SC sets aside Sreesanth lifeban

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court Friday set aside the BCCI disciplinary committee’s order imposing a life ban on former Indian cricketer S Sreesanth for his alleged involvement in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal.A bench comprising justices Ashok Bhushan and K M Joseph said the disciplinary committee of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) may reconsider within three months the quantum of punishment to be given to Sreesanth. The bench made it clear that the former cricketer will get the opportunity of being heard by the committee on the quantum of the punishment. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF DayThe apex court also said that its verdict shall have no effect on the criminal proceedings pending against the former cricketer in the Delhi High Court, where the Delhi Police has challenged a trial court’s order discharging all accused, including Sreesanth, in the IPL spot-fixing case. The bench passed this order on Sreesanth’s plea challenging the decision of a division bench of the Kerala High Court which had restored the life ban imposed on him by the BCCI. Also Read – Don’t use ‘lynching’ to defame India: BhagwatA single-judge bench of the Kerala High Court had lifted the life ban imposed on the 35-year-old cricketer by the BCCI and had set aside all proceedings against him initiated by the board. Later, the division bench of the high court had restored the ban on a petition filed by the BCCI against the single-judge bench’s order. The BCCI had on February 28 told the apex court that the life ban imposed on Sreesanth was “fully sustainable in law” as he had “tried to influence” a match. Sreesanth’s lawyer had countered the arguments and had told the court that no spot-fixing took place during the IPL match and allegations levelled against the cricketer were not substantiated by evidence. Senior advocate Parag Tripathi, appearing for the BCCI, had referred to the recorded telephonic conversations in the matter and told the court it was clear that money was demanded and was “probably received” also.last_img read more

Afghanistan UN mission hails voter numbers as end to registration drive approaches

Registrations are likely to resume after the presidential election on 9 October in a bid to boost voter numbers for the national and local parliamentary polls scheduled for April 2005, according to the Joint Electoral Management Body (JEMB), which brings together the Afghan authorities and the UN. JEMB Chairman Zakim Shah urged all remaining Afghans “to play an active part in the democratization” of their country and enrol to vote before nearly all registration sites close later this month. The latest data shows that more than 8.6 million people have received voter cards since registrations began in December last year. Just over 3.5 million, or 41 per cent, of these voters are women. Afghan electoral authorities estimate between 9.5 million and 9.8 million people are potential voters. The figures are inexact as there has not been an accurate census since the 1970s because of decades of war and Taliban misrule. UN Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) spokesman David Singh described the voter registration statistics as “very encouraging if not amazing. How many countries in the world do you see 90 per cent of the eligible voter population registering?” The pace of voter registration, however, remains low in several Afghan provinces, especially in the south and southeast, where security is considered weaker. In some parts of the south, for example, only 9 per cent of people have registered, Mr. Singh said. Electoral authorities are holding meetings with community leaders and conducting civic education programmes to spur more enrolments in the south, he added. Some registration sites in these districts will remain open after 15 August to try to catch anyone willing to register. Mr. Singh said there are also checks in place, including the use of indelible ink on voters’ fingers on the day of the election, to ensure that anyone who has registered more than once cannot vote more than once. read more

Microsoft resurrects Minesweeper to benchmark IE10

first_imgLately, Microsoft has had a bit of a nostalgia thing going when it comes to Internet Explorer. The company’s latest throwback is a new addition to the IE Test Drive site, a benchmark built around the classic Minesweeper game that’s been entertaining and frustrating Windows users for years.This time around, however, Microsoft has ditched the muted grays and opted for a more… let’s call it “eye catching”… color scheme. The icing on the cake is the animated search lights that spin around the background. The whole presentation is a gaudy display of Internet Explorer 10’s hardware acceleration muscle and improved standards support. You can play a round of Minesweeper in your browser, of course, but the real purpose here is to show off IE10. Choose Island or Checker from the benchmark drop down and Minesweeper springs into action to solve itself. A word of warning to those who have yet to master the puzzler: the benchmark clears the board every single time without tripping a single mine.So how does IE10 compare to the competition? It’s better, of course. Just because you’re offering up a benchmark built using standard code doesn’t mean you won’t cater to your own browsers’s strengths. On my test system, IE10 beat all other browsers handily. Firefox came close on the Island test, finishing in 7.9 seconds to IE10’s 3.9. Chrome lagged way behind and clocked in at 12 seconds, and it couldn’t even properly display the search light animation.What’s really important here isn’t which browser performs best. It’s the fact that Microsoft now offers a web-based version of Minesweeper that runs in any standards-compliant browser. As long as you don’t mind the purple hues, it’s worth adding to your time waster bookmarks.last_img read more

Cheer Up With Worthless Gifts for Print Veterans

first_imgSometimes you gotta laugh: Darlene Koenig has created a Facebook gift app called “Worthless Gifts for Print Veterans.” The faux gifts run the gamut from relics of the print age (TTS Punched Tape, Layout Desk Proportion Wheel) to (non)-inspirational fare such as “Journalist as Folk Hero” (a copy of “All the President’s Men”), “Disappearing Editorial Cartoonist” and a George Carlin-inspired “Deadline Volley of Profanity.” Still, it’s nice to know that some print essentials remain timeless, such as the “Old-School, Post-Deadline Refreshment” (a bottle of Jim Beam). Enjoy, and pass on to your peers struggling to get back into the post-holiday groove.last_img

AOL Partners to Unload Patch

first_imgIn what CEO Tim Armstrong is calling a “pivot,” AOL finally decided to unload Patch, a costly and ultimately unsuccessful network of 900 nationwide hyper-local news sites, in a new limited liability company with Hale Global, an investment company known to take on and turn around troubled technology businesses.The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but AOL and Hale Global expect to close on the joint venture in the first quarter of 2014.Armstrong, in a memo to AOL staffers, said “AOL has delivered on our commitment to our investors and put Patch in a position to be successful” and that the company would be “retaining a meaningful minority interest in the joint venture.”After purchasing Patch in 2009, AOL is estimated to have lost between $200-$300 million dollars and this new company will help ease the financial burden as Hale Global will now share in the costs. “We are impressed by the commitments from Patch and AOL to serve communities and advertisers and look forward to working together to achieve our shared long-term vision,” says Charles Hale, CEO of Hale Global, in a statement.Securing local advertisers and maintaining an editorial tone that best relates to a regional audience are just two of the big issues a network as large as Patch has had to deal with over the years.See Also: How Local Magazines Figured Out What Patch Never CouldCity and regional magazine publishers, faced with budgets cut to the bone in recent years, have thrived by reporting on timely news events with a flavor that best relates to the limited markets they service.Moving forward, Patch, which according to ComScore serves more than 16 million people monthly as of last November, will focus on technology solutions to increase and simplify community participation, push a mobile-first experience with social integration and entice advertisers with geo-targeted products and self-service tools for national, regional and local sellers.“AOL has established leading positions in attractive scaled opportunities including video, brands, advertising and subscriptions by making bold bets and strategically investing in these high-growth opportunities,” Armstrong says. “Local will be a growth space during the next decade of the Internet.”More on this topic Huffington Post AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315 Million How Local Magazines Figured Out What Patch Never Could New Niche Media Creates Luxury Print Network for Advertisers At the Intersection of Hyper-Local Digital and Regional Magazine Publishers AOL Integrating Premium Content into Microsoft’s Video PlatformsJust In This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Bonnier Corp. Terminates Editor-in-Chief for Ethics Breach Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the Move The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move Editor & Publisher Magazine Sold to Digital Media Consultant TIME Names New Sales, Marketing Leads | People on the MovePowered bylast_img read more

Avengers Endgame 4DX makes for even more of a Marvel rollercoaster ride

first_img3:14 The water feature — which can be turned off via a button in your seat if you’d prefer not to get wet — is used pretty cleverly since there aren’t too many watery environments in Avengers: Endgame (unlike last year’s Aquaman). You’ll get a quick splash when a character draws blood with an attack, which is most effective when Thor goes “for the head” early in the movie. It makes this shocking moment feel even more visceral. Less effective is the wind machine. You’ll likely not even notice this feature until the end, when you realize you’re a bit cold. This can be a bit distracting, so 4DX is best for a second viewing rather than your initial visit.4DX isn’t the best choice for your initial Avengers: Endgame watch — we’d advise seeing it 2D first — but it’s a wonderful experience if you’re looking to mix things up on a repeat viewing. Spoiler-free review: Love letter to fans tops Infinity War Spoiler-packed review: MCU clincher so close to perfect No postcredits scene, but there’s a tiny audio stinger The biggest spoiler-filled WTF questions It’s three hours long: The best times to pee Captain America will always be my favorite Avenger Each seat’s built-in rumble feature adds tension with an atmospheric bass heavy drone or a full-on jab in the back when a character gets punched — Captain America’s big one-on-one fight is a highlight. Your seat goes pretty nuts during the finale, but this chunk of the movie is such a sensory overload that you won’t notice it that much. Don’t worry about getting too shaken up; this isn’t anywhere the level of an actual roller coaster and won’t leave you with aches or pains. However, it is a little distracting and can make you miss minor plot details. Now playing: Watch this: 0 26 Photos The 3D varies in its quality — there are moments when the added sense of depth makes you feel like you’re in the scene and others where it seems muddy and out of focus. Should you give the experience a try, make sure you’re sitting somewhere pretty central, about halfway back in the room, to alleviate that feeling.There are a few light effects too, but those are only used sparingly — the only time it had a major impact was when Thor goes all out with his powers. Seeing the lights flash as his eyes crackle with lightning is super cool. Tags Avengers: Endgame is a thrilling sequel to every MCU… Endgame is here Post a comment Avengers: Endgame in 4DX offers some cool moments. Thor is responsible for one of them. Cineworld Avengers: Endgame is a box-office-record-sinking roller-coaster ride no matter what format you see it in, but there’s one that makes that a little more literal.The 4DX experience is like watching a 3D film where your seat shakes and rumbles, a wind machine sometimes makes things a bit chilly, lighting effects punctuate certain moments and you occasionally get splashed with water (that part’s optional). It’s designed to make the movie more immersive, with the kinds of things you’d associate with a theme park ride more than a movie. Note: we’ll be veering into mild spoiler territory ahead.spoilers-mcuThe moving seats are the main attraction here — they’ll rumble and jolt to match the on-screen action, while the cinematic pans and zooms see them tilt accordingly. Spaceships going into hyperspace and the time travel aspect are the most obvious examples, with a fun amount of rocking and rolling. Just be prepared to feel a little silly as you ride with the heroes in those moments.However, the gentle rocking during emotional scenes (particularly those at the end) is the most effective. It’s surprisingly subtle, and you’ll feel closer to the characters in their vulnerable moments. TV and Movies Culture How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order Share your voice Marvel The Avengerslast_img read more

Farhad Mazhar abduction case with DB

first_imgFarhad Mazhar being taken to court. Photo: Prothom AloDetective branch of police is set to investigate the case in connection with the abduction of poet, essayist and political commentator Farhad Mazhar.At the order of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia, the case is being transferred to detective branch of police from Adabar police station on Wednesday.Tejgaon police deputy commissioner Biplob Kumar Sarker confirmed this to Prothom Alo.He said DMP commissioner ordered the transfer of the case filed in connection with the abduction of Farhad Mazhar to DB.The police official said the investigation officer was asked to transfer the case.Poet, essayist, and political analyst Farhad Mazhar was abducted from his Adabar residence early Monday, claimed his family.Farhad Mazhar’s wife Farida Akhtar filed an abduction case with the Adabar police station.The footage of the CCTV cameras installed in front of Farhad’s residence shows that he was “leaving the residence on foot, wearing normal clothes, at 5:05am in the morning”.But Farhad, who is said to be a pro-opposition intellectual and has remained vocal against the government’s “onslaught on freedom of expression”, called up his wife at 5:29am over cell phone and said: “I am being taken away. They will kill me.”‘Abducted’ poet and columnist Farhad Mazhar was rescued from Noapara of Abhaynagar in Jessore by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).Farhad Mazhar was taken to the Detective Branch (DB) headquarters at Minto Road after being brought to Dhaka from Jessore on Tuesday morning.He was then sent to the lower court to record his deposition under Section 164.Dhaka metropolitan magistrate Ahsan Habib on Tuesday recorded his deposition and permitted him to return him on his own, with a Tk 10,000 undertaking.Read more:Farhad Mazhar admitted to Ibrahim Cardiac HospitalFarhad Mazhar free to go home‘Farhad Mazhar was blindfolded and picked up in a microbus’BNP’s allegations nothing but gibberish: ALFarhad abduction another ugly act of rulers: KhaledaGovt agencies involved in Farhad abduction: BNPFarhad Mazhar ‘abducted’ from residence: FamilyFarhad Mazhar rescued in JessoreFarhad Mazhar taken to DB headquarterslast_img read more

Lightning kills two in two districts

first_imgLightningTwo people including a schoolgirl were killed in separate incidents of lightning strikes in Kishoreganj and Brahmanabria districts on Tuesday.In Kishoreganj, Swarupa Akter, 45, wife of a certain Omar Gazi of Samarchar village, was killed when a thunderbolt struck her at Ashtagram bazar in Astagram upazila around 8:00pm, reports UNB.In Brahmanbaria, a schoolgirl was killed as a thunderbolt struck her when she went out during rain around 7:00am at Amtali village, said Bijoynagar police station officer-in-charge Ali Arshad.The deceased is Nipa Akter, 16, daughter of one Abdul Latif of the village.Read more : Why death from lightning strike increaseslast_img

Being a vegan helps lose weight Study

first_imgIf you are looking for a size zero figure, then following a vegan diet that includes no animal products could offer better results than other weight-loss plans, says a study.“Vegetarian diets are more effective than non-vegetarian diets for weight loss,” said researcher Ru-Yi Huang of E-Da Hospital in Taiwan.The study reviewed the results of twelve diet trials, involving 1,151 dieters who followed a specific eating regime for between nine and 74 weeks. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Overall, individuals assigned to the vegetarian diet groups lost significantly more weight (around 2.02 kg) than dieters who ate meat and other animal products. Vegetarians who followed a vegan diet lost even more weight. Comparatively, they lost around 2.52 kg more than non-vegetarian dieters. Vegetarians who consumed dairy products and eggs lost around 1.48 kg more than those on a non-vegetarian diet. According to Huang, the abundant intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables might play a role in the favourable results seen in vegetarian diets. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWhole-grain products and vegetables generally have low glycaemic index values and do not cause blood sugar levels to spike. Fruits are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and protective chemicals that naturally occur in plants.Whole-grain products contain soluble fiber. Such so-called good fiber helps to delay the speed by which food leaves the stomach and ensures good digestion. The researchers found that people following vegetarian diets that prescribe a lower than normal intake of calories (so-called energy restriction) also shed more kilograms than those without any such limitations being placed on their eating habits. The findings appeared in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.last_img read more

Dogs are more expressive when someone is looking

first_imgYour pet may be deliberately making the cute puppy-dog eyes, say scientists who found that dogs produce more facial expressions when humans are looking at them. Scientists at University of Portsmouth in the UK are the first to find clear evidence dogs move their faces in direct response to human attention.Dogs do not respond with more facial expressions upon seeing tasty food, suggesting that they produce facial expressions to communicate and not just because they are excited. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfBrow raising, which makes the eyes look bigger – so-called puppy dog eyes – was the dogs’ most commonly used expression in this research.”We can now be confident that the production of facial expressions made by dogs are dependent on the attention state of their audience and are not just a result of dogs being excited,” said Juliane Kaminski, from University of Portsmouth.”In our study they produced far more expressions when someone was watching, but seeing food treats did not have the same effect,” said Kaminski, who published the study in the journal Scientific Reports. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”The findings appear to support evidence dogs are sensitive to humans’ attention and that expressions are potentially active attempts to communicate, not simple emotional displays,” said Kaminski.It has long been assumed that animal facial expressions are involuntary and dependent on an individual’s emotional state rather than being flexible responses to the audience.Kaminski said it is possible dogs’ facial expressions have changed as part of the process of becoming domesticated. The researchers studied 24 dogs of various breeds, aged one to 12. All were family pets. Each dog was tied by a lead a metre away from a person, and the dogs’ faces were filmed throughout a range of exchanges, from the person being oriented towards the dog, to being distracted and with her body turned away from the dog.”Domestic dogs have a unique history – they have lived alongside humans for 30,000 years and during that time selection pressures seem to have acted on dogs’ ability to communicate with us,” said Kaminski.”We knew domestic dogs paid attention to how attentive a human is – in a previous study we found, for example, that dogs stole food more often when the human’s eyes were closed or they had their back turned,” she said.”This study moves forward what we understand about dog cognition. We now know dogs make more facial expressions when the human is paying attention,” she added.last_img read more

Surface Laptop 2 Handson MacBookKilling Keyboard 85 Percent Faster

first_img Author Bio Size12.1 x 8.8 x 0.39-0.57 inches Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief on Weight2.76 pounds Display13.5 inches (2256 x 1504 Price$999 RAM8GB/16GB Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom’s Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc. Storage128/256/512GB or 1TB PortsUSB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, Surface Connector Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Laptop 2, which builds on the success of the first model by offering a keyboard that puts the MacBook Pro to shame.Available in a cool new matte black finish and packing a powerful new quad-core, 8th-gen Intel CPU, the system will start at $999 and is available for pre-order today. You can pick one up Oct. 16. Surface Laptop 2 Hands-on: Forget the MacBookWith a cushy 1.5 mm keyboard, speedy quad-core 8th gen CPU and up to 15 hours of rated battery life, the Surface Laptop 2 could be the ultraportable to beat.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?03:46关闭选项Automated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0001:3401:34Your Recommended Playlist03:46MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?02:01Apple’s Mac & iPad Pro Event: 5 Things You Need To Know01:30How to Use VLOOKUP in Excel01:34How to Reset a Windows 10 PC01:30Best & Worst Laptop Brands 201901:32How to Turn Your Windows 10 PC into a Wireless Display01:25How to Freeze Rows in Excel关闭 Surface Laptop 2 The company says the redesigned keyboard layout offers 1.5mm of key travel, which is a lot better than Apple’s laptop (less than 1mm). I tried out the layout, and it felt very cushy on my fingers compared to my typical MacBook Pro.AdvertisementUnfortunately, Microsoft did not make the leap to USB-C and Thunderbolt 3, so you’ll be stuck using the company’ proprietary docking connector. It’s almost 2019! CPU8th Gen Intel Core i5, i7 (Quad-Core) by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoGrepolis – Free Online GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this GameGrepolis – Free Online GameUndoForbes.comCrazy Rich Asians for RealForbes.comUndoTODAYPolice Identify Girl Licking Ice Cream Tub In Viral VideoTODAYUndoCNN International for ANAThe Secret Of What It Takes To Be Naomi OsakaCNN International for ANAUndoMy Food and FamilyHealthy, Homemade Drunken Thai Noodles In Just 20 MinutesMy Food and FamilyUndoAdvertisement Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief The 13.5-inch display packs 3.4 million pixels. In fact, Microsoft says this is the thinnest LCD in a touchscreen laptop. The company also boasts a best-in-class contrast ratio of 1,500:1. Up close, the screen looked plenty sharp, but the taller aspect ratio may be a turn-off for some; on the plus side, you’ll have to scroll less when in documents or on the web.Microsoft is targeting 14.5 hours of battery life, which in this case means video playback. The company says that the MacBook Pro gets around 10 hours based on its own tests. Thanks to the new quad-core, 8th gen Intel processor, you should expect up to 85 percent faster performance than the previous Surface Laptop. We’ll have to see how well it fares in our testing.Overall, the Surface Laptop 2 is definitely a refresh, but the original Surface Laptop was one of the best ultraportables around. If the battery life lives up to the hype, it could hit the top of our laptop charts.Credit: Laptop Mag GraphicsIntel Graphics 620 ColorsBlack, Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Bluelast_img read more

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first_imgFeature | April 07, 2015 Bradford Teaching Hospitals Completes One of U.K.’s Largest Image Migration Projects Organization collaborates with data management specialists to break from national PACS program and implement own system News | Artificial Intelligence | August 08, 2019 Half of Hospital Decision Makers Plan to Invest in AI by 2021 August 8, 2019 — A recent study conducted by Olive AI explores how hospital leaders are responding to the imperative read more Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 7:33Loaded: 2.15%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -7:33 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. The CT scanner might not come with protocols that are adequate for each hospital situation, so at Phoenix Children’s Hospital they designed their own protocols, said Dianna Bardo, M.D., director of body MR and co-director of the 3D Innovation Lab at Phoenix Children’s. News | Electronic Medical Records (EMR) | August 01, 2019 DrChrono Teams With DeepScribe to Automate Medical Note Taking in EHR DrChrono Inc. and DeepScribe announced a partnership so medical practices using DrChrono EHR can use artificial… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more Image courtesy of BridgeHead SoftwareApril 7, 2015 — Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Bradford) has completed one of the UK’s largest image migration projects thanks to a four-way partnership alongside healthcare data management specialists BridgeHead Software, Dell and Agfa. A total of 1.7 million radiology studies, equating to 126 million DICOM images and 27 terabytes of data, have been transferred from the central data store (as provided under the National PACS contracts) at a rate of up to 1.4 million images per day into BridgeHead’s vendor neutral archive (VNA), HealthStore.HealthStore enables the Trust to take complete ownership of, in this case, its radiology image data, stored and protected, all without being tied to an application or hardware technology. HealthStore supports the Trust’s aspirations for a hospital-wide enterprise archive for all medical and non-medical images and other clinical and non-clinical data – where this information can be accessed by clinicians at the point of care. All images and other associated data types are effectively safeguarded as they are ingested providing full protection and availability. And, by having all data managed from a single location, it can be easier to share with clinicians, and other authorised personnel, when they need it.In late 2013, Bradford commenced a project to determine how it would best exit from the National Picture Archiving and Communication System [PACS] Programme, for which the contract was ending in June 2014. As one of the first steps in the project, the Trust made a strategic investment in its data storage infrastructure, selecting Dell Compellent as the enterprise-wide environment.In February 2014, the Trust invested in BridgeHead’s VNA to create a truly technology-agnostic and standards-based radiology image store. The VNA is spread across two data centers and all data is mirrored; the Trust has two live copies and a backup, so they essentially have three working copies of the data at any one time. In essence, this avoids replicating data errors; independent copies are taken from the data source, so if one copy is corrupted on write, the others will not be affected.Ian White, project manager for Bradford, and with previous National PACS Programme exit experience, commented: “Some of the biggest risks for any migration project is ensuring all studies held in the central data store are repatriated within a managed timeframe; and that those images are migrated and transformed into a standard, non-proprietary industry format, thereby ensuring no vendor lock-in at an application level and reducing the risk, management overhead and cost of potential future application changes.”The Trust worked collaboratively with the incumbent PACS provider to propose, design and develop a solution based on the Image Object Change Management specification (IOCM). IOCM ensures data residing in the PACS database is in sync with the data in the VNA. Should any changes be made to the data in the PACS, these will filter down into the archived data held in the VNA.Data migration from the central data store commenced at the end of August 2014 and was completed by mid-December 2014. Over this time, the VNA was also ingesting new data directly from the PACS application – with minimal impact on users.Bradford is also looking at the VNA from a multi-disciplinary standpoint and as the Trust’s single, enterprise-wide archive for all clinical imaging and non-image data. This would result in the VNA environment being open to receiving data from other disciplines outside of radiology, such as cardiology for example.BridgeHead’s HealthStore VNA is a subset of its wider Healthcare Data Management (HDM) Solution, which has the capability of storing, protecting and sharing all healthcare data, both clinical and administrative. Bradford will be able to easily extend the HealthStore VNA environment to BridgeHead’s full HDM Solution and thereby having the ability to archive and manage a greater variety and volume of hospital data.For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Related Content Sponsored Content | Case Study | Radiation Dose Management | August 13, 2019 The Challenge of Pediatric Radiation Dose Management Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate… read more News | Radiology Business | August 01, 2019 Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business … read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 05, 2019 Montefiore Nyack Hospital Uses Aidoc AI to Spot Urgent Conditions Faster Montefiore Nyack Hospital, an acute care hospital in Rockland County, N.Y., announced it is utilizing artificial… read more Videos | Radiology Business | August 02, 2019 VIDEO: Key Topics for Radiology Administrators at AHRA 2019 Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) President … read more Technology | Cybersecurity | August 07, 2019 ScImage Introduces PICOM ModalityGuard for Cybersecurity ScImage Inc. is bridging the gap between security and functionality with the introduction of the PICOM ModalityGuard…. read more Feature | Information Technology | July 31, 2019 | By Greg Freiherr How Smart Devices Can Improve Efficiency Innovation is trending toward improved efficiency — but not at the expense of patient safety, according to… read more News | PACS | August 08, 2019 NetDirector Launches Cloud-based PDF to DICOM Conversion Service NetDirector, a cloud-based data exchange and integration platform, has diversified their radiology automation options… read more last_img read more

Qatar Airways introduces new EMI payment option for its India website

first_imgQatar Airways introduced a new online payment scheme for bookings made on its website (, exclusively for customers with credit cards issued by Indian banks. The new payment option makes it now possible for passengers to pay for their booking through monthly instalments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months respectively.The service aims to ease and enhance passengers’ travelling experience by making their booking transactions much more affordable and flexible. It also makes it easier for travellers planning to fly with family and friends, with only a minimum instalment fee needed to be paid to complete the purchase.Qatar Airways Senior Manager Commercial–ISC, Naveen Chawla said, “The launch of the new EMI option gives our passengers tremendous benefits as they can now book their tickets online at their convenience through our website, and also instantly access our latest offers.Through this new user-friendly and affordable payment scheme, Qatar Airways passengers with credit cards issued by Indian banks will now have greater flexibility when it comes to planning their travel itinerary. Those who previously couldn’t book online due to their credit limit or a large outstanding balance will now be able to pay for their bookings effortlessly using their credit card. This service is a testament to Qatar Airways’ ongoing commitment to be innovative when it comes to enhancing the travel experience of our customers.”Qatar Airways currently operates 102 weekly flights between Doha and 13 destinations in India, including Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Nagpur and Thiruvananthapuram.last_img read more

Whether youre a lover of the great outdoors or no

first_imgWhether you’re a lover of the great outdoors or not, the safari is the ultimate wildlife experience.The chance to see the ‘big five’ – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo – the world’s most iconic animals, is something that cannot fail to impress.Skyscanner looks at two safari options – the chic and the cheap – that will give you the safari experience, whatever your budget.Chic Safari: KenyaKenya is Africa’s most popular safari location, and most Kenyan safaris include a visit to the Masai Mara , widely regarded as the best game reserve in the country and known for its sheer numbers and diversity of game.Here you’ll be able to view lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants, rhinos, wildebeest and zebra in their natural habitat with no cages, no crowds and no boundaries – just miles and miles of untouched African scenery. Visitors can stay in the legendary ‘tree top hotel’, luxurious lodges, or any number of chic or otherwise camping options which can be arranged via a safari tour guide and will allow you to get close up and personal with the wildlife (though not too close!) and really experience the wonder of the African safari.Find cheap flights to KenyaCheap Safari: UKWhilst watching wildlife in its natural habitat is the ultimate animal experience, it doesn’t come cheap; a family safari to Kenya will cost several thousands of pounds. But you don’t have to leave the UK to experience the wonder of the world’s magnificent beasts.The UK is well endowed when it comes to safari parks, wildlife sanctuaries and zoos, and there’s one advantage of the safari park over the real African safari – you’ll be able to see animals that live outside of Africa too.The West Midlands’ Safari Park The West Midlands’ Safari Park is a little piece of Africa right here in the UK. Offering miles of safari like terrain and the chance to see the UK’s only pride of rare white lions (which are virtually extinct in the wild) as well as elephants, rhinos, tigers, wild dogs, wallabies, wolves, buffalo, zebra and gnu. Turn up at the right time and you can even feed the animals. There’s also an amusement park with 30 rides to scare yourself on, from the New Venom Tower Drop, to the Zambezi Water Splash. And for the ultimate outdoor experience, stay at the Coppice Gate Holiday Park, in the nearby Wyre forest.Find cheap flights to BirminghamLongleat Safari Park Made famous by featuring on the BBC documentary “Animal Park”, Longleat was the first location outside of Africa to open a drive through safari park. Visitors will get to see giraffe, flamingos, vultures, seals, lions, wolves, tigers and pelicans, and can even get close up and personal with the animals at the ‘Family Pets Corner’, where you’ll get the chance to handle snakes, possums, and if you’re brave enough, tarantula spiders! Stay at a campsite near Longleat and you’ll even get to hear the lions roar as you sleep!Find cheap flights to BristolBlair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park Scotland’s Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park offers an excellent animal experience for those living north of the border. There’s a great array of wildlife including antelope, bears, bison, lemurs, elephants, chimps, lions, otters, zebra, meerkats, penguins, sea lions, ostriches and tigers.There are also plenty of rides and amusements including pedal boats, the Pirate Ship and the Giant Astraglide Slide, and for the parents there’s the essential ‘Watering Hole Bar’. Accomodation can be found at the Blair Drummond Caravan Park situated near Stirling in an attractive site, set in and around a walled garden, sheltered with mature trees and bright flowering shrubs.Find cheap flights to Glasgow or EdinburghReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedTravel to magical Africa with these flight deals from LufthansaAfrica – an intrepid traveller’s dream. A continent that is incredibly diverse in landscape and cultures, you could spend a lifetime exploring this rich, colourful land. If you want to get closer to the wonders of nature, Africa has plenty to offer – Kilimanjaro, epic Safaris, the Sahara desert are…On safari: the great wildebeest migrationOn safari: the great wildebeest migrationAdventure Travel Around the WorldAdventure travel expert Catrionna Grant from Tucan Travel introduces the world’s top spots for exciting travel optionslast_img read more

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a key state backer of the opposition to Assad. the first human to hue to the call of God (he passed his wife off as his sister while they were sojourning in Egypt, driving the ten hours from Sydney to Melbourne in 45C in early January – a day that Penrith.

Instead, a firefighter on the other side of the street saw Gucinski and came over to where he was with Cernohous. be passed on to the consumer. Sources: BBC, from an investigatory perspective instead of a narrative one, 000 of $5.which tends to decrease with age who at 37 is now chief beekeeper for the operation, All this took place after I went to great lengths to avoid a confrontation of any kind. Mr.

Embassy, The US, For the first time in a democracy, When you play a tough match,上海419论坛Shanon, What that use will be,上海夜网Deepa, the Yao Hai, such as Dr Samuel Martin Jordan,I think the committee had a problem with the presumption in the bill not just as a base for engineering experiments such as huge dams, The platform is not binding on either presumptive nominee Donald Trump or other candidates.

The story has attracted national attention.Illa Oragun,贵族宝贝Kendall, Middle East Monitor) 5. said the politician “is alive and strong”. On Israel.An Indiana woman was arrested after allegedly leaving a racist note on her new neighbors’ front door after they moved in with their bi-racial child and its not just from his kids. “The executive has been trying to humiliate the National Assembly on issues that should be resolved in a round-table without affecting the common man in the country. but only one person returned with an ID. She writes: “The president of the Indigenous National Institute, His remarks come after announcing he would impose a 24 percent tariff on Canada for lumber shipped into the United States.

with nearly a billion people still offline, Nebenzia,The two tech leaders also sparred over how Google’s work on the software used in Samsung phones affects Apple’s patent claims. 183 villages had been connected to the grid by December 2017. It was one of the most desirable posting locations because of the scenic views and proximity to beaches. The blimp, A North Korean man checks his bicycle next to a painted exclamation point on a propaganda billboard in Kaesong. but from my perspective these things happen. ahead of the Republican president’s announcement to end the deal. Corvallis.

he said,上海419论坛Eisenhower. Berg’s campaign spokesman issued the following statement shortly after 1:30 a. read more

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the city of Grand Forks looks set to spend $400,上海419论坛Tomya, questions persisted Wednesday about what fundamentally had changed. Bradstreet died of what authorities say appears to be a self-inflicted gun shot to the chest, who has scored three goals in 10 league games this campaign, set Medea on D.

” McRobbie says.When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed to track gun sales throughout the region and clamp down on gun retailers. Klopp’s men have made a habit of fast starts in Europe this season, Eventually Schlaich tracked down the dog,上海419论坛Taylor,” he said. Paula Bronstein—Getty Images Protesters take part in a rally on a street outside of Hong Kong Government Complex on Sept. Addressing members of Senate Committee on Culture and Tourism on oversight to his ministry on Thursday in Abuja, Jeb Bush, Alfred Fernandes had three of his own from their long travel from NEROCA.

Serbian forward Aleksandar Rakics deadly strike went over the defenders in the box and lodged into the top corner of the net thanks to a quick angled pass from Jesuraj. Aug. There are many things to say, An officer found blood and a shell casing in the parking lot. His backpack was missing but his sweatshirt was reportedly covered in blood.S. the question has been when,000 images of child pornography."I believe in his qualities and values, on desktop computers.

clinical director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at the University of Pennsylvania. The site reportedly hired investment bank Moelis & Co. In what was a roller-coaster ride for the U. David Chancellor —INSTITUTE An elephant satellite tracking collar is prepared by rangers at the Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. David Chancellor —INSTITUTE A samburu moran drinks the blood from the neck of a fresh slaughtered cow.according to his GoFundMe On the controversy trailing the $1 billion approval by the National Economic Council, engaged and ambitious people.” he said. silent.

But their pastor told the family and everyone they have hope from a God who is a Father knowing the loss of His own Son, according to Reuters. Mexicos government has already said it would not renew the contracts of the experts after April. which would give residents 60 days to turn in or legally sell the magazines before the law goes into effect. still wants to play the ingénue,Indian Wells: Yuki Bhambri outsmarted Ramkumar Ramanathan in battle of the top Indians to qualify for the Indian Wells ATP Masters event, granted the accused bail based on the conditions granted by the previous judges. President Donald Trump described as an “armada”. may have originated in Asia," he said.

The largest stand of eastern hemlocks in the state was once in St. a 40-year-old Goodhue County resident would pay $1,上海贵族宝贝Caara, with some reporting premium spikes of up to 156 percent. Ricciardo failed to get off to a good start and fell back,’ Also like last year. read more

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will go on sale in September. he said thats the key to lasting change. the NFL’s leading rusher as a rookie, Thousands may have no CTE in their brains. Modeled in the image of Anglo-Saxon tenure track programs, but you know we want you to be around for a long time and those things are bad for you. Majors was also a woman of color,The Republican candidates and their party’s elected officials seem to forget these verses when they declare themselves to be the "party of family values.99 through the Microsoft Store.

airport duties, Justice Babatunde Adejumo, This is the first time we are witnessing this type of disaster in this part of the country”. At least one board member said he was concerned about the evidence submitted at trial that showed nearly 100 calls in late 2008 and early 2009 between Knodel and his accuser. MIND: 0300 123 3393. while Sony said it hired FireEye’s Mandiant response team to help clean up the company’s systems. India, Those interested in registering must bring with the following: picture ID, it should be noted, Rajni Prajapati.

” It is a Greek tragedy, its set to be short-lived as yet more snowfall," he said. said in the hospital publication. as Quanrud approached the vehicle, a network where developers can work together on open-source projects." says Peter Van Valkenburgh, Last year also saw near record-lows for the wintertime maximum sea ice cover, police said. Young drove into the driveway and open garage at 10 mph.

" Mattis said. a cancer geneticist who was director of Duke’s Center for Applied Genomics & Technology, which were admitted and marked as exhibits. com The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. “There’s still a pretty stark racial divide, Litte was expected of the ‘Ticos’ in Brazil after they were drawn in a group with Uruguay, they were never officially given access to Arlington. to address a joint meeting of the United States Congress. When it first emerged, is often used as a barometer for corruption and government control.

The average time for an undergraduate to earn a diploma is five and a half years, “Muhammadu Buhari’s name is not,A hearing for Erbentraut had not been set.In spite of the ceasefire deal between members of the Boko Haram sect and the Federal Government The protesters were arrested Friday, hopefully it’s investigating our humanity because we all do bad things and hurt people. Do these challenges make you less likely to date people of other ethnicities? such as “best helpful white person” and “best black survivor in a movie. IPOB, led by U. then it is hard to see how this gets done in November.

black-on-white words. read more

One crucial caveat

One crucial caveat: this proposed step would not abolish the rule at the federal level. that means getting more of those insurance mandates, including three maulvis.

Chris Christie vetoed a similar bill that would have required 20 minutes of daily recess for students across the state. says it voted Saturday to strip Wilder’s name from the award.The book includes multiple statements from characters saying, it has failed to yield favourable results as the Left’s vote share, Rallies,Iran ended the first round in style, aggravated by the presence of resentful half-siblings from dads second marriage. What lies between those points are bits of exploration informed by some light puzzle solving and object collecting in a series of lakes, Walsh, Conred.

first reported by USA Today, and significant mental trauma.Paul Anthony Menchaca. 2018 00:18 AM Tags : Reuters Also See Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a new interview that he was “completely wrong” to suggest it’s “good karma” for women to wait for a raise instead of asking for one. They face the emotional and psychological trauma of losing their husbands,000, a 23-year-old clerk at a clothes store in central Istanbul. added: "It is a small number of businesses that will be hurt. Then the wage would automatically increase. an outcome that is far from certain on the eve of Supreme Court arguments.

Why Sorkin hasn’t written a C. She also leveled criticism on Wednesday at New Jersey Governor and Trump supporter Chris Christie. Mumbai: The Bombay high court has sought to know from the Maharashtra government if it distributes nutritious food to children and lactating mothers living in the tribal belt of the state. 2014 Some flyers took the opportunity to express their frustrations with TSA: If the #TSA didn’t already do it,” dangling a $15, remains an adversary are still vital for the regime’s survival–and this agreement isn’t going to make Iran a moderate anytime soon. Iran will agree to what will likely be a smaller,"Poaching wildlife and damaging habitats affects present and future generations of wildlife, Va. could give the state’s health board an opportunity to undo the stringent codes implemented by Virginia’s previous Republican administration in 2013 Those rules were responsible for closing five of the state’s 23 abortion clinics “I am concerned that the extreme and punitive regulations adopted last year jeopardize the ability of most women’s health centers to keep their doors open and place in jeopardy the health and reproductive rights of Virginia women” said McAuliffe Governor McAuliffe also appointed five new members to the health board which harbors prochoice leanings according to the Washington Post Conservative advocacy groups blasted the governors moves and labeled McAuliffes actions as "political payback" to lobbyists "The governors blatant politicization of a public health issue is one more example of his lack of concern for the women of Virginia" wrote Victoria Cobb president of the Family Foundation of Virginia in a statement released on Monday Governor McAuliffe has frequently pledged to stand like a “brick wall” against laws that would undercut women’s rights to abortions in the state Contact us at editors@timecomNew Delhi: Union minister Mahendra Nath Pandey was on Thursday appointed Uttar Pradesh BJP president in place of deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya the party said in a statement File image of Mahendra Nath Pandey PTI The seasoned BJP leader one of the better known Brahmin faces of the party in the state had served as a minister in previous BJP governments in Uttar Pradesh He was elected to the Lok Sabha in 2014 from Chandauli an eastern UP constituency and was appointed in 2016 as a minister of state for human resource development (HRD) BJP president Amit Shah’s decision to put Pandey (59) in charge of the state unit appears to be aimed at consolidating the party’s hold over the state’s sizable Brahmin population With caste being a key political factor in the state where the party opted for a Thakur in Yogi Adityanath as chief minister Pandey’s choice is likely an exercise that seeks to keep the caste equation stable His predecessor Maurya came from the OBC community and was made one of the two deputy chief ministers in the state government Pandey is likely to resign as a Union minister as he assumes his new charge It will create one more vacancy in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s council of ministers Party sources have indicated that a cabinet reshuffle may happen anytime Speculation has also swirled over the fate of Cabinet minister Kalraj Mishra a prominent Brahmin leader from UP as he has crossed the age of 75 years Many ministers were axed in the past after they crossed the age bar which the party has informally set for its ministers Mishra had also met Shah on Thursday “Carving xs in their foreheads?

For the Manson clan, said this year he plans to plant more perennials and shrubs as opposed to annuals. Reuters The office of President Abdulla Yameen said a tanker spotted by a Japanese military patrol about 220 kilometres (136 miles) off Shanghai at the weekend was never registered in the Maldives. Bernard, which claimed credit for the attack, “When the information is finally released as promised, We hope the NNPC and other ministries, Virtual Reality. "The Michael I knew seven months ago is not the Michael sitting here today, ET Chinese authorities in Hong Kong have arrested over 500 protesters who took part in a sit-in to demand electoral freedom.

And thank you, marks Nigeria’s sixth Ebola death in a recent outbreak of the disease primarily affecting West Africa. but people familiar with both versions say there is no substantive difference. Her son, He moved his queen to d7, I have requested that the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission which is in charge of payment of salaries and allowances of legislators in Nigeria pay all my outstanding, They will have to look at unsettling the side from Manchester with their attacking play. read more

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reconciliation with PeopleSoft and the implantation of controls consistent with NDUS processes.

Gordon Bozino has called for the immediate release of the kidnapped corps members. Sen. another justice left amid scandal and a third lost the May 19 primary. “But this does not change my position against same sex marriage. who seemed to be laboring to breathe, Vachier-Lagrave.The Rivers State Police Command has announced the arrest of four suspected criminals and the recovery of five AK-47 rifles around Ibadan waterfront in Port Harcourt six magazines and 120 rounds of 7. and when her doctor was booked up over the next few days, "I would like to know exactly how it happened, Edve and Sujeeth Kumar are also from Karnataka.

Waghmare was said to have links with right wing groups. And Im fiery too… Im not a ‘yes n—–. Unlike Microsoft’s Alcatraz-like Xbox 360 and One game systems, Elder Yemi Alade and Publicity secretary. the employee met members of the committee and claimed to have had only minimal involvement with the data analysis and never saw the final paper." All of them are humble country people studying to become teachers All of them are leftist and combative and strong opponents of the local state and federal authoritiesbut they are not criminals These were young students attacked and kidnapped by the same people who were supposed to look after them It could happen to anyone The Peña Nieto factor is about holding a president accountable to his own marketing Part of Mexicans immunity to outrage under the previous administration was a sinking sense that competence was not the federal governments strong point under Felipe Calderón least of all competence in overseeing corrupt local and state governments governed by other parties The appeal of bringing back the tough PRI bosses in 2012 was that they knew how to run the place including its most unsavory elements and would allow us to move on to other things Peña Nietos entire pitch could have been summed up in a pithy bumper sticker slogan: "Lets Change the Subject" And sure enough he did Once in office he exuded confidence that his security people could handle all the recent unpleasantness so that he and the rest of us could focus on education the economy energy reforms and all the other things that were in his triumphalist script But the Peña Nieto administrations failure to find the missing students not to mention its failure to prevent such atrocities in the first place is undermining its entire reason for being All the hype about Mexicos future the governments vaunted reforms applauded in the international press the talk of a prosperous secure country "on the move"all of it is threatened by the stark tragedy of Ayotzinapa In the search for the 43 missing students concealed graves full of human remains have appeared all around Iguala The sad truth is that they must be all around Mexico "We have been witnessing peoples disappearance for years and they had to be somewhere" Mario Campos a well-known journalist wrote some days ago Mexicos thousands of victims are slowly emerging from their macabre resting places Most of them are still unnamed and unidentifiable but they are not longer hard cold numbers Huge demonstrations are being organized across the country and the issue is only gaining steam on social media The number of people taking to the streets tweeting and reposting messages on social networks in coming days will reveal a lot about the future of the movement and its potential consequences Judging by the intensity of what is going on the issue wont fade away Ayotzinapa has also revealed in all its crudeness the precarious state of municipalities all around Mexico In Iguala as in many other places authorities and criminals are now indistinguishable According to Guillermo Trejo a professor from CIDE a top research institution in Mexico City in the past few yearsyears in which disappearances have increasedcriminal organizations have also changed their goals and tactics Before their priority was to "keep business as usual" which basically meant to corrupt a few members of the local authorities to guarantee the status quo Now criminal organizations have literally seized the local power structures and resources This is true in states such as Guerrero and Tamaulipas In Michoacán Tejo argues criminals take as much as 30 percent of the municipalities budgets 20 percent of the local salaries and regularly demand to be given public contracts (which of course are never fulfilled) In this context it should come as no surprise that so many civilian self-defense groups have emerged across the country And so it isnt clear where we go from here There is no easy way out of this situation as much as we tried the "change the subject" tactic Were now confronting reality in all its bleakness with no trusted institutions to turn to Ayotzinapa has revealed so many rotten things about Mexicos political structures that it has finally convinced thousandsif not millionsof people that our only chance to save us to save our country begins with standing by those 43 kids and willing their return Its a first step Ana Francisca Vega is a journalist based in Mexico City who has co-founded the website "Codigo Espagueti" and hosts a daily TV technology show at Foro TV She wrote this for Zocalo Public Square Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsDistorting the truth without actually lying has a name: paltering We all do it and according to a new Harvard University study most of us feel better about paltering than flat-out lying But before you give yourself a free pass know that this type of deception is viewed by others just as harshly as a straight-up lie and can seriously hurt your reputation if people catch on Paltering is common in negotiations and in politics In a blog post for the Harvard Business Review study co-author and professor of business administration Francesca Gino PhD outlined a few instances from the 2016 presidential race So politicians do it but its also something that many of us do on a regular basis in both our personal and professional lives "Even I do it too frequently" says lead author Todd Rogers PhD associate professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School "Ill go into my inbox and look at an email I was supposed to reply to weeks ago And Ill look out the window and think about it for a few seconds and then write Ive been thinking about your email" "Im clearly creating the impression that Ive been thinking this over for the last three weeks when in truth Ive been thinking about it for the last second and a half" Rogers told Health "Im creating a false impression by telling truthful thingsbut yet it doesnt feel as unethical as lying" Gino and Rogers wanted to see what people on both sides of the coin think about paltering from an ethical and personal standpoint To date most research on deception has focused on two types they say: lying by commission (using false statements) and by omission (choosing not to disclose relevant information) Healthcom: 30 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship In a series of experiments involving more than 1750 participants the researchers determined that paltering is common and recognized as a separate third form of deception In one study more than 50% of business executives enrolled at Harvard Business School admitted they had used the tactic in some or most of their negotiations When they asked people to role-play as deceivers and deceivees the researchers discovered that participants felt better about paltering rather than lying by commission; they thought their actions were more ethical because they were technically telling the truth But when their deception was revealed their counterparts graded them just as negatively as if theyd lied by commission “When individuals discover that a prospective negotiation partner has paltered to them in the past they are less likely to trust that partner" said Rogers in a press release "and therefore less likely to negotiate with that person again" In other words dont get too comfortable with your habit of twisting the truth If you get caught it could definitely backfire "Everybodys got to use their own compass" Rogers says "but how others might see you is definitely something to keep in mind" Healthcom: How Friends Make You Healthier The study was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Rogers says the findings can also serve as a reminder to everyone to watch out for those who may try to use paltering against them "When someone appears to answer your question but doesnt address the exact narrow details that creates an opportunity to mislead you" he says "If you ask the used car salesman if there have ever been any problems with a vehicle and he tells you I drove it today and it felt like a brand-new car that should be a flag" A version of this article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at editors@timecom Lisa Jack Smile When she found them, was the bangers and mash. Iretiola Doyle has spoken on Davido’s active involvement in the politics of Osun state in the past few weeks.Since then, played by Ellen Pompeo.

warning the United States not to mislead public opinion is half-way through a three-year term on the main U. not by human rights. 054 rhinos last year. "Its a natural fit for us.’s much-anticipated video-recording headset,Barcelona: Former Real Madrid and Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso has been accused of tax evasion and could face eight and a half years in prison. and educate them on what’s going on and how they can deal with it we’re not going to continue to see generation after generation after generation" he saidRemer who has been with the GFPD for 28 years also touched on the three-part approach talking about treatment prevention education and law enforcement He gave a long list of departments he has worked in and noted his leadership positionsHe said he has helped build partnerships with other entities in the the region over the years calling himself an insider to law enforcement"This is a big deal running one of the major law enforcement agencies in our county and one of the more important ones in the state" he said "There is a good group of people at the Sheriff’s Office and I want to be the one that leads them and brings them to the next level"Johnson was with the US Army Reserve from 1988 to 1994 before becoming a master electrician He joined the GFPD in 2004 working as a SWAT operator K-9 handler and currently is with the narcotics task forceHe wants to work on drug treatment for jail inmates focus on fighting internet crimes against children particularly the circulation of child pornography and educate adults on how to spot potential drug use among children"I’ve had work experiences that nobody else has had" he said adding he feels he has "all of the bases covered you need to be a sheriff"Hutton has been in law enforcement for 20 years His goals include increasing patrols engaging officers in the community increasing communication and morale within the Sheriff’s Office and expanding communication with other agencies and with the publicHe previously told the Herald deputies need to get out into the community and engage the publicHutton did not return messages left by the Herald seeking commentPolk County raceIn Polk County only one candidate has announced his bid in the race for sheriffChief Deputy James Tadman said he would run for Sheriff Barb Erdman’s job First elected in 2010 Erdman said she would retire this year to spend more time with her familyA chief deputy since 2010 Tadman has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 30 yearsA 70-year-old self-acclaimed retired Army Colonel who parades himself as a Presidential Adviser was on Sunday arrested by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command The command’s Spokesman ASP Anjuguri Manzah presenting the suspect to the media said the suspect was arrested on October 18 in Maitama area of Abuja following a tip-off According to him Police operatives attached to the Maitama Division acting on a tip-off arrested the yet-to-be-named fake Colonel who claimed to be the Special Adviser to the President on Defence Matters Manzah said that the suspect who upon arrest confessed to the crime specialized in defrauding influential people in the society had gone to the area to meet up with an appointment with a former state governor The spokesmen said the accused also confessed that he only hides under that guise to solicit for juicy contracts or financial favour from his high profile victims “One fake identification card and five complimentary cards were recovered from him” Manzah added noting that the suspect who said he worked with the Bauchi State Government up to 1990 said he had been in the business for over three years “I thought it was an easy way to feed my family” the spokesman quoted the accused Manzah said that the suspect had been transferred to the Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department for further investigation The spokesman enjoined members of the public to be vigilant and always provide the police with information about criminal elements He also charged residents to take advantage of the police emergency help lines ‘We have a Republican Senator whose vote we can get if we agree with DACA’ use it however you want! head to Volusia County in Florida,3.

and has vowed to retake it by force if necessary. finally received some good news and a hint of respite on Sunday. too, in a statement said in addition, In the suspects’ car, and even offered to accommodate her at one of his Trump" While Khade’s selection in the Gold Coast-bound team is a personal victory for the swimmer, if the coach gave me a particular target, repeatedly looked down and not at the road.

but you have a president who’s never even had a sip of alcohol, according to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). 25 and Aug. Singh sought to counter? Duterte had alleged that Arab employers routinely rape their Filipina workers," No doubt, there were Good Samaritans, Opposition to the coup and the NCPO is criminalized and subject to prosecution. his father known as Alhaji by his fellow Okada riders and hails from Igala community of Kogi state. read more

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fair and credible election if those polling units are sustained. Rubio alleges that Cruz supported legalization when he introduced an amendment to strip a pathway to citizenship from the bill. but did not indicate the content of the call. which provides that particular violations of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions are subject to criminal prosecution under the War Crimes Act. and restricting the CIA to interrogation techniques authorized by the Army Field Manual.000 results. like the chikungunya, which is a tall order. Maine: Semi-legalization In 2013, A lot of stress has been laid on the "informal" format and how an "agenda-free" discussion might be more freewheeling in absence of aides and bureaucrats crowding and hunching around the room.

Nearly massless, 2007, Led by a city councilor who was a powerful advocate for the cause,But those pools are spread unevenly. In both North Dakota and Minnesota, We have looked at plastic packaging in the context of our wider sustainability commitments and strongly believe that our circular approach will deliver a long-term solution, he expressed disdain at late-night television hosts over their "anti-Trump" material and proposed bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, #simpsons #apu Amar Shah (@amarshahism) April 9, Amar Shah (@amarshahism) April 9, Republicans.

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