First Ohio bear trapped and collared

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest An adult male black bear was radio collared recently in Vinton County by the ODOW, the first black bear radio collared in Ohio, and the first step for biologists to determine details of black bear demography, density, distribution, and rate of population growth in Ohio.Because of its age and size, biologists believe this bear to be a resident bear. Vinton County has long been a hot spot for bear activity and was believed to have a resident bear population. The GPS collar deployed on this bear will provide two locations per day for up to five years. The data will allow biologists to analyze the bear’s movement, home range size and habitat use. In addition, if it is indeed a resident bear, a female bear will be present within the home range. This will allow biologists to concentrate their efforts to trap and radio-collar a female, so biologists can document reproduction and population growth.Follow this link for more information:

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