Blue Apron Makes Cooking Easy

first_img Hops and Terroir: Why the Beer World is Embracing the Wine Term Editors’ Recommendations Should Bars Be Kid and Dog-Friendly? We Asked the Experts Mountain Hardwear Is Bringing Augmented Reality to the Great Outdoors The Rise of Taiwanese Food Chain Din Tai Fung The Best Latex Pillows for Neck and Back Pain What do you do when you’re a busy man who loves to cook but has no time to shop for ingredients? Blue Apron has the solution for you. The new delivery service takes the hassle out of buying groceries by sending you all the ingredients and recipes for three meals.Now everybody at The Manual is busy, but we also love fresh meals, so we decided to give Blue Apron a try. Our box arrived the night before filled with the recipes ingredients to make cod with pickled grapes and summer succotash, chicken tikka masala with minted cucumber salad and naan, and stuffed squashes with Caesar chicory salad. We had no idea how long it had been waiting outside our door, but it was packed with insulation and two large ice packs to keep the meat and fish from going bad.The next night, we were starving when we got home. We had just participated in this epic Jay-Z music video shoot/ art stunt and didn’t have time to eat all day. We pulled out all the ingredients for the chicken tikka masala with minted cucumber salad and naan. The step-by-step instructions and photographs were easy to follow. We prepped the ingredients, chopping and peeling all the vegetables included. Everything else was pre-measured. First, we made the cucumber salad, then we cooked the chicken and made the creamy tomato sauce. Finally we warmed the naan. About an hour after we started we had a delicious, home-cooked meal to devour! It was tasty and satisfying after a day of standing on our feet.Blue Apron takes away all the time it takes to shop and makes it easy for those of us who love to cook to prepare something delicious to eat. You can’t be a picky eater because you don’t get to choose what meals you get when you order, although they do have a vegetarian option. At $9.99 per person per meal, Blue Apron costs about the same as take out, making it a good deal. Plus, you can impress your next date with your cooking skills. Now if we only had a sous chef and dishwasher to help us out.For more information, visit read more