Harmonix launches Kickstarter for sequel of its best game Amplitude

first_imgYou likely know the name Harmonix from creating the Guitar Hero franchise before Activision took it over, then moving onto Rock Band and Dance Central. However, intrepid or rhythmically inclined will remember Harmonix from its first two PlayStation 2 ventures, FreQuency and its sequel Amplitude. Though the plastic instrument craze was extraordinarily fun, old-school Harmonix fans always wished for a new, updated FreQuency or Amplitude. Now, we’re finally getting our wish, as Harmonix has launched a Kickstarter for an updated remake of what was the original rhythm game crack.Rhythm game fans did come close to getting a new Amp, as the PSP Rock Band featured extremely similar gameplay — no plastic instruments, just pressing buttons that correspond to on-screen gems that, when cleared, release a snippet of music from the song you’re playing. FreQuency and Amplitude are where that gameplay was derived, but while both games did feature some rock music, their soundtracks were geared more toward electronic music and trippy atmospheres.Both FreQuency and Amplitude were cult phenomenons and critically acclaimed, but they didn’t enjoy the same level of monetary success. Thankfully, Harmonix hit big when it essentially attached a plastic guitar to the games and created Guitar Hero. Now that the company is back to being independent, and Kickstarter has proven to help fund just about anything, Harmonix can work on passion projects.If funded, the game will release for PS3 and PS4, with an estimated delivery time of March 2015. Harmonix’s asking price is steep — $775,000 — so make sure you hop aboard as soon as possible. You’ll get some neat rewards, such as a $15 early bird special that nets you a cross-buy code for both the PS3 and PS4, while $200 will get you a collector’s edition including a vinyl of all the original songs int he game. Meanwhile, a pledge of $3,501 gets you dinner with Double Fine’s Tim Schafer for some reason, while $7,500 will get your song in the game. If you remember how Freezepop blew up after being featured in the original FreQuency, a $7,500 pledge might not be such a bad idea.If you don’t have fond memories of Amplitude, you should really check it out. It’s one of the hidden gems of the PS2, and still holds up today. Some of us may have even been ranked second on the leaderboards, never pushing into first. Give some of us a chance to finally do that. Check out the campaign page here, and please, give Harmonix some money.last_img

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