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first_imgTATTLERS, ChandigarhRise of the Empire, again. Making of the Cafe For Abhay Jagat, 42, who set up Tattlers in January 2016, the property comes with the backing of other successful restaurant/caf projects like Backpackers and Caf Nomad done by him over the last 16 years in Chandigarh. “The idea behind,TATTLERS, ChandigarhRise of the Empire, again. Making of the Cafe For Abhay Jagat, 42, who set up Tattlers in January 2016, the property comes with the backing of other successful restaurant/caf projects like Backpackers and Caf Nomad done by him over the last 16 years in Chandigarh. “The idea behind Tattlers was to give our clients an experience of new flavours. With this project, we have pushed ourselves to discover new recipes for food and beverage,” he says.USP Quality, consistency in food and a typical English ambience with wallpaper and floral patterns, complete with chandeliers. Cuisines offered A contemporary menu inspired by European, Italian and Indian flavours presented in a European style. Tattlers also serves loose-leaf tea and Italian coffee. Beyond butter chicken “Interestingly, this has changed over the years and we, like many cafs/restaurants are witnessing patrons who demand innovation,” the owner says. Meal for Two Rs 1,000 At SC0 7, Sector 9 D, inner market Tel 8437041149RUSTIC DOOR, ChandigarhKeep looking into the many mirrors in Rustic Doors. An image might smile back. Making of the Cafe It was in the year 2013 when Mickey Chhabra thought that a comfortable lounge might work in Chandigarh. He set up Rustic Doors. All the apprehension vanished seeing the tremendous response from all quarters. “Besides some great food, this place ensures that you can relax. Special attention has been paid to the ambience and the fact that it is comfortable,” says the 37-year-old Chhabra. USP Intelligently selected Indian and continental menu from around the world combined with great desserts and Arabica coffee makes the place stand out.advertisementCuisines offered Italian, North Indian, Continental and cafe Beyond Butter Chicken “Punjabis are surely waking up to different cuisines. That is precisely the reason that this place, which boasts of dishes ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern and Italian, has been getting an excellent footfall,” says the owner. Meal for two Rs 900 At SCO 12, Sector 10 D Tel 01726670970FRENCH PRESS CAFEUnderstated, quiet. A place with an ear for never-ending conversations. Making of the Cafe After returning from UK in 2012, Pranav Chaudhary, 29, wanted to open a caf that captured the vibe of rustic eateries in Europe.And French Press Cafe was born in 2013.”I wanted to lend that peculiar experience of European eating joints to the people of Chandigarh. The effort has been worthwhile as we have a large number of regulars who come in for a quiet meal and coffee, not to mention working meals. USP Menu reinvention seems to be the cutting-edge of this cafe. “Besides that, we are known for our regular food festivals including the British and Italian Food Festival conducted recently.Cuisines offered Italian, Continental, cafe Beyond Butter Chicken The caf owner says that over a period of time, the tastebuds of people in this region have evolved and the newer generation is much more open to trying out international cuisines as opposed to Indian food that was the most sought after a decade ago. Meal for Two Rs 1,000 At SCO -17 Sector 16 Tel 01725073183F CAFE, ChandigarhNon-intrusive soothing music in an uber-chic and luxurious environment; comfortable and plush seating; interiors that break away from the regular rustic set-up. You don’t want to miss this place. Making of the Cafe At the maiden all-day F Cafe in the country, third in the world after Vienna and Abu Dhabi, there is something for everyone- from a college student to those in their 60s.It was established in October 2016 by Gunkaran Singh, who always wanted to have a place that offered international quality food at reasonable prices. “This is more of my travel diary. Diverse elements of all my international trips have found a home here,” he says. USP An elaborate collage of handcrafted coffee, decafs, smoothies, one-of-a-kind desserts and sweets from across the globe. Besides this, special shakes, world-class coffee blends. Also, there is a model menu for the health conscious.Cuisines Offered Cafe, European, Continental and Mexican Beyond Butter Chicken The 29-yearold owner feels that for a long time, the region has believed in experimenting with food. “Let’s not forget that people here are very well-travelled. With the kind of international exposure people have here, they are always on the lookout for new taste and experiences and never-before seen ambience.” Meal for two Rs 1,200 At SCO 14, Sector 26 Tel 0172667103THE RUMOUR MILL, ChandigarhFrom old issues of Granta magazine to bestsellers all over the place, this caf is telling you that reading is in. Making of the Cafe For years, this cafe-and-kitchen was just a plan drawn up on a paper napkin by friends who loved eating, travelling and talking. Revealing this, Puneet Nagpal, a 29-year-old former stockbroking professional, who put in all his savings and got two friends to become sleeping partners, adds, “Sitting under the gloriously quiet night sky in upper Himachal, the only things we could agree on was the name and that the cafe would have good books.”advertisementThat was until a day in the June of 2015, when three of those friends decided that it was time to take seriously the plans sketched on paper napkins. In October 2015, The Rumour Mill was up and buzzing. Nagpal says it is important to add that the place is about, “The beat of an artist’s heart, the sound of friendly cheer, and the rhythm of craziness that made it possible. USP The owner says that it is important that the place is intimate, and does not intimidate. He adds, “It has to be bigger than the people who run it or even those who come there-in the sense that the brand must stand out. But what brings back people here is the sincerity and consistency in the food offered.”The place is quite popular in the literary circle, thanks to initiatives like ‘Sunday readings’ where wellknown and young authors are invited for book readings. Cuisines Offered Cafe, Italian, Mexicana and North Indian Beyond Butter Chicken “Things have changed but the basic nature remains. People are willing to experiment now, but in every group there is a friend who wants just butter chicken.” He feels that the smart thing is not to become uptight and say ‘we don’t serve Indian, please!’ as that may work for specialty restaurant, but not them who thrive on people and human connect. Meal for Two Rs 1,000 At SCO 187, Sector 7 inner market Tel 01724630818CHAIBUBBLE, ChandigarhMore than 100 varieties of tea in five different serving styles. Antigravity steepers. But what steals attention are the numerous tea kettles ornamented with phulkari and papier-mache planters sitting quietly on racks. Unused. Making of the Cafe Set up by Pankaj Sharma, Ashish Bhola and Aditya Verma, who believe that a cup of chai makes everything better, one is greeted with talk on yoga as aromatic tea sits comfortably on the table. Sharma, also a yoga therapist and engineer by profession, says that he always dreamt of becoming a chef one day.”At this stage of my life, I realised that there were not many places in the region where one could enjoy an experimental cup of tea and have a long conversation,” says the 42-year-old. Inaugurated in October this year, the place has been attracting a lot of patrons from across age groups USP More than 100 types of tea in over 50,000 probabilities, popular ones being Oolong, First Flush Darjeeling, Peony Rossete, White tea, Muscatel, Elixir, Orthodox, Cutting and Dum Chai.Beyond Butter Chicken Here, same is boring. People are visiting Chaibubble to introduce themselves to an entirely new tea experience. “Things like bun maska are selling like hot cakes. People want to try out different types of chai steeped in front of them in anti-gravity steepers. Besides, we have our own bakery where we keep experimenting with new combinations,” says Sharma. Meal for Two Rs 500 At Chaibubble, Coal Depot Complex, Sector-10 Tel 7393900010advertisementBELFRANCE BAKERS & CHOCOLATIERS, LudhianaBright and inviting. Europe in the heart of Punjab. Making of the Cafe When Harjinder Singh Kukreja and his family set up Belfrance in the year 2015, they had a clear aim in mind, serve real Belgian chocolate rich in cocoa butter and with all the promised health benefits. “There are not many places in the region that sell the same. We wanted to change that and give the people of Ludhiana a taste of the authentic. Moreover, the city really needed an informal and intimate space for its youngsters to hang out at,” says the 30-year-old Kukreja.USP Informal ambience and friendly service.Cuisines offered Cafe, bakery and Continental. Beyond Butter Chicken Kukreja feels that things have changed drastically over the past few years and all the international travelling has lent people of Ludhiana a taste for different cuisines. “Ludhianvis are well-travelled and the exposure is showing. There are genuine foodies in the city who experiment, understand and acknowledge good food,” he says. Meal for Two Rs 1,100 At SCF 32 C, Main Market, Sarabha Nagar Tel 9855523333UNDERDOGGS, ChandigarhFood is the game of life. Making of the Cafe Father-son duo, Preet Saini, 48, and Rishi Saini, 29, set shop in Chandigarh in 2011 with its flagship location in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Rishi, 30, noticed a niche in the market that hadn’t been explored. “Sports bars are popular the world over and the existing properties in this part of the country were extremely cricket-centric.We wanted to bring the world of sports to the limelight, showcasing multiple sports channels simultaneously on 30+ HD screens. Adding to the sports factor, each Underdoggs location is outfitted with multiple gaming options, which include pool tables, foosball, carom, table tennis, darts and more. Friends and family can engage in their own healthy competition and have a great time,” he says. USP The place offers a complete entertainment experience with live sports viewing and multiple gaming options. Sports fans can count on being able to watch their favourite sporting event in full HD, where every seat is the best seat in the house. “Our signature chicken wings served chargrilled with a variety of over 14 sauces to pick from,” he says.Cuisines Offered American, North Indian, Italian. Beyond Butter chicken “We consistently focus on innovating and offering new tastes, considering people are now open to trying new things. However, in order to survive, it is important not to ignore Indian cuisine altogether. For example, we’ve incorporated the love for butter chicken by creating dishes like chargrilled butter chicken wings, makhani pizza and fries,” he says. Meal for Two Rs 2,000 for two (approx) including alcohol At 178 A, 3rd Floor, Elante Mall Tel 8427800011BROOKLYN CENTRAL, ChandigarhEnter this place, and you may like the idea of America. Making of the Cafe Set up in the year 2013, this place wanted to bring the rich culinary experience of New York to Chandigarh. Owner Annu Bains, 52, says, “Out here, the upscale, gourmet version of American food didn’t really exist- it was relegated to fast food-so we wanted to introduce things like gourmet burgers, wood fired pizzas, and decadent desserts to the city.Besides quintessential American food, there are also nods to other cuisines, like Mexican, which is a big part of the New York dining experience. The vibrant energy and chic style of New York is evident in the ambience as well, from the industrial decor to the music and presentation of food.” USP Some great deals on food and drinks through the week, and an extensive Sunday brunch menu as well. “We constantly innovate with the menu through the year, adding new items and seasonal specials every few months. The latest addition is the freak shake-a no-holdsbarred mega ice-cream shake,” says Bains.Cuisines Offered American, cafe Eat That Vietnamese pho soup, the seafood platter and chicken thighs Beyond Butter Chicken Talk to her about this and Bains is clear that there would always be a place for butter chicken in every Punjabi’s heart but people are much more willing to experiment and be adventurous than ever before. Meal for Two Rs 1,600 At 51-A Courtyard Cafes, Elate Mall Tel 8146656571BOOKS N’ BREW, ChandigarhFrom kids, college students to families enjoying bread toasts and maggi. Bunker beds where people are playing chess. Making of the Cafe Set up in 2011, the cafe is an amalgamation of the owner, Vishal Bhasin, and his wife Aarti’s, reams. While he always wanted to set up a cafe, she, being an avid reader, dreamt of having a place where people could read and share their collection.USP Thirty-five-year-old Bhasin prefers to call B&B as a cultural cafe where there is something for everyone. From a five-year-old child to a 70-year-old couple. “We offer some things that are absolutely free- books to read, your choice of music that can be played through a jukebox, free high speed Wi-Fi, board games, live bands and an art wall to keep you engrossed.” For this cafe owner, the biggest USP is the team which is from a non-hotel management background. “They do things completely differently-away from conventional ‘norms’ and in a very informal but warm way.” Cuisines Offered Cafe, fast food, beverages.Beyond butter chicken The 35-yearold thinks that it’s nothing more than a stereotype that Punjabis are not willing to go beyond their staple diet of butter chicken, and insists that they have become much adventurous and experimental when it comes to food. “We have people asking for authentic Italian and Lebanese cuisine now. People are well travelled these days and are more adventurous when it comes to food. Peer pressure and social media influence may be another reason for this change.” Meal for Two Rs 300 to 400 At SCO 8, Sector 16 D Tel 01722541616WHISTLING DUCKPractical, minimal, quiet. Just the way life should be. Making Of The Cafe Amber Mehrotra and Ragini Saigal, along with their two sons relocated to India in 2012, after 13 years of working in the corporate sector abroad, as they wanted to live close to the hills in Chandigarh. After a long break of almost two years, they decided to get back to work with something of their own, something that they would enjoy doing and something that would be of a manageable scale.USP The owners say that Whistling Duck is a theatre that celebrates the emergence of subculture; in food but also in music, design and other forms of creative expressions. “We’re trying to tell a story. Food being the medium, restaurant the space. We would like to believe our food is a clear reflection of the story we’re trying to tell. And that’s why on our menu you’ll see simple Indian vegetables like karela, katahal, jimikand and arbi being celebrated alongside exotic dishes made out of say squid ink.”Cuisine European, Asian and North Indian Beyond Butter chicken Mehrotra feels that the people in the region are ready for more than what one would expect and it is time to break away from comfort zones. “There’s so much more to explore, the onus is on us.” Meal for Two Rs 1,700 (with alcohol), with of taxes At SCO 10, Back Lane, Sector 26 Tel 9023691893, 8968382266last_img

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