Don’t Read Face of Molecular Clock at Face Value

first_imgA press release from PLoS Biology says the so-called “molecular clock” (the idea that genes mutate at a steady rate) is “not so dependable after all.” Mutations tend to cluster around microsatellites in the genome, biasing the arrangement of genetic changes. The claim is based on the work of Edward Vowles and William Amos, who found that “the clock is anything but constant. Instead, a mutation in one spot in the genome affects the chance of getting another mutation nearby.”The finding disputes evolution, but the article claims that mutations are the raw material for evolution. It also repeats the myth that the genome is mostly filled with “apparently meaningless nonsense.” Any evidence? Nope. Any assumptions? Yep. Junk DNA? See 06/03/2004 headline.(Visited 4 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Am I Hallucinating or What?

first_imgI got a press release in the mail today for a new product called “Doorbrow”, including the following points:“…a revolutionary new product…” , “…will minimize water intrusion and sun deterioration…”, “…prevents leaks between a building and its entry door, effectively eliminating water intrusion…”OK, I was intrigued, so I checked out, and man was I shocked. I will reserve judgment on the aesthetics of the product (give me time), but I can’t see how it will do much of anything to keep water or sun from reaching a door. On top of that, their primary marketing photo shows this device attached directly to the stucco. Now in my book, that causes two problems. First, you are punching holes in the stucco (or siding, etc.) creating wonderful little pathways for water to get into the house. Oh, but you can caulk the holes you say! Yeah, well, we all know how well caulk works in keeping water out – about as well as a screen door. Then, on top of that, they recommend caulking the top where it hits the wall, yet another fine example of hoping that water will flow uphill. I realize that this is a common delusion of builders – I can’t count the number of times I drive by jobsites and see people putting up weather barriers and window flashing totally wrong. They miss the point that felt, housewrap, and flashing all need to layer, shingle style from top to bottom. Doorbrow expects the caulk at the top to keep out water. It might do that, IF the caulk is PERFECTLY APPLIED TO CLEAN SURFACES, and even then it probably won’t last more than a couple of weeks. I am so tired of “building professionals” who have no clue as to how to build. Water ruins buildings. We need to keep it out. It only stays out if you build it to keep it out. If the door leaks, fix the damn door, don’t put a Doorbrow on it. You are just putting whipped cream on #$%&, and it probably is not as much an improvement as the whipped cream.Oh, and by the way, it is pretty damned ugly too. My buddy Michael has this to say about it:“Possibly one of the most irresponsible and worthless products I have seen in a while. Not only is the product “Butt-Ugly” it serves no purpose other than to possibly compromise the durability of the home. The flashing detail in the photo is backwards (nailed to the face of the stucco… Really? Who was the brilliant guy who thought of that installation detail… oohh I know, I bet it was the guy who dreamed this ridiculous thing up!). Besides, what kind of protection does a 6” overhand give you? I going to go out on a limb and suggest.. NOTHING!”last_img read more

Aqua Notes: For When Inspiration Strikes In The Shower

first_imgRelated Posts adam popescu Tags:#Products#web If you do your best thinking in the shower, you either have soggy wads of paper on the floor or a lot of forgotten ideas. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Check out Aqua Notes. For $7, you get a waterproof notepad on which to jot brilliant ideas that occur as you’re scrubbing down. Finally, multitasking while getting your shower on, and, potentially, turning inspiration into realization.The reason we forget, is a notion psychologists call retrieval failure, which means if information is not retrieved and rehearsed, you forget it. So what’s the answer to remembering — truly remembering? Writing it down so it doesn’t decay!This isn’t the be-all for we memory-impaired, but let’s be honest, you’re more likely to use Aqua Notes for shopping lists or as a reminder to call the woman you met — after the obligatory three-day wait is satisfied. In either case, it’s worth $7 not to forget.Photo by Steven Depolo A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Timeline vs ConnectFX Render Comparisons in Smoke

first_img[RENDER RESULTS] Timeline :41 – CFX/Action 1:20Again, the timeline must render each layer separately, one at a time. But this is still faster than Action. Action must load a large still image, and it must load that image again for each frame. This slows CFX down, but there is a way to optimize it. If you add a MUX node after the Resize node, you can set it to freeze the still and then reuse that frame during processing. This now makes CFX render increase to :30 sec. again making it faster than the timeline render.Example 5:1920×1080 8 bit H.264Canon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTThis is a simple CC effect on the Timeline. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite and then deleting the Action node which was not needed. Ever wonder why some renders are faster than others? Here is a breakdown of how effects render on the Smoke Timeline vs ConnectFX.When you are working in Autodesk Smoke and building effects you can composite vertically on the timeline, by layering clips on top of another, and adding various effects from the FX Ribbon. Compositing on the timeline is a great way to easily look at the timing and pacing of your shots.Once you are happy with how things are playing, you can promote your vertical composites with existing timeline effects to ConnectFX, Smoke’s node-based effects environment.But no matter how you work, you eventually need to render. For a video editor or compositor, this is the moment of truth. There is one question we all ask ourselves before we hit that RENDER button. “How long is this going to take?”The effect you just spent 30 minutes setting up in ConnectFX, with multiple clips, crisscrossing links going from node to node, 3D Text and lights – how long is it going to take to render? A minute or an hour? Or, does this 10 layer, 5 minute timeline composite with Axis, Keys, and Color Warps give me 10 mins to check my Twitter feed or do I have time to watch a movie on Netflix?The Semi-Scientific Breakdown:I setup several different effects scenarios using Timeline FX that I could promote to ConnectFX and compared the times each one rendered. One very important thing to understand about these render times – don’t get hung up on the actual times that each render took. This comparison is more about the difference in time between rendering timeline effects vs ConnectFX.Depending on your hardware everyone will get faster or slower speeds in rendering, but the difference between the 2 should remain consistent. So if it takes :60 sec on the timeline and :10 sec in CFX for me to render one of these examples, it may take you, on your system, :30 and :05 sec.The point is, look at the speed difference between the two and not the overall speed. There are too many factors that come into play when rendering, such as, CPU, GPU, codecs, drive speed and I/O. But all things being the same, you will get similar results between the timeline and CFX.All of these tests were done on my MacBook Pro (seen pic) with source files and Autodesk Media Folder on the system drive. Not a recommended workflow, but fine for testing. I may revisit this later with proper external storage. Test were performed with Smoke 2013 Service Pack 2. [Click images below for larger view.]EXAMPLE :11920×1080 H.264 8 bit Canon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTI took 6 different clips and use an AXIS effect to place them in a 3×2 grid. A CFX clip was created using Generate Composite. [RENDER RESULTS] Timeline 3:30 – CFX/Action 4:50Example 2 will render the CC effect and then the AX effect for each layer, 1 at a time on the timeline. This increases the render time from Example 1. But in Action, the added CC nodes only slightly affected the overall render time. Why? The Timeline must render 240 frames for each layer (2×120), where CFX only adds the CC effect to each clip before rendering them as a whole.Example 3:1920×1080 H.264 8 bit Canon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTI took the same clip and created the same 3×2 grid. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite. [RENDER RESULTS] Timeline :08 – CFX/Action :16This one actually puzzles me. I can’t explain why the timeline is 2x faster than the same effect in CFX. I welcome anyone else to test and see what their results are. I question if this is a bug in the 2013 Service Pack 2.Example 6:1920×1080 H.264 8 bit Canon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProResLTHere is a Wipe effect and the CC effect. The black is generated due to no background in the timeline. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite.[RENDER RESULTS] Timeline :32 – CFX/Action :28This is almost a dead-heat. The Timeline must make two 120 frame renders, where Action only needs to make one. The GMask is created in the Modular Keyer in Action. If you create the effect with nodes in CFX and avoid Action the render time was :26.Example 7:1920×1080 H.264 8 bitCanon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTThis is using AX to keyframe a gaussian blur in X & Y from 0 to 30 over 120 frames. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite.[RENDER RESULTS] Timeline :26 – CFX/Action :12This is one where Action wins… largely due to GPU processing. The Axis blur on the timeline is not as optimized as CFX. If you used the Blur node in CFX, the results were the same as Action blur.Example 8:1920×1080 H.264 8 bit Canon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTIn this example we use a simple non-animating Text effect. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite and then Action was deleted to clean up the schematic.[RENDER RESULTS] Timeline :09 – CFX/Action :30This is a prime example of how poorly optimized the Text Node is in CFX. The Text Node must render the type for each frame even though it isn’t animating. But if we use the MUX node again and create a 1 frame still, then the CFX render time matches that at of the timeline at :09 sec.Example 9:2560×1350 (Half Premium) 12 bit Red Clip – 190 frames @ 23.98 Linked Clips / Render ProRes 4444Here we test a larger file size and higher bit depth, as well as rendering to a higher codec. A CC Negative effect as well as an AXIS 360 rotate and Scale animation from 0 to 100. A constant blur value of 5 was also used. A CFX lip was created using Generate Composite.[RENDER RESULTS] Timeline 1:59 – CFX/Action :54CFX and Action wins this one as well. Why? The timeline must render 2 passes for its effects, while CFX can render it all at once. Also the blur in Action takes better advantage of the GPU.Conclusion:What we can gather from all of this is that some Smoke nodes work better in CFX than others. Some are more optimized. I think there should be better parity between the Timeline and ConnectFX.The ConnectFX pipeline was reworked for the 2013 release and with the Service Packs released the optimization of the CFX nodes gets better and better. I hope these simple tests shed some light on your own renders. The MUX node in ConnectFX is your friend. Use it anytime you need to still a frame to speed up your renders or limit a range in an animation so Smoke doesn’t continue to calculate needlessly. I would be happy to see if your renders match mine in terms of differences in time between the Smoke Timeline and CFX.\Please share your own thoughts & experiences in the comments below!center_img [RENDER RESULTS] Timeline 1:51 – CFX/Action 4:20Example 3 playout very similar to Example 1. Action is much slower because it must load each clip, even though it’s the same clip, which creates a slowdown due to I/O. However, if you optimize the CFX setup by linking the single clip to each Action input the render time decreases dramatically to :51 sec. This makes it faster than the timeline render.Example 4:1920×1080 ProRes 422 10 bit120 frames @ 29.97 Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTHere is a chroma key of a ProRes clip over a .jpg (3000x2000px) resized (1920x1080px) still frame. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite. [RENDER RESULTS] Timeline 2:02 – CFX/Action 4:40Example 1 shows us that CFX and Action is much slower than doing this same setup on the timeline. Why? Action needs to load each frame from each clip before it can process the rendered frame. On the timeline render, each clip is rendered as a full clip repositioned over black. Each layer is then just rendered over top of the layer below as timeline renders are done layer by layer. So the I/O of getting the frames before processing in Action slows it down.Example 2:1920×1080 H.264 8 bitCanon 5D – 120 frames @ 29.97Linked Clips / Render ProRes LTI took the same setup as Example 1 and added a CC effect to turn the clips blue. A CFX Clip was created using Generate Composite.last_img read more

Pune builder D.S. Kulkarni’s brother detained at Mumbai airport

first_imgThe Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Pune Police on Tuesday took into custody Makarand Kulkarni, the brother of fraud accused Pune developer D. S Kulkarni (DSK), after the latter was detained at Mumbai airport.Mr. Kulkarni and DSK, along with other relatives, are named in the charge sheet filed by the police in the alleged ₹2,043 crore scam by the DSK Group.While DSK, his wife, son and other relatives are in jail, the Pune Police had issued a lookout circular against Mr. Kulkarni, a partner and promoter in a number of DSK Group companies.He was finally detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport by the Mumbai Police, who alerted their Pune counterparts on Tuesday morning.“Accordingly, a Pune Police team left for Mumbai to bring Mr. Kulkarni back and initiate the process for his formal arrest. He will be produced before a local court after completion of medical formalities,” a senior official said.The fraudDSK and his wife, Hemanti, are in judicial custody at the Yerwada Central Jail since March last year and are accused of defrauding thousands of investors across Pune, Mumbai, and Kolhapur. At least five FIRs have been lodged against the developer and his family in the three cities since October 2017.Since then, EOW officers have been probing two schemes floated by the group: a fixed deposit (FD) scheme promising lucrative gains; and the Aadhi Ghar, Nantar Paise (first get the house, then pay the money) scheme in which deposits were taken from customers and the group promised to pay EMIs on bank loans till the possession was granted.More than 8,000 people, most of them senior citizens, are said to have invested in the FD scheme.After local courts and the Bombay High Court repeatedly turned down their bail pleas, the EOW had finally arrested DSK and his wife from a New Delhi hotel in February last year.In the months that followed, the EOW arrested the builder’s sister-in-law Anuradha Purandare, his son Shirish, and his brother’s daughter Sai Vanjape and her husband Kedar. Company officials Dhananjay Pachpor and Vinaykumar Badgandi were also arrested. All are at present lodged under judicial custody in Yerawada Jail.last_img read more

Minister Vaz Reports Over 90 Per Cent Support for Plastic, Styrofoam Ban

first_img “We, in this Administration, have taken the bold step and, thankfully, the citizenry has supported it. I don’t know of any other policy that has gotten 90-odd per cent support, not by the Government’s own data but by independent pollsters. Story Highlights Five months after the ban on styrofoam and single-use plastic bags was implemented in Jamaica, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, is reporting more than 90 per cent support for the initiative.“We, in this Administration, have taken the bold step and, thankfully, the citizenry has supported it. I don’t know of any other policy that has gotten 90-odd per cent support, not by the Government’s own data but by independent pollsters.“So it means as a people, we are realising and seeing the damage that is being done to the environment by these plastic [materials] and improper disposal of the items,” he said.Minister Vaz was addressing a public forum at the Rio Nuevo Village in St. Mary on Wednesday (May 30), on the topic ‘Adapting to Climate Resilience Action Plans: My Responsibility’.As of January 1, 2019, the Government has imposed a ban on single-use plastic bags, straws and polystyrene. The ban covers the importation, manufacture and distribution of the materials.The plastic bags banned are those that are commonly referred to as ‘scandal bags’ and other bags with dimensions of 24 inches by 24 inches or less.“I am happy to say that since the ban came into effect, we have carried out extensive public awareness campaigns. The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), Jamaica Customs and all our partners have moved with haste to enforce the ban,” Mr. Vaz noted. “So it means as a people, we are realising and seeing the damage that is being done to the environment by these plastic [materials] and improper disposal of the items,” he said. Five months after the ban on styrofoam and single-use plastic bags was implemented in Jamaica, Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Hon. Daryl Vaz, is reporting more than 90 per cent support for the initiative.last_img read more

Killjoys Breaking through the Double Standard

first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement Facebook Twittercenter_img Despite the fact that it’s 2016 and gender equality in front of and behind our television screens is getting better and better, there’s still a very big double standard that exists when it comes to male versus female characters on television. Similar to real life, when a male character has several different sexual partners he’s often patted on the back (way to go bro! stud!), but when a female character displays similar type behavior she’s criticized, perceived as damaged or looked down upon (slut!). While change can be slow, thankfully there are shows like Killjoys out there who are not only breaking, but completely shattering these antiquated double standards.While Season 2 of Killjoys has certainly been the Year of the Woman, focusing on several different female characters during its sophomore run thus far, make no mistake about it, this is Dutch’s show. Some fans have commented that earlier episodes this season seemed to be pushing Dutch aside and she wasn’t as central as last year, but that’s certainly changed over recent weeks. Hannah John-Kamen has grown nicely into her role this season and completely owns the character in every single facet. Showrunner Michelle Lovretta has said she wanted Dutch to have more fun and be more playful this year–given how young John-Kamen actually is–and we definitely have seen that youthfulness shine through in fun undercover ops or when the actress showed off her singing chops.But perhaps one of the (many) great things Killjoys has done with Dutch this season is show that a woman is fully capable of having many different types of relationships. Killjoys is a diverse show, not just with its cast, but also in the wide variety of character traits and relationships it portrays. Just as they do in real life, people on Killjoys are not confined to having just one type of relationship or one type of romance and that’s extremely evident with Dutch in Season 2. While she may have connected with D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) in Season 1 over shared experiences, we’re now seeing her connect with Alvis (Morgan Kelly) in a different, but equally important manner. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementlast_img read more

No deja vu Secondhalf comeback fails for OSU

The Ohio State men’s basketball team’s 15-game home win streak and nine-game conference win streak came to an end Wednesday night after a 60-57 loss to No. 4 Purdue. The story of the game was Purdue’s first-half dominance. In front of the first sell-out crowd of the season at the Schottenstein Center, the Boilermakers jumped out to an early lead and led for all 40 minutes of Wednesday’s game. With just more than seven minutes remaining in the first half, junior Evan Turner converted a three-point play and for the first time all night the capacity crowd erupted. The jubilation was short lived, however, as Purdue’s Keaton Grant immediately responded with a four-point play at the other end. The crowd again rose to its feet when junior Jon Diebler made the team’s first three-point basket with less than a minute ago. But again, the Boilermakers answered, this time with a three-point play. In the first half “they made some shots and some of us didn’t have our heads right,” Turner said. “As a unit we didn’t execute how we were supposed to.”Purdue led by 13 at the break and although the Buckeyes got as close as 48-46 late in the second half, the first half struggles proved to be too much to overcome. OSU had one last chance in the waning moments when Diebler took and missed a potential game-tying three-pointer as time expired. “I got a good look,” Diebler said. “I should have knocked it down. There’s really no excuses.”Unlike in last month’s game at Purdue, the Buckeyes did a much better job of containing junior Robbie Hummel. Hummel torched Ohio State 35 points in the first meeting, but was held to just four Wednesday.However, OSU simply had no answer for junior JaJuan Johnson. After scoring a season-low four points in the first meeting between these two teams, Johnson led the way offensively for the Boilermakers. He scored a team-high 24 points on 11-17 shooting. “He made shots and those were some tough shots,” Diebler said. “That’s a heck of a basketball player right there.”As expected, Turner handled the bulk of the load for the Buckeyes and scored a game-high 29 points. With the loss, OSU dropped to 10-4 in conference play, but the Buckeyes have little time to regroup. They travel to East Lansing, Mich., Sunday to play the Big Ten’s first-place team. “You have to be honest with yourself and say ‘OK what didn’t we do well?’ but we have another tremendous challenge down the pipe,” coach Thad Matta said. “I told the guys after the game, we have to be a better basketball team on Sunday.” read more

Franck Ribery This could be my last year at Bayern Munich

first_imgFranck Ribery has admitted that this could be his final year at Bayern Munich, despite intending to continue his playing career up to the age of 38The French winger has spent over a decade at the Allianz Arena and, in that time, he has won eight Bundesliga titles and the Champions League in 2013.Yet Ribery, who signed a one-year extension at Bayern last season, admits that his future after the season is in doubt.“It’s too early to say now,” said the 35-year-old on ESPN.“I’d be up for another season, but let’s wait and see how this season shapes up.“I am relaxed and don’t put myself under pressure. You must assess your performances correctly. It’s too early to say now.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.The 2006 World Cup finalist confessed that he had received offers from foreign clubs before signing a new contract at Bayern.“I never wanted to leave,” he added.“There were serious offers from China, but I like the Bundesliga and the Champions League. I dream of winning it for the second time.“I am still ambitious, I am still driven. I have never said to myself this will be the last year. I have won everything, I can relax now. I always give it my all because it could be my last year.“At my age, you never know what’s next, but I would like to play until I am 38.”Ribery has managed 117 goals and 180 assists in 391 appearances across all competitions for Bayern.last_img read more