These are some of the most famous UFO sightings in Spain

first_imgSpain is a hot country for UFO sightingThe Manises case is one of the best known filesRobledo de Chavela is an area with a lot of UFO history UFO simulation. Image: Pixabay Likewise, the security plane’s systems were firing, so he knew that the object was identifying or pointing. The Mirage F-1 was set to 1.4 mach to distinguish an object similar to an inverted cup without the base that changed color. Several radars detected the UFO in different areas, but the Mirage F-1 could not reach it; the UFO seemed to be playing with its superiority, until it disappeared towards Africa. The Ministry of Defense of Spain prepared a report where the acts carried out by the pilots, the radar recording and the testimonies of several civilians who saw the objects from the ground are collected.Robledo de ChavelaIt is one of the hottest areas of our country. In the 70s and 80s there was a large number of UFO sightings and even the sighting of a humanoid being. We are talking about Robledo de Chavela, a place near Madrid where there are gigantic antennas owned by NASA and INTA. The two best known encounters in the place happened in the early and mid-80s.In the first of the sightings four unidentified lights were seen flying around the bell tower of the parish church, lights that would later line up and set course for the NASA complex. Subsequently, a triangular-looking UFO was seen with a red wake in the back that also put direction to the space center, although the curious thing about this object is that it was also seen by witnesses on the Chamartín Station in Madrid.Also in the eighties several witnesses claimed to see a humanoid being, as well as many occasions in this type of phenomena, of great height. This supposed extraterrestrial came out of what appeared to be a kind of egg, which landed in a forest located between Robledo de Chavela and Valdemaqueda.The UFO of La GrañaAlthough the UFO phenomenon occurred much more in the 70s and 80s, there are previous cases in our country that are well known. One of them, declassified by the Spanish state, occurred in Ferrol on April 2, 1966. That day, around 11:30 p.m., several witnesses of the A Carreira radio station, including a corporal, saw a Luminous and opaque object that changed shape every few seconds. The corporal even took a picture of the object to the left of Monte Campelo.The phenomenon lasted up to 45 minutes, had a bluish color and was located a few hundred meters high. It was the change of form that most missed witnesses. A sailor who was in Narón, near Ferrol, could also see the object, this time located above the radio station. There was no further investigation.Legend has it, although this cannot be confirmed, that the UFO subsequently fell into the sea and was picked up by fishermen in the area. Upon arriving at the port, a convoy of the army waited for them to requisition the device, in addition to indicating that they should remain silent. The UFO was supposedly taken to the La Graña submarine base, introduced into one of the tunnels. Witnesses say that the object bore the logos of NASA and the American air agency, and that the US military ended up taking that object that looked like a spy drone. But … why the lights if it was a spy object?center_img Do you believe in UFOs? Many people answer this question with a refusal, but certainly there are more people who believe in unidentified flying objects, especially those that come from other planets or other galaxies. Many people believe that we are the only ones, others have seen or know someone who has seen something strange and, of course, there are also fans of this type of sightings.Spain is a hot country when it comes to UFO sightings and, in fact, many areas of our geography are visited by fans of these types of sightings to try to see something out of the ordinary. These are some of the most relevant UFO sightings in the history of our country, some of them registered by law enforcement officers or military bodies.The Manises caseIt is one of the best known UFO incidents in our country, especially for the entire sequence, for the departure of a fighter plane to intercept the object and, of course, for the recognition of the protagonist. The JK-297 plane with 109 passengers, gave notice of a sighting of strange lights next to the plane, so an emergency landing at Manises airport was decided to avoid an accident. The first time this happened in Spanish territory (1979).After the event, three unidentified forms were detected by radar – calculating a structure of about 200 meters – so two Mirage F-1 military aircraft of the Spanish army left to intercept the object. One of them was piloted by Fernando Cámara taking off from Albacete, who soon located a large static red light on the Manises airport. Camera was flying at about 1000 km / h and said that light went from being static to flying at the same speed in the blink of an eye.last_img read more

Why You Need API Services From Mashery

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