Father jailed for narco trafficking

first_imgA father of two was on Wednesday jailed when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.Seon Brammer, a 39-year-old who hails from Eighth Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was found guilty of the offence.The prosecution proved its case that on May 13, 2016, Brammer had 464 grams of cannabis in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.According to the prosecution, the drug was concealed under a cushion and plyboards in the house.The evidence brought against Brammer was deemed sufficient and as such, he was jailed for 48 months by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.last_img

BYC Grasps 3rd Super Cup

first_imgDefending Super Cup champion Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) has retained the Cup in front of a recorded crowd, including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, narrowly defeating FC Fassell 2-1 in the season’s traditional opener.Last Friday’s win at the Blue Field in the PHP Community, summed her titles to three, but yet to level with the former football giants, LISCR FC, who won the title four times.BYC hit-man Van-Dave Harmon raised the curtain in the 20th minute through a herculean head-up but the tally was rotated 10 minutes later, with an easy kick from FC Fassell sturdy forwarder Elijah Clarke owing to a defensive slip-up which put goalie Winston Sayouh into trouble.Some football pundits argued that Chief Referee Lamin Kamara implausibly ignored goalie Sayouh’s protection in his fight to grab the ball, but others said that the discretional decision of the referee is the best option in that jumbled play.The Go Blues Boys’ midfield Jurnior Barshall drilled in from about 30 yards in the 80th minute and the ball trickily beat five FC Fassell’s players, including defenders to take goalie Jeremiah Sickey unawares.The Liberia’s football giant, unbeaten in its last 12 matches on its Blue Field, determinedly overcame the threat by knockout champions FC Fassell who scored more goals than BYC in the CAF Competitions, though both teams exited in the preliminary rounds.FC Fassell was impressive in the first half with both goalies making several smart saves. After the goal, the visiting side fought but was unable to trouble substitute goalie Nathaniel. The veteran goalkeeper reacted twice quickly to 2nd division highest scorer and MVP Vitalis Sieh’s drives at goal.During the 4 minutes injury time, police officers nearly restrained some unhappy FC Fassell fans who attempted to invade the pitch.The financier and the chairman of the Board of FC Fassell, Cassell A Kuoh said the defeat of his side was owing to alleged poor officiating from referee Kamara. Mr. Kouh, who is Vice President for Operations at the LFA– technically has supervision over the Liberia Football Referee Association (LIFRA) stated that “the game was like a gift to BYC with the presence of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”The head coach of FC Fassell, Matthew Jaluteh, LFA’s 2nd division coach-of-the-year divulged that the team didn’t go in camp and began practice late for the game.“We only practiced three times before the game and didn’t go in camp, while BYC immediately after their return from the Gambia went straight in camp,” Coach Jaluteh said.Coach Lartey said winning the game was because of adequate preparedness, discipline and execution of his strategy.He hailed the management of BYC and players for the collaboration and said the Super Cup would serve as a motivator for the 2015/2016 LFA League.Some fans thanked the Go Blue Boys for retaining the Championship and the Super Cup as well as maintaining her dominance on the field. Other fans expressed dissatisfaction over the venue, which is home to BYC and pointed out alleged bad calls from referee Kamara.They argued that a final of all the LFA’s competitions must be decided on home-and-away matches.Meanwhile, the Secretary General of SWAL, Kolubah Zayzay has revealed that the sporting group will complain to BYC officials about uncivilized treatment meted out against journalist on the Blue Field.Honoring ProgramPrior to the game, the LFA medaled and certificated FC BYC, FC Fassell and Earth Angels as champions for the 1st, 2nd and female divisions for the 2013/2014 National league.The LFA honored FC Fassell and Blanco FC as winners for the LFA Cup (Knockout) as well as Mighty Dragon and Sac FC as 1st and 2nd winners for the 3rd division.For individual awards, Jame Soto Robert of LPRC won the Highest Goal Scorer medal, followed by Vitalis Sieh of FC Fassell.Teah Dennis of BYC, Kemo Kawah of Nimba United and Vivian Sarnor of Senior Pro grasped Best Defenders awards.The coach awards went to Robert Lartey of BYC; Matthew Jaluteh of FC Fassell and Jenkins Doe of Earth Angels.The Best Goalie medals were to Sumo Giddings of Monrovia Club Breweries, Jeremiah Sackey of FC Fassell and Mamie Kamara of Earth Angels.The Most Valuable Players (MVPs), awards went Sporo Somah of BYC, Vitalis Sieh and Angeline Keyah won the titles for the three divisions (1st, 2nd and female)Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Camp St prisoner dies 2 weeks after admitted to GPHC with swollen face

first_imgCamp Street inmate Shawn Thom, who two weeks ago had been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) with a swollen face, has reportedly succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.His demise was confirmed to Guyana Times on Sunday by Acting Director of Prisons, Kevin Pilgrim, during an interview in which Pilgrim stated that he received a telephone call on Sunday morning informing him of the man’s demise.Extending sincere condolences to Thom’s family members, the Acting Prison Director has said the circumstances surrounding Thom’s demise are presently being investigated by the Guyana Police Force, and, as such, the Prison Service would be cooperating fully with the investigations.He reiterated that upon Thom being discovered in a semi-conscious state on May 26, the prisoners with whom he had shared the cell told prison officers that he had sustained the injury in a fall.Thom had reportedly stabbed another prisoner with a mop stick during a scuffle on May 25, and based on that incident, he had been relocated to another cell with three other inmates.The then Acting Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels, had related that investigations were launched into both incidents, and the findings would be sent to the relevant authorities. Those investigations, according to Pilgrim, had been completed and the findings were sent to the Public Security Ministry. Taking Thom’s demise into consideration, the investigations will be reopened.Pilgrim has said that Prison officials will be waiting on the post-mortem results to decide their next step. However, he noted that ever since Thom’s admittance into the GPHC, his mother was in constant contact with the Prison Service.The 23-year-old Thom had been serving two three-year consecutive sentences for unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition. His release from prison was expected in 2019.last_img read more

Govt must follow letter, spirit of Constitution if court rules against it – CCJ…

first_img– as Court Judge frowns upon Guyana’s slothful judicial, elections system despite urgent circumstances– despite urgency of preparing for elections in 3 months after no-confidence voteAs the actions of Guyana’s Judiciary and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) were discussed at the Caribbean Court of Justice on Thursday, the court frowned upon the slothfulness of these systems in Guyana despite the urgency necessary after a no-confidence motion (NCM) is passed.CCJ President, Justice Adrian SaundersThis was as action got underway on day one of hearing the three consolidated court cases which relate to the NCM. As he wrapped up the session, CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders, informed the Government team that if they rule against them, they have to follow both the letter and spirit of Guyana’s Constitution.“You have the Constitution. You have the courts. You have the President and the Cabinet and you have the National Assembly. We have to make this thing work. And we have to make it work according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution,” Justice Saunders stated.Attorney General Basil Williams had argued for time for the Elections Commission, noting that without a credible list, any elections could prove difficult. However, the CCJ President noted that since the vote was held in December, it has been known that from that date there may be a need for fresh elections.CCJ Judge Winston AndersonBut Justice Saunders noted that it will therefore be very disappointing if GECOM is unable to hold elections, “if the appellants succeeded” and the political parties are unable to have a two-thirds majority in National Assembly.The Judge stated there must be some reconciliation between the call for credible elections and having those elections within a particular time. When asked if he had any final words, Williams went on to allude to elections violence if a voters list is seen as not credible.SlothAttorney Sanjeev DatadinMeanwhile, Justice Winston Anderson remarked that the judicial system in Guyana should have deployed all resources to ensure the cases were heard in a timelier manner. Local lawyer Sanjeev Datadin, who is in Trinidad representing former Alliance For Change (AFC) parliamentarian Charrandas Persaud, agreed that the Judiciary should have taken such steps.And Datadin noted to the CCJ that GECOM should have held elections by March 21, as set out by the Constitution. He pointed out that the Court of Appeal decision that allowed Government its reprieve in office came after that constitutional deadline had elapsed.“Until there’s an order to stop a proceeding, you should proceed. That would apply to the Guyana Elections Commission,” Datadin told the court. “Being well aware that there is a challenge that can go one of two ways, they should be getting themselves ready and being on the ready, so they can fulfill the mandate of the people.”Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes“I understand,” Justice Anderson replied. “And I’m curious. If the final decision is that the No-confidence Motion was carried, then the logical implication is that elections ought to have been held by March 21 (2019).”“Should not the judicial resources be used in such a way to ensure that the Constitution is followed? Obviously the President (David Granger) must obey the Constitution… and so must the court. And the Constitution ordained that in these circumstances, a NCM is carried, elections must be held in three months,” the CCJ Judge stated.Anderson noted that if Guyana’s courts ruled the NCM not validly passed, then this would have been no problem. But describing himself as “astonished”, the legal luminaire made it clear that in the absence of such a ruling, all efforts should have been made to have elections held in those three months.Charrandas Persaud had voted in favour the Opposition-sponsored No-confidence Motion on December 21, 2018. The vote, according to some interpretations, would have seen the Government being ousted from power.But the coalition has since challenged the validity of the Motion, suffering defeat at the High Court before being thrown a lifeline by the Appeals Court. If the CCJ finds that the Motion was indeed validly passed, the parliamentary Opposition has argued that this would mean an illegal Government has been in place since March 21, 2019.This is why Trinidadian Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes, one of a battery of lawyers representing Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo in the proceedings, requested that the court issue an order for general elections to be held in the shortest possible time, should it be determined that the no-confidence motion was validly passed.He also warned that the Government is trying to create an environment to deter party members from ever crossing the floor and voting against it again. Mendes noted that if every Member of Parliament who votes against the Government is then required to give up his seat and have his vote invalidated, it therefore means the Government can never be defeated on a vote of no- confidence.According to Mendes, the coalition Government is trying to implement an “anti-crossing the floor” measure to ensure it cannot be brought down when members of its party lose confidence in them.Mendes noted that if the Government is to have its way, then Article 106 (6) of the Constitution would be pointless, as the Government would always be able to defeat any no-confidence motion. And CCJ President, Justice Adrian Saunders remarked that it went beyond this, as it meant voting on anything requiring a majority in Parliament would become a charade.Article 106 (6) and (7) of the Constitution states, respectively: “The Cabinet including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.”And “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.”The three No-confidence Motion cases deal with Christopher Ram v the Attorney General of Guyana, the Leader of the Opposition and Joseph Harmon; Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo v the Attorney General of Guyana, Dr Barton Scotland and Joseph Harmon; and Charrandas Persaud v Compton Herbert Reid, Dr Barton Scotland, Bharrat Jagdeo and Joseph Harmon; the last of which deals with Persaud’s eligibility to vote in the House. The oral arguments will conclude today, after which a ruling will be expected.last_img read more

Fort Nelson RCMP looking for missing elderly man – update

first_imgPhoto: Daniel Norman Graham has been missing since Monday – Handout from Fort Nelson RCMP Update: Daniel Norman Graham was found on Saturday. Graham was unharmed, and has since made his way back to Fort Nelson. The Fort Nelson RCMP detachment is currently looking for an elderly male, who was reported missing on Friday.- Advertisement -Officers are looking for 78 year old Daniel Norman Graham, who was last seen on Monday, October 5th.Graham suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s and was reportedly on his way to the Quesnel area. The missing man has no family or friends in Quesnel and it’s unknown why he would choose this as his destination.He was reported to have packed only a small suitcase with him, and police do not believe he packed, or is dressed for, winter weather.Graham is driving a 1978 Ford pickup truck, with a B-C License Plate BN 2628. The truck is described as spray painted and black in colour.Advertisement Police report that it is unlike Graham to leave and have no contact with any family members for this length of time.Graham is described as 6 feet, 3 inches in height and 190 pounds. He has grayish-white hair. He was last seen wearing a leather jacket and sneakers.Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Graham is asked to contact the nearest RCMP detachment.last_img read more

Police beginning summer CounterAttack campaign this weekend

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – ICBC and police forces across the province are stepping up CounterAttack roadchecks and other awareness activities starting this weekend.According to ICBC statistics, 46 percent of impaired driving-related deaths occur between June and September. Police will be looking for impaired drivers at CounterAttack roadchecks throughout BC. Impaired driving remains the third-leading cause of fatal crashes in the province after distracted driving and speeding according to Transportation Minister Todd Stone.Despite progress since the province introduced Canada’s toughest impaired-driving penalties in 2010, an average of one person is killed and 230 are injured province-wide on Canada Day. North Central BC sees an average of 21 impaired driving fatalities every year, the same number as in the Lower Mainland. Last year alone, 5 people were injured in 56 crashes in the North Central region on Canada Day.- Advertisement –An ICBC inforgraphic of impaired driving statistics in BC. An ICBC inforgraphic of impaired driving statistics in BC.last_img read more

SA reinstates legal deposit

first_img26 July 2006South Africa has reconstituted its legal deposit committee and designated two places of legal deposit in order to collect and preserve the country’s published documents comprehensively and systematically.Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan, officially re-launching the legal deposit committee in Pretoria on Tuesday, said the concept of legal deposit dated back hundreds of years.The preservation of the country’s cultural and intellectual heritage was a matter of public interest and a state responsibility, he said.According to the Legal Deposit Act of 1997, official publications depositories must be established to serve as centres for promoting public awareness of, and access to, official publications and information held by the government and institutions listed in terms of the Public Finance Management Act.So far, the minister has designated two official publications depositories in the country: the Constitutional Court Library in Johannesburg, and the Phuthaditjhaba Public Library in the Free State.Information and human rightsThe Legal Deposit Act “also provides for public access to databases and other information sources,” Jordan said.“It is my belief that information and access through libraries and other means will play a vital role in furthering democratisation and promoting human rights and development in South Africa.”Jordan said that libraries played a crucial in the “knowledge economy”, promoting lifelong learning and nurturing social cohesion.The re-capitalisation of South Africa’s libraries would ensure greater public access to information and communication technology and its related benefits.Legal deposit in the digital age“If we are to take advantage of the opportunities that the e-world offers, we have to think much more creatively, beyond our institutional boundaries and certainly collaboratively on a national scale.“It is important that places of legal deposit commit themselves to sustainable development to meet the needs of our developing country, and preserve and make available to all users – without discrimination – the variety of published documents reflecting the cultural and linguistic diversity of our society.”The biggest challenge now, the minister said, was to encourage private and commercial publishers to deposit their material.Another major concern, he added, was that the constant updating of digitally stored information meant that data could disappear and no longer be available for the historical record.“Does this mean that the national places of legal deposit should limit themselves to solely to [the preservation of] tangible materials? The answer is an unambiguous ‘No’.”Constitutional Court LibraryThe Phuthaditjhaba Public Library is on the corner of Moremoholo and Motloung Streets in Phuthaditjhaba, Free State province. Postal address: Private Bag X805, Witsieshoek 9870. Tel: (058) 718 3782/90. Fax: (058) 718 3777.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Playing a part to clothe children

first_imgChildren have fun making their owncolourful t-shirts, and learn a newskill in the process.(Image: NGO Pulse) T-shirts for Charity encourages SouthAfricans to get creative while helping a needy child.(Image: Melanie Brummer) MEDIA CONTACTS • Melanie BrummerSlipstream Dye and Prints+27 83 568 9150 RELATED ARTICLES • SA trio treks to Mongolia for charity • Bikers gear up for Toy Run 2010 • Madiba more fashionable than ever • Riders saving lives in Lesotho • Play Your Part: make SA even betterMediaClubSouthAfrica.com reporterA simple idea that was born one afternoon in a textiles office led to a project that would see hundreds of disadvantaged children getting custom-designed t-shirts from ordinary South Africans.The T-shirts for Charity project is the brainchild of textile designer and tie-dye expert Melanie Brummer of SlipStream Dye and Prints, who started her career selling her creations at flea markets, and later ventured into the fashion arena.A year after its inception, the t-shirt initiative has been in operation for two months.Besides producing one-off handmade fabrics for top South African designers such as David Tlale, Marianne Fassler, Sun Goddess, and Nkhensani Manganyi of Stoned Cherrie, Brummer runs various workshops for corporate and private purposes. Here participants may be part of a team-building exercise, fashion designers looking for a fresh angle, or would-be entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities wishing to develop new skills.Her latest idea involves t-shirt painting classes where participants are asked to bring two plain white t-shirts with them. They then paint and colour the shirts with their own hands, using whatever colours they want in whichever pattern they want.They take one shirt for themselves – the other shirt is given to a child.This creates an opportunity for many citizens to play their part in making a difference to those less fortunate.Brummer described this new venture, where she works with NGOs to identify orphanages and distribute the t-shirts, as a big change from producing fabrics for high-end designers.Although she felt that people may be deterred by the concept of charity and not know where to begin to help, she was also sure that many genuinely want to contribute to a worthy cause.“A shirt is easy and they also walk away with an experience,” said Brummer. “It’s one shirt that really makes a difference. It is bright in colour, lifts the child’s emotions and makes them feel special.”The original idea was known as 10 000 T-shirts for Charity. Here people brought a t-shirt to their class, enjoyed themselves decorating it, and were assured that it would reach a child who needed it.The difference with T-shirts for Charity, said Brummer, is that it also gives the giver something to take home – not just the garment, but also a lasting memory and feeling of accomplishment.“This is a barter deal,” she said. “Creating something fun and colourful with your hands is satisfying, and even more so when you know it’s for a good cause.”Brummer said that the project gets South Africans to contribute to positive change and play their part in their country.“I’m quite determined to make corporate social investment part of the DNA of my small company, I want to make it part of the culture,” she said. “There is still much to be done.”Contributing to positive changeBrand South Africa‘s new national initiative, Play Your Part, aims to get citizens to actively think about and begin doing something positive. All South Africans, including civil society, government, corporate and non-governmental organisations, are invited to take part, and use their available resources – whether that be time, money, skills or goods – to contribute to a better future for all.last_img read more

17 selected for AgriPOWER, Ohio Farm Bureau’s leadership training program

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Leave a CommentSeventeen farmers and agribusiness professionals have been selected for the 2018-2019 AgriPOWER Institute, Ohio Farm Bureau’s elite training program designed to help participants become community leaders and advocates for agriculture. The yearlong program consists of multiple two-to-three-day training sessions that focus on public policy issues facing agriculture and the food industry. Class X members are Megan Dresbach of Circleville, Katie Esselburn of Shreve, Kayla Finton of Coshocton, Doug Franz of Mt. Gilead, Amy Hamilton of Hillsboro, Amanda Hill of Marion, Jacob Hoelscher of Osgood, Sarah Ison of Moscow, Bailey Morrell of Wooster, Vicky Popp of Cincinnati, Trish Preston of Canal Winchester, Ashley Rose of New Vienna, Aubry Fowler-Shaw of Thornville, Sara Tallmadge of Loudonville, Lindsey Walls of Defiance, Laramie Wells of Russellville and Jonathan Zucker of Marion.Throughout the year, Class X participants will learn about public policy matters important to their communities as well as the state of Ohio, nation and world. Participants will develop important skills necessary to become effective leaders and advocates, including spokesperson and media training, etiquette training, social networking, communications and more. One of the sessions will take place in Washington, D.C. to give participants a better understanding of national and global issues and another out of state so they can learn about differences and similarities in agriculture state to state.“What an amazing impact this program has had in developing leaders over the past 10 years who truly make a difference not only in the ag industry but their local communities,” said Melinda Witten, AgriPOWER director.Partnering with Ohio Farm Bureau on AgriPOWER Class X are AgCredit of Mt. Gilead, Brown County Farm Bureau, Certified Angus Beef, Clermont County Farm Bureau, Coshocton County Farm Bureau, Farm Credit Mid-America, Ohio Beef Council, Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, Ohio Soybean Council, Pickaway County Farm Bureau, Shoup Brothers Farm, Southern Ohio Agricultural & Community Development Fund and Wayne County Farm Bureau.For additional information about AgriPOWER, visit ofb.ag/agripower.This is a news release for use by journalists. Questions should be directed to Joe Cornely, 614-246-8230.Editors: A high resolution photo is available to accompany this story. Leave a Commentlast_img read more