Cal students build entire campus, including Memorial Stadium, with ‘Minecraft’

first_imgA rush of attention for the project in recent weeks has led to planning for a virtual graduation ceremony within the game’s server.“Rebuilding campus is just another way of seeing everything again,” freshman student Christian Nisperos told The Daily Cal. “This is our home for a lot of us and just seeing it again — while we’re not able to physically be there in person — is just such an amazing experience for so many people.”MORE: What would the NFL look like without QBs? The nerds at Cal did something extremely cool.Stuck at home with their graduation ceremony canceled, Berkeley students decided to recreate their entire campus in stunning detail using “Minecraft.” The project has taken more than a month and required almost 24/7 work from multiple volunteers. It’s aim is to get every detail right, including the insides of academic buildings and the entirety of Memorial Stadium. The coolest part of the Memorial Stadium rebuild, which we’re obligated to discuss as a sports site, is probably the accuracy of its surroundings. Creators got the practice field behind the football venue just right, as well as Cheapskate Hill and all of the hiker friendly areas beyond campus limits.As someone who walks around Berkeley on a regular basis and grew up on Aaron Rodgers games in blue and gold, it’s impressive to see.Maybe the virtual Bears can get back to the nine-win mark that has eluded the real team since 2008.last_img

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