Antiqueños will benefit from UHC Law, says PHO

first_imgThe Provincial Health Office is alreadyin the process of forming the Provincial Health Board composed of stakeholdersof the health sector, municipal officials and representatives from theindigenous groups. In a separate interview, meanwhile, Dr.Ric Noel Naciongayo of the Antique Provincial Health Office (APHO) announcedthat this province is one out of the other 33 provinces considered asintegration sites of the UHC Law. It will be implemented in the next six years. SAN JOSE, Antique – The Universal HealthCare (UHC) Law provides for the strengthening of preventive health care andreferral systems, Chief Social Insurance Officer Junie Sabusap said. For those who have less can also availthe benefits, as long as they are registered and have complied with therequirements and their proof of being indigent were properly assessed by thelocal government social welfare and development office, or the hospital socialwelfare service unit if hospitalized. When implemented, the services will beavailable not only to indigents and senior citizens, but also to everyone, includingthe employed sector. Naciongayo is also optimistic that thefunctional health referral system and preventive health care could improve thehealth seeking behaviors of the Antiqueños, as well as ease their burden ofshouldering hospital expenses when admitted. The Primary Benefit Care Package will beenhanced with services purposed towards the prevention of illnesses such as out-patientservices, diagnostic laboratories, healthy lifestyle programs promotion andstrengthening of referral systems. During a radio program, he emphasizedthat the implementation of the UHC will bolster the preventive health care andreferral systems at the local level. However, those who can afford to paywill be categorized as contributing members and will pay the premiumcontribution. Going back, Sabusap urged everyone toregister with PhilHealth regardless of social status and employment, as long asthey are 21 years old and above for them to avail the benefits and privilegescovered by the law. As to maternity health package, majorityof the Rural Health Units in this province are accredited by PhilHealth.(With a report from PIA/PN)last_img

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