Nintendo No 3DS game should absolutely require 3D to play

first_imgIt’s pretty obvious what the Nintendo 3DS’s defining feature is: 3D. It’s the one thing that truly sets it apart from all the competition out there: the iPhone, the PSP, the Xbox 360, even the Wii. There simply aren’t any other 3D game consoles out there, and that’s a huge strength.Unfortunately, it’s also a weakness. While the Nintendo 3DS’s glasses-free 3D is undeniably impressive, there’s a sizable portion of gamers who can’t actually see it because of eye problems. There’s also a chunk of gamers who think it’s a gimmick. Finally, there’s the battery life costs of 3D, which have meant that the 3DS only gets between three to five hours of gaming per charge…. usually closer to 3 with the 3D on.Nintendo seems to be aware that a lot of people just aren’t going to want to play 3DS games in 3D. Nintendo’s Hideki Konno, who is one of Nintendo’s veteran producers, has just said that they’ve made it clear to developers that all games should be playable in 2D… and that no game should require 3D as part of its gameplay mechanics.In other words, Nintendo’s wimping out. It’s disappointing, actually: it’s as if Nintendo came along after they debuted the DS and said that no game should require using both screens. Think about how different, how boring, how completely gimped of the platform’s possibilities the DS gaming library would have looked like if they’d done that.There’s no difference here. Sure, 3D’s not going to work with everyone, but by not embracing the one truly distinct thing the console can do and telling gameplay developers to build their games around it, Nintendo’s hobbling their handheld’s potential. That might have been okay a few years ago, but with Apple soundly taking over Nintendo’s marketshare, Nintendo needs to be bold if it’s not going to go extinct.Read more at Wiredlast_img

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