Sylmar ignored, again

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant While gratified to see proposed left-turn signals in my neighborhood south of Shadow Hills and at my commute destination of CSUN, I am startled not to see Woodman Avenue north to west on Plummer, Woodman south to eastbound Terra Bella, and Osborne west and east to southbound and northbound Arleta. These are multiple-light-change waits. Neighborhood streets in the community of Arleta have become alternatives to Terra Bella, Osborne and Van Nuys for east-west traffic between Woodman and San Fernando Road. Arleta and San Fernando are both heavily traveled alternatives to the I-5 for north-south commute traffic. The long-awaited new high school on Van Nuys at the former Gemco site just around the bend from the DMV can be counted on to increase traffic and congestion in this area, as well. – Kris Ecklund Sun Valley Supervisors’ fault Re: “Baca’s blame game” (Editorial, Feb. 8): Re: “Left turns to be easier” (Feb. 9): I was very happy about hearing left-turn arrows were being installed in numerous places in the San Fernando Valley. I was shocked when I looked at the map and found out one was not being installed at San Fernando Road and Polk Avenue in Sylmar. There have been inactive lights installed there for approximately a year and I keep waiting for them to be activated. As usual, Sylmar is totally ignored. – Sandra Mantik Sylmar East Valley snubs Re: “Left turns to be easier” (Feb. 9): As a member of the Sheriff’s Department for over 23 years, I can tell you I know firsthand why there are recruiting woes within the Sheriff’s Department. The problem lies within the Board of Supervisors. They negotiated poor contracts with the deputies union that cannot keep up with other agencies in the county, or even the state for that matter. In doing so, they shunted all potential recruits to these agencies and they encouraged hundreds of current L.A. County deputies to move laterally to these other agencies. Because it is well known in law enforcement circles that the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is one of the lowest-paid departments in the state, these agencies recruit deputies to be their new police officers that were already hired and trained at the expense of county taxpayers. m- Brian Jones Palmdale New-found sensitivity Re: “Compounding the error” (Editorial, Feb. 8): Loved your editorial condemning the Danish paper for publishing ‘insulting and offensive” cartoons about Mohammed. It calls to mind a letter I sent you following a cartoon you ran on Oct. 7, 2004. It showed a dog viciously attacking a man who is clearly a fanatic Christian, then wryly remarking “I try to put the ‘fun’ in fundamentalism.” I, a Christian fundamentalist, was insulted and offended and questioned whether you would run a similar cartoon with the dog attacking a Jew or black. But that letter never saw the light of day. So your new-found sensitivity rings false. – Joe Pool Calabasas offtag! Rebirth of Reseda? Re: “Theater of dreams” (Feb. 5): Hanging one’s hat on the rebirth of Reseda via a theater is as ridiculous as the fact that Canoga Park, overflowing with illegal aliens and gangs, won the title of All-American City. The next thing you know, we’ll be referring to the graffiti that the chronic disrespecters scrawl all over the San Fernando Valley slum in question as “performance art.” – Jim Henson West Hills Parents shirking duty Re: “Boy, 6, can’t spell it but still did it” (Briefly, Feb. 10): No wonder we are developing a misfunctional society. A 6-year-old certainly should be able to understand the word “no,” or the words “that is wrong.” Parents are shirking their responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. When the child misbehaves, they blame it on the schools and/or society. – Irving Leemon Northridge Eat right Re: “Low-fat diets may not cut cancer, heart disease” (Feb. 8): Forty-five years of health research has convinced me – the wrong foods with excess: fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, etc., are responsible for 95 percent of all health problems. Only medical “experts” who need illness would say diet isn’t important. Money isn’t available for research that wouldn’t generate big bucks. No incentive for the medical industry to find answers – for if people ate right, they wouldn’t need “cures.” – Barbara Charis North Hollywood Sowell the Libertarian Re: “Terrorism much bigger threat than wiretapping” (Their Opinions, Feb. 9): Thomas Sowell is concerned that “precious time can be wasted filing legalistic documents to get some judge’s permission” to tap a domestic terrorist’s phone while the phone is still worth tapping. “Legalistic document?” You mean … a warrant? Sowell says history reveals people are often preoccupied with trivial things while mortal danger looms. I am reminded that the government still finds time to keep many sick people from a medicine that works for them, namely medical marijuana. This proves to me that politicians are, in fact, not serious about the War on Terror. When they end drug prohibition – as a war measure – then get back to me about what rights I am willing to waive during this tragic time. – Edward Bowers Sherman Oaks A little license Re: “Bubble of anger” (Your Opinions, Feb. 9): Patrick Owens’ personal attack is half-assessed: I’m not a “right-winger,” just a proud American who doesn’t bow to phonies in either party. Owens is correct that I’m “angry,” but not because it’s fun, as he claims. I took a little literary license to jab both Justice Alito and his adversaries after Alito halted an execution to investigate the most ridiculous excuse – that death by injection after the condemned has been put to sleep by sedative is “cruel and unusual.” Maybe that’s just Alito’s super-cautious, plodding approach to everything, but we have genuine problems for our leaders to resolve without wasting time on lawyers’ tricks. – Charles K. Sergis Calabasas Committed no crime Re: “Laws don’t apply?” (Your Opinions, Feb. 8): Lisa Chase, have you seen the videotape of Elio Carrion’s shooting? I can’t believe you would make such a statement after viewing the tape. Carrion was not driving the car. What crime did he commit? Even if he was the driver, you don’t shoot an unarmed, nonthreatening subject. Please tell me I’m wrong and that you don’t believe it’s OK to shoot a person for a car chase. The driver of the car in the pursuit and Deputy Ivory Webb have not been charged at this time, nor Carrion. I’m waiting for the FBI’s review of the videotape and a written breakdown of what was exactly said. From what I saw and heard, attempted execution, I expect Webb will be charged with attempted murder and a civil-rights violation. – Joseph Martin Granada Hills Chuckle revisited Re: “Winning elections” (Your Opinions, Feb. 3): As I read David Ward’s letter, I couldn’t help chuckling to myself. He talks as if there is no actual definition of the term “majority” and as if every president in American history had not been elected as a result of winning the Electoral College vote. He also suggests that only Republicans have claimed “a clear mandate from the people” after a close election victory. In each of his elections, George W. Bush won at least 30 states and five-sixths of America’s counties. He is the first presidential candidate to receive a majority of the popular vote since his father in 1988. Bill Clinton nonetheless claimed a “mandate” after receiving only 43 percent of the popular vote in 1992. – Gregg Frazer Castaic Party of integrity I just want to thank the GOP for bringing honesty and integrity back to the White House. Now if you will excuse me, I have a bridge to sell. – Don Allen Santa Clarita 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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