first_img:10 Ok. “Sir Charles” Barkley, I know you’re a Hall of Fame basketball legend … and I know you’re a select member of the 20,000 point and 10,000 rebound club (and for that matter, you did it at 6’5″ not 6’6′ as listed) … hell, for what it’s worth, you know I got your back because you were a guest speaker at our Willie Stargell M.V.P. Awards Banquet a few years ago, but when you said Blake Griffin’s jumping over a car to win the slam dunk contest was not impressive, I can only say two things to you, #1- Shut up and #2 – C’mon Man!! BILL NEAL :09 Pitt hits the “three” with eleven seconds on the clock to take the lead against St. John’s (the latest edition of “D.C.” Clay’s Giant Killers) Coach Dixon calls time out … why? You got the team on their heels. Don’t help them get re-set. That said and done, you let them walk the ball up … why? Put token pressure on the ball, break his focus and concentration and take away his vision and ability to create. Last but not least, drop back into a zone. Tall guards up front, make them beat you with a jump shot, not a lay-up! That said, the player did step out of bounds before he made the lay-up. (If you think I am wrong, ask Eddie Jefferies what he would have done with “The Rankin Gangsters”!):08 Reporters … Those of you who have never played anything but checkers all your lives, let alone big time football … and especially you old White guys … stop trying to predict what the new age Black athlete can do. You did it with “Vick” and you were wrong, you did it with “LeBron,” you were wrong. Now you’re trying to do it with Cam Newton … and you will be wrong again. He will be a Top 5 pick. He will be a great NFL quarterback, and he will be a starter in two years. Good Lord … he’s 6’5″, 250 pounds, and won the NJCAA National Title and the NCAA National Championship on a broken ankle. Take it to the bank.:07 I told you “Gibbs” could shoot. 26 points at the Garden after a two-week lay-off, that’s a shooter.:06 Don’t be surprised if you see “Wannamaker” in NBA camp. He seems to have … IT!:05 Big McGee will have a good career in Europe. His improvement has been impressive.:04 Alright, you asked for it, here we go, the top 10 best “2” guards. The players that are really special. They can run point, shooting guard and play small forward if they have to:1. “Rockin Ron” Carter2. “Flyin” Myron Brown3. Billy Varner4. Kirk Bruce5. Hosea Champaine6. “Magic Mike” Williams7. Nathan “Sonny” Lewis8. Leroy Freeman9. Tom “Bum” Coates10. Darryl GissendannerYou got a problem with this list? You know the drill…call me…412-628-4856!:03 It’s show time baby. Don’t be left out in the cold, get with the “In Crowd.” The Champions Tip-Off Reception is March 3 at the brand new Cambria Suites Hotel on Centre Avenue next to the Consol Arena from 5:30-9 p.m. There is a cost. Reservations must be made in advance. No exceptions!! Call 412-628-4856. Special guests include, Leah Williams Duncan, Larry Richards of KDKA radio, Shirley Douglas, host of “P.l. Talk,” light heavyweight world boxing champion Rayco “War” Saunders, former Boston Celtic B.B. Flenory, Alex Matthews, NBA legend Armon Gilliam and The Diamond Models.IT’S THE FIRST BIG EVENT OF THE NEW YEAR:02 It’s that time again. The 36th Annual Kenny Durrett High School All-Star Basketball Classic returns April 9 in memory of Pittsburgh’s greatest ever high school/school yard legend. City vs. WPIAL senior boys and girls. For information call 412-628-4856.:01 Best NBA All-Star game in years. And yes, Kobe was MVP…and yes, LeBron is the truth…but Kevin Durrant is a scoring machine.~GAME OVER~last_img

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