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first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “DWP wants new rate hikes” (March 30): The city needs to learn that this kind of “taxing” action must be done with full disclosure to the power and water users of DWP. Each and every DWP invoice carries a 10 percent city utility tax. Plus, the elected leaders of the city of Los Angeles continue to take even more funds from DWP revenue with the additional 5 percent on water and 7 percent on power. The so-called one-time-transfer requests have come as many as three times in a year and garnered hundreds of millions of dollars from the DWP piggy bank to balance the city budget. Someone needs to take a look at the “power” chart of city government before we go any further with this story. Louise Clarke Stone Sunland Brain trauma I was so moved by “A bullet nearly killed him then led to a new life” (March 21). I commend Sgt. Jesus Vidana for turning his life around amidst the immense difficulty he faced recovering from brain surgery and recuperating from the emotional trauma he suffered from being deployed in Baghdad. As a physical therapist, I am exposed to the scores of limitations and difficulties suffered by a person recovering from traumatic brain injury. It takes a willpower of steel, motivation, conviction, and faith to go through and overcome the remarkable experience of Vidana. Surely, it was not an easy and smooth road for him, but he proved to himself and everyone else that disability cannot and should not dictate how life should be lived. Thank you, Sgt. Vidana. Josephine Isip Burbank Too little, too late Re: “Return to class, mayor advises” (March 28): Actions taken now by Mayor Antonio “Photo-op” Villaraigosa, Police Chief William Bratton and Sheriff Lee Baca, to crack down on truant student protesters are too little, too late. For these students to not have been arrested and fined for truancy and breaking the law by impeding traffic and marching without proper permits was gross dereliction of duty. All three should be censured, recalled and thrown out of office. Compounding his unconscionable behavior, by standing on the steps of City Hall, condoning and approving illegal immigration and promoting L.A. as a sanctuary city, the mayor insulted every “legal” resident and once again proved why he failed the California State Bar Exam several times. He has no understanding of the difference between “illegal” and “legal.” Sandy Sand West Hills Incoherent statements Re: “Immigration debate heats up” (March 28): My mother and her parents came to America over 50 years ago. They did it legally even though they had to stay in Canada until all their paperwork was complete so they could have legal status. Whether white, brown, black or yellow and no matter what country a person comes from, if they did not enter legally, then you get to be arrested and sent home. It infuriates me to see Mexican flags being waved while incompetent people make incoherent statements. The Mexican flag has come to symbolize what the confederate flag did in the 60s, which is a sign of racism. James Edwards Santa Clarita It’s a scam Re: “500,000 rally in L.A.” (March 26): George Bush is the president of the United States, not the alcalde of North America. He is responsible to the citizens of the United States, not to the corporate interests in the United States who want to hire cheap, union-breaking, illegal labor, and certainly not to the illegal labor itself. The scam has long since been exposed, but the “emperor” still parades down the street in his naked finery. Build the border fence first, and man the machine guns, and then and only then ask the voters about guest workers. I think you will discover by then that the labor market has sorted itself out without the need for immigrant labor. William O. Felsman Woodland Hills Nowhere to go With all the usual fanfare surrounding immigration, one issue is being left out. There are thousands of children who are brought to the U.S. from myriad countries illegally, grow up here, go to school here, get jobs and become part of the community, but do not have papers to stay. Where should these kids go? I have known many Mexican-American undocumented immigrants who do not remember Mexico, and barely speak any Spanish. Please do not forget these kids: Their home is here, so let us make it so they can stay. Robert Davis Tarzana Yankee imperialism Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (Their Opinions, March 29): If Rodolfo Acuna reads his opinion article, he should be celebrating that the U.S. “illegally” (his words) took California from Mexico. He wrote, “Today, the only thing sustaining Mexico and Central America is the remittances sent back annually by hard-working compatriots. If not … those economies would crash …” Imagine California in the hands of Mexico. A horrific thought. Based on Acuna’s analysis, we would be sustained by remittances of our illegal immigrants to the other 49 states rather being than the sixth-largest economy in the world. Acuna, when will the celebration of Yankee imperialism take place? I will be there flying Old Glory with you. Patrick Henry Lake Balboa American first Re: “Latinos: It’s way overdue” (Their Opinions, March 28): I was absolutely amazed, terrified and dismayed by this guest column. How can a professor, paid by the state of California, state that territory that is now in the United States was illegally taken from their ancestors. The professor states that “they are illegal because the border was moved.” Is he saying that the United States should not have California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico because it was stolen from the Mexican government? What kind of nonsense is he teaching? If illegals want legal status, let them do exactly what my Italian ancestors did, become Americans first and Italians second. I am an American of Italian descent, not an Italian first and an American second. Mario Sottile Northridge Crunchy conservatives Re: “It’s not easy being ‘crunchy,’” (Viewpoint, March 26): Thanks to Chris Weinkopf for addressing the conservative social responsibility movement and its support for animal welfare. Conservatives like George Will and Pat Buchanan oppose factory farms on ethical grounds, with Will commenting that “refraining from cruelty is an objective obligation.” Even the pope is concerned about farm animals, explaining, “This degrading of living creatures to a commodity seems to me in fact to contradict the relationship of mutuality that comes across in the Bible.” Refraining from supporting the cruelty involved in most farm-animal production today is part of upholding conservative values. Erin Williams The Humane Society of the United States Washington, D.C. Who’s that? I know this is a trivial matter in the scope of all that is going on in the world, but this could be so easily remedied. I miss the names on the Dodgers players’ uniforms. With all of the new members last year and again this year I hear (and voice) “who’s that” very frequently. I’m still a fan and supporter with or without the identifications. Marvin Witt Granada Hills A modest trade I would like to propose a trade with Mexico. How about we trade their 9 million illegal immigrants for 9 million good-for-nothing, out-of-work, collecting-unemployment American citizens … and Barry Bonds? Tim Barker Sherman Oakslast_img

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