans of this type of sightings.Spain is a hot country when it comes to UFO sightings and, in fact, many areas of our geography are visited by fans of these types of sightings to try to see something out of the ordinary. These are some of the most relevant UFO sightings in the history of our country, some of them registered by law enforcement officers or military bodies.The Manises caseIt is one of the best known UFO incidents in our country, especially for the entire sequence, for the departure of a fighter plane to intercept the object and, of course, for the recognition of the protagonist. The JK-297 plane with 109 passengers, gave notice of a sighting of strange lights next to the plane, so an emergency landing at Manises airport was decided to avoid an accident. The first time this happened in Spanish territory (1979).After the event, three unidentified forms were detected by radar – calculating a structure of about 200 meters – so two Mirage F-1 military aircraft of the Spanish army left to intercept the object. One of them was piloted by Fernando Cámara taking off from Albacete, who soon located a large static red light on the Manises airport. Camera was flying at about 1000 km / h and said that light went from being static to flying at the same speed in the blink of an eye.last_img read more

Atlético will play without Felipe on defense four months later

first_imgFelipe began the month of October with only 181 minutes on his legs after practically a month and a half of competition. The Brazilian had started the season as the team’s fourth quarter, with Giménez and Savic as headlines and Hermoso de first alternative, although with his performances before Celta and Mallorca It was already beginning to emerge and make it clear that its role was going to be more.His good work, combined with Savic and Giménez’s injuries, he was taken head to eleven and currently he has become the boss of the rear, an untouchable player who has not moved with the Cholo scheme. Moreover, Felipe has not lost a moment since the match against Valencia on October 19 (he had not played the week before against Valladolid after completing the match against Lokomotiv). The Brazilian has played each and every one of the 1,950 minutes of the team from that day to the che team until becoming one of the great signings of the season in Europe and only a penalty for card accumulation will make him stop against Granada. In total, he is the fourth player with the most minutes in the entire squad (2,221), only surpassed by Saul (2,760), Oblak (2,706) and Thomas (2,289). Simeone will not be able to count on his new bulwark behind, although luckily for the coach in his case it will not be due to injury. Felipe saw the fifth yellow in the league during the last match against Real Madrid and may not be in the return of the team to the Wanda Metropolitano. In its 21 consecutive games, with two extensions included (Real Madrid and Cultural), the Brazilian has shared downtown behind with Savic, acting as central left, Beautiful and Giménez, with them two on the right profile, where he feels most comfortable.A mature player, experienced, very difficult to overcome in hand to hand and that stands out for its fantastic aerial game. In addition, Felipe has a good ball out and is a danger spot for a stopped ball, adding two goals, against Lokomotiv volley and Levante with a very complicated header. Although at the beginning of the course his participation was residual, one minute in Butarque in the first four days, he has now earned his place and is already one of the untouchables of Simeone.last_img read more

The salaries of the highest paid soccer players and coaches in the world, uncovered

first_imgBehind are two Barça players, the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann and the Uruguayan Luis Suárez, both with just under 3 million. Two Real Madrid the Welshman Gareth Bale and the Belgian Eden Hazard, follow him with 2.5 million euros gross per month. In Germany, Bayern Munich’s Polish Robert Lewandowski and his Brazilian partner Coutinho, on loan from Barcelona, ​​pocket the highest salaries, 1.66 million a month each.The Argentines of Juve Gonzalo Higuaín and Paolo Dybala, with 1.09 and 1.06 million euros per month, follow Ronaldo as the highest paid players in Italy.Among the coaches, the Argentinian from Atlético de Madrid, Diego Simeone, also repeated as the highest paid, with 3.6 million gross euros per month, ahead of the Spaniard of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, with 1.94 million.They are followed by two Premier technicians, the Portuguese from Tottenham, José Mourinho, and Liverpool’s German, Jurgen Klopp, both with 1.46 million.The French of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, with 1.4 million, slightly surpasses the Italian of Inter Milan, Antonio Conte, with 1.38 million, while Quique Setién, recently arrived in Barcelona, ​​charges 500,000 euros gross per month, according to L’Équipe. The list highlights that the Spanish goalkeeper of Manchester United DGea’s avid is England’s highest paid player, with 1.76 million a month, ahead of the German of Arsenal Mesut Özil and from the Belgian of Manchester City Kevin de Bruyne, both with 1.64 million.center_img The Argentine of Barcelona Lionel Messi repeats as the highest paid footballer in the world ahead of the Portuguese Juventus of Turin Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the salary classification published this Friday by L’Équipe.According to the French newspaper, Messi has a salary of 8.3 million euros gross per month, compared to the 4.5 Ronaldo receives from the Turin club, which arrived two seasons ago. Both surpass the Brazilian of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar, the best paid in France with just over 3 million per month, far ahead of his teammate, the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé, who does not reach 2 million.last_img read more

FIFPro also asks to suspend all competitions

first_imgThe global FIFPro footballers union has joined the request to suspend competitions due to the threat of the coronavirus, expressed by numerous players from around the world and by the AFE itself, and has called for “transparent, reasonable and consistent decisions to be made throughout the football industry.”“We ask that employers and organizers of competitions respect the wishes of players to take precautionary measures in the short term, including the suspension of training and competitions. We support players who have requested the suspension or postponement of soccer activities in their countries or regions, “FIFPro said in a statement.The union recalled that “international travel and party attendance create a high risk that affects everyone from spectators and players to referees and club staff.” “To provide a reliable and clear course of action that prioritizes people and public health, we ask the authorities and the organizers of the competitions to make transparent, reasonable and consistent decisions based on the advice of governments,” he asked.In addition, FIFPRO stressed that “professional football is greatly affected by this situation in multiple ways.” “Closed matches and cancellations have a considerable effect on the income of small and medium-sized clubs. Therefore, the football industry should consider extraordinary solidarity measures to protect the industry and support clubs that need it through, for example, financial assistance or advance payments “, he proposed.last_img read more

Czichos almost became paraplegic

first_imgRafael Czichoscentral Suburb, brushed against paraplegia after the horrifying crash he suffered against Marko Grujic from Hertha Berlin three weeks ago. The Rhenish club announced that its defender will miss the rest of the season, since he had to undergo surgery on the cervical spine. Of course, what was not known to date is that the German defender was at risk of becoming paraplegic due to the injuries he suffered. The documentation “24/7 FC” shows the damage caused by the impact to the cervical spine, which was completely destroyed in some points. “He was very lucky”, explains Dr. Peer Eysel, in charge of carrying out the intervention in Czichos. “Not a few breaks of this type end in paraplegia. We can say that he has won the lottery “he sentenced. Czichos will return to the playing and finalization fields and went to the Rheinenergiestadion stands to follow the Cologne matches as closely as possible. “It will completely heal and recover all load capacity,” concluded the doctor.last_img read more

Worsening of Lorenzo Sanz’s health status due to coronavirus.

first_imgThe son of the former Madrid president indicated that his father, 76, “He followed the protocol that exists” in the face of the possible contagion of the disease. “He spent several days at home, a little out of solidarity, because he looked feverish, but more symptoms had to be expected and when they arrived it was when they decided to take him to the hospital yesterday, where they admitted him with bilateral pneumonia in which he could take risks”, he pointed. The state of the former president of Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz, hospitalized in Madrid for the coronavirus, has suddenly worsened this afternoon after suffering kidney failure, pathology prior to admission. In addition, he suffers from hypertension, which has aggravated his delicate state of health.Lorenzo Sanz’s state of health from coronavirus worsens.“We just talked to the doctor and the news is not good. In addition to respiratory failure, kidney failure is associated with severe infection. You have to wait 24 hours but due to its age it is very complicated. The worst thing is not being able to be with him“Lorenzo Sanz Durán has written on his Twitter accountThe new news provided by the doctors has surprised his family. “Okay and it’s been a good night”, Lorenzo Sanz junior reported this morning through social networks. Dear Lorenzo Sanz, all our support and best wishes. A lot of strength and a lot of encouragement from the entire great Madrid family. #Real Madrid– Real Madrid C.F.⚽ (@realmadrid) March 18, 2020Lorenzo Sanz Durán wanted to thank all the “samples of affection” that he and his family have received, both from Madrid fans and from non-Real Madrid players and the effort of all the health personnel at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, where his father is admitted, as in “both public and private hospitals to help all those who are in trouble.” Real Madrid sent a message of encouragement to the former white president through his social networks.last_img read more

“In South Korea there has been no need for alarm because people are obedient”

first_imgThe fourth round of the K-League, the highest category of South Korean football, should have been played this weekend. The championship did not start because of the coronavirus, but South Korean clubs are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. “We believe that on April 11 the league could resumeHopefully that will help to start consuming Korean football in other countries, “reveals Luisma, who also follows from Korea the news that is emerging around the return of football in Spain:”Thebes should be told to ask any physiologist. Playing every 48 hours players would be constantly breaking or would benefit teams with broader squads. Prudential time must be given for preparation. Even more so at this time of the season, when there are many teams risking their lives. “Despite the 12,000 kilometers that separate his native Tenerife from Daegu, Luisma Hernández closely follows the news of the coronavirus in Spain. The canary recommends common sense, “which unfortunately is the least common of the senses”. “If you have to do something that involves a risk, put on gloves, a mask … Today a friend told me that he was going to walk through the fields, that nothing was happening because he had no one around. No! Many people have the possibility going to a quiet place and sunbathing, but if you can’t, you can’t. Only in this way have we been able to control it in Korea “, warns one of the few Spaniards in the K-League. “This is very serious“sentence.Coronavirus: society vs soccerOne of the most interesting approaches to the coronavirus is how decision-making, a very common shortcoming in Asian soccer players, is socially serving the continent to crush the contagion curve. “It is a very interesting reflection. Spanish coaches went outside to teach the Asian footballer to make decisions on his own. He is used to being told what he has to do. On a social level it suits them very well, however we in football We try to give you resources and tools so that when you make a decision it is best for the group and for yourself. In football we would like them to be more autonomous, more disobedient, for social life it is usually good for them to be more autonomous as long as the guidelines are healthy for the group“, analyzes Luisma Hernández. “In South Korea it has not taken a state of alarm because people are much more obedient. You tell them not to go out and they don’t go out. Latinos are more reluctant to follow orders.” This explains Luisma Hernández, an analyst at Daegu FC and coach of the reserve team, that in the Asian country it has not been necessary to take restrictive measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. “Many activities have stopped, such as schools or soccer, but in restaurants or cafes they have continued to work. People are very civic. Not only do you avoid getting it; also infect others, “adds the Tenerife, confined to the club facilities but optimistic about the imminent return to normality.Daegu, home to the club the Spaniard has worked for the past two years, was South Korea’s first and most powerful focus. Cases continue to be detected there, but “people, albeit with precautions, are beginning to take to the streets.” “It shows that there is less transfer of ambulances and police,” says Luisma, who believes that “in Spain the measures have been taken late“:” I understand that they do nothing when only cases had been detected in China, but with Italy so close … They should have recommended caution, because overnight you cannot lock people up at home. You go from white to black without going over gray tones. “When South Korea began testing massively, scientists predicted a significant increase in coronavirus positives. But nothing could be further from reality: the country managed to crush the curve and has become an example of how to stop the spread of the virus. “In the parking lot of our old stadium there is a qualified place where you can take the test without leaving your car. That relieves hospitals. There is also a mobile application with which you can evaluate yourself. They analyze your data and if you are a possible positive they give you an appointment to go by car to do the test, “says Luisma from the clubhouse of Daegu FC, where since the beginning of the health crisis soccer players and technical personnel have lived together.“I was reluctant to continue training, but it is a way of keeping the group. We understand that we are a healthy population, an athlete … We have lowered the frequency and intensity of training, but we have managed to create a routine of collective and individual maintenance“Luisma details, who only leaves the sports city” for specific things. “Individual contacts, yes, have been totally prohibited:” We eat here, we go to the gym and training camp, but we greet each other with the elbow and contact only occurs in training struggles. We have had to isolate some players because they have a fever, but so far we have managed to live without the virus. “ “In football we would like them to be more disobedient; for social life it is good for them to be more autonomous”center_img Luisma Hernándezlast_img read more

“The change in the date of the Euro Cup will affect young people”

first_imgBarcelona: “The life of a coach is complicated. You don’t know where you are going to be. I think I have left the doors open everywhere. I do not rule out leading another project in the future.”Train Messi: “There is a little bit of everything. I can’t tell Messi how to dribble or how he has to pass or shoot. He is an artist in all of that. But everything that is systems, game situations, he is told. How to push, where we have than to take the ball, how to position yourself. In that if we try to influence you. “Leaving Barça: “As a player I thought I had nothing more to offer. As a coach, the same thing happened. The relationship between player and coach is very intense and I seriously thought that they needed someone who would give them more things.”Hardest game with Barça: “There have been many. Any one in which we have been eliminated, losing important points, finals … Both Barça and the national team, the defeats hurt a lot.”Preselection: “We are a staff of five people. We distribute the players and we watch the games. We make reports and every 15 or 21 days we change the group of players and we all see everyone. Then, each one has their opinion and I decide who comes or no”.Condolences on the death of your daughter and return to the national team: “Thank you for your words. We are looking forward to going to war again. I have signed the contract with the national team and that is my goal. I hope to fulfill.”Team that stays as coach and which one you would like to train: “Of those I have trained, I have a very special relationship with Barcelona. I would train any team I have trained again”What do you ask the centrals: “More than the centrals, I ask the team to play good football, be superior, generate more chances than they do and don’t give us chances. To the centrals, I ask them to be attentive to the cons, to the coverage, to advance the line, that they follow the pressure of the forwards … I ask the centrals a lot. We want to start playing from behind, we must convince the player and give him confidence. It is a key position because you see all your teammates and you can lead in that position. “A match for the Spanish team: “When I was a child Spain-Malta and already in recent history, the World Cup final and the final of Euro 2012. That summer I was on vacation in Italy with my family, surrounded by Italians and they took it with great sportsmanship.”Communication: “We have a press officer who manages all this. A powerful press department also with social networks. I am preparing the press conference to see where the shots go and they manage the day to day and the press conference.” Luis Enrique, Spanish coach, spoke in the second part of the virtual press conference in which the questions have not been asked by journalists who cover the current affairs of the team but rather fans of La Roja. The list has starred in many questions for the coach, who positively valued the delay in the Euro Cup and focused on young players, in addition to denying that Ferrán Torres was the player he spoke about in the video he recorded during the last Spanish Super Cup. . Favorites for the list: “If you looked at the charts, you know a little bit about the idea we have. I would love to have more options. The more problems when choosing, the better. But I cannot tell you just one player, it would not be good for the rest.”One year late: “That they have changed the date is going to affect young people. We are going to have more games to work and it seems positive to me. I hope we can win the Euro Cup.”First list around the corner: “It is going to give us time to have more games, so that young people can tan one more year. Many people said that in the video from Arabia he spoke of Ferrán and it was not Ferrán. He was a player of his position but it was not him. I don’t know what I’m going to wear. The base is that of these months. We will see who can go to the Euro Cup. Expectations are maximum. Since we got the Euro Cups and the World Cup we have been a reference and I think we have a good level. We have to confirm if we are clear favorites. We haven’t lived up to the last two tournaments. “Adama Traoré: “We know Adama from the Barcelona first team. He has evolved a lot in Wolves and he is very interesting. The future will say, we are delighted with Adama.” Why doesn’t Iker Casillas go ?: “Because we all have a time when age weighs. Iker has been one of the benchmarks of world football in his position and I would have liked to have him at the time but time passes for everyone.”Sergio Ramos: “My relationship with Ramos is very good. With him and I dare say that with 99.9% of players regardless of whether it is closer or farther away. I have a very good relationship and with Sergio who is the captain, I knew him of references, of facing him and when I met him in the national team I was surprised. I knew he was different but for some reason he has the record for internationalities. He surprised me footballically but also as a leader and as a person. “last_img read more