Worsening of Lorenzo Sanz’s health status due to coronavirus.

first_imgThe son of the former Madrid president indicated that his father, 76, “He followed the protocol that exists” in the face of the possible contagion of the disease. “He spent several days at home, a little out of solidarity, because he looked feverish, but more symptoms had to be expected and when they arrived it was when they decided to take him to the hospital yesterday, where they admitted him with bilateral pneumonia in which he could take risks”, he pointed. The state of the former president of Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz, hospitalized in Madrid for the coronavirus, has suddenly worsened this afternoon after suffering kidney failure, pathology prior to admission. In addition, he suffers from hypertension, which has aggravated his delicate state of health.Lorenzo Sanz’s state of health from coronavirus worsens.“We just talked to the doctor and the news is not good. In addition to respiratory failure, kidney failure is associated with severe infection. You have to wait 24 hours but due to its age it is very complicated. The worst thing is not being able to be with him“Lorenzo Sanz Durán has written on his Twitter accountThe new news provided by the doctors has surprised his family. “Okay and it’s been a good night”, Lorenzo Sanz junior reported this morning through social networks. Dear Lorenzo Sanz, all our support and best wishes. A lot of strength and a lot of encouragement from the entire great Madrid family. #Real Madrid– Real Madrid C.F.⚽ (@realmadrid) March 18, 2020Lorenzo Sanz Durán wanted to thank all the “samples of affection” that he and his family have received, both from Madrid fans and from non-Real Madrid players and the effort of all the health personnel at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid, where his father is admitted, as in “both public and private hospitals to help all those who are in trouble.” Real Madrid sent a message of encouragement to the former white president through his social networks.last_img read more

“The change in the date of the Euro Cup will affect young people”

first_imgBarcelona: “The life of a coach is complicated. You don’t know where you are going to be. I think I have left the doors open everywhere. I do not rule out leading another project in the future.”Train Messi: “There is a little bit of everything. I can’t tell Messi how to dribble or how he has to pass or shoot. He is an artist in all of that. But everything that is systems, game situations, he is told. How to push, where we have than to take the ball, how to position yourself. In that if we try to influence you. “Leaving Barça: “As a player I thought I had nothing more to offer. As a coach, the same thing happened. The relationship between player and coach is very intense and I seriously thought that they needed someone who would give them more things.”Hardest game with Barça: “There have been many. Any one in which we have been eliminated, losing important points, finals … Both Barça and the national team, the defeats hurt a lot.”Preselection: “We are a staff of five people. We distribute the players and we watch the games. We make reports and every 15 or 21 days we change the group of players and we all see everyone. Then, each one has their opinion and I decide who comes or no”.Condolences on the death of your daughter and return to the national team: “Thank you for your words. We are looking forward to going to war again. I have signed the contract with the national team and that is my goal. I hope to fulfill.”Team that stays as coach and which one you would like to train: “Of those I have trained, I have a very special relationship with Barcelona. I would train any team I have trained again”What do you ask the centrals: “More than the centrals, I ask the team to play good football, be superior, generate more chances than they do and don’t give us chances. To the centrals, I ask them to be attentive to the cons, to the coverage, to advance the line, that they follow the pressure of the forwards … I ask the centrals a lot. We want to start playing from behind, we must convince the player and give him confidence. It is a key position because you see all your teammates and you can lead in that position. “A match for the Spanish team: “When I was a child Spain-Malta and already in recent history, the World Cup final and the final of Euro 2012. That summer I was on vacation in Italy with my family, surrounded by Italians and they took it with great sportsmanship.”Communication: “We have a press officer who manages all this. A powerful press department also with social networks. I am preparing the press conference to see where the shots go and they manage the day to day and the press conference.” Luis Enrique, Spanish coach, spoke in the second part of the virtual press conference in which the questions have not been asked by journalists who cover the current affairs of the team but rather fans of La Roja. The list has starred in many questions for the coach, who positively valued the delay in the Euro Cup and focused on young players, in addition to denying that Ferrán Torres was the player he spoke about in the video he recorded during the last Spanish Super Cup. . Favorites for the list: “If you looked at the charts, you know a little bit about the idea we have. I would love to have more options. The more problems when choosing, the better. But I cannot tell you just one player, it would not be good for the rest.”One year late: “That they have changed the date is going to affect young people. We are going to have more games to work and it seems positive to me. I hope we can win the Euro Cup.”First list around the corner: “It is going to give us time to have more games, so that young people can tan one more year. Many people said that in the video from Arabia he spoke of Ferrán and it was not Ferrán. He was a player of his position but it was not him. I don’t know what I’m going to wear. The base is that of these months. We will see who can go to the Euro Cup. Expectations are maximum. Since we got the Euro Cups and the World Cup we have been a reference and I think we have a good level. We have to confirm if we are clear favorites. We haven’t lived up to the last two tournaments. “Adama Traoré: “We know Adama from the Barcelona first team. He has evolved a lot in Wolves and he is very interesting. The future will say, we are delighted with Adama.” Why doesn’t Iker Casillas go ?: “Because we all have a time when age weighs. Iker has been one of the benchmarks of world football in his position and I would have liked to have him at the time but time passes for everyone.”Sergio Ramos: “My relationship with Ramos is very good. With him and I dare say that with 99.9% of players regardless of whether it is closer or farther away. I have a very good relationship and with Sergio who is the captain, I knew him of references, of facing him and when I met him in the national team I was surprised. I knew he was different but for some reason he has the record for internationalities. He surprised me footballically but also as a leader and as a person. “last_img read more