Six reasons why Smriti Irani row is a slap on the education system

first_imgSmriti IraniThe new Human Resources Development minister Smriti Irani has been slammed by a section of the Indian polity and on social media for discrepancies in her educational qualification. The technical problems in her resume, as pointed out by a former sports minister with a BA degree, and the brouhaha around it are slaps on the face of the Indian education system.Here are six reasons why:1) An Indian degree is the most useless piece of document when it comes to measuring a person’s capabilities.2) We do not want to give Irani marks on her ability to cram up, but should rather laud her acumen to resolve the nation’s core issues of human resources and development.3) Degrees are not equal to Competence for HRD minister. Look at the track record of recent HRD ministers. Kapil Sibal had a law degree and Dr Murli Manohar Joshi had a PhD. They did not fare too well as HRD ministers.4) There’s a sharp mind behind that voice, both on and off the television screen. As a spokesman for the Bharatiya Janata Party, she has given enough evidence that she is intelligent, quick-witted and always well-prepared for a debate, even if the topic is on the ban of cow slaughter.5) She’s a college dropout, but a successful TV actress. She has worked hard to get there.6) Personalities who never finished school – Rabindranath Tagore, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and former Brazilian president Lula da Silva – to name a few.last_img

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