Bucks’ George Hill: Life matters more than possibly finishing season

first_img“The world is bigger than just NBA fans. To our fans, it will be exciting to get the season back, to get it up and going and get something to watch on TV.”But if this is the cost for safety and health, what we have to ask is, ‘Is it worth it? Is it worth putting yourself on the line, putting your family and kids on the line to make a couple more dollars?’ For me, personally, no.”I didn’t grow up with money and I don’t define my life by money. I define my life around happiness, being safe, being able to enjoy life and live this life for a long time.” MORE: Chris Paul says players need more than two weeks before restartingIt remains to be seen whether the 2019-20 season will resume as the United States struggles to contain the outbreak, with more than 960,600 confirmed cases and over 54,200 deaths in the country.The Bucks topped the NBA standings with a 53-12 record and were in prime position to claim their first title since 1971 at the time of postponement. Hill said there are more important things to worry about.BUZZER BEATER On this date in 2015: @khris22m and @giannis_an34 secured their first Playoff wins!! pic.twitter.com/NPjN3kWVAg— Milwaukee Bucks (at ) (@Bucks) April 25, 2020″I’m a little 50-50 . . . life itself is bigger than the money aspect of the game,” Hill told reporters via conference call. “Yes, as competitors and athletes we want to play this season. But if more lives are in jeopardy, I couldn’t care less about the season.”Life is way more precious than this ball that we play in. If they cancel the season, as an athlete I would be upset, but we can’t do anything about it. If we play, I’m excited to play again and get back on the court. We had something special going on and I’d love to finish it.”MORE: Playoff predictions, from Round 1 to the Finals”Health and safety are way more important [than the season],” Hill added. “I think our fan base would understand if the season didn’t come back. We have a lot of fans out there, not just Bucks fans but NBA fans, too. Bucks guard George Hill is not worried about his team losing out on a potential NBA title because of the coronavirus pandemic, insisting “life is way more precious than this ball that we play in.”The NBA has been suspended since March 11 because of the COVID-19 crisis, which has killed at least 203,100 people worldwide.last_img

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