SC allows Mary Jane Veloso to testify vs recruiters

first_imgShe was again spared late 2015 as theIndonesia’s Attorney General Office decided to forego a third round ofexecutions due to its economic slowdown./PN In a verdict by the high court onFriday, Veloso could give her testimony before the Philippine Consular Officeand Indonesian officials in a bid to convict alleged recruiters Ma. CristinaSergio and Julius Lacanilao for human trafficking. The SC’s verdict was a reversal of anearlier decision by the Court of Appeals, which rejected the appeal of theconvicted Filipina worker to let her testify against her alleged illegalrecruiters. The Filipina said she was tricked by herrecruiters into smuggling illegal drugs into Indonesia. MANILA – The Supreme Court (SC) hasallowed incarcerated overseas Filipina worker Mary Jane Veloso to testifyagainst her alleged illegal recruiters from her detention in Indonesia. “The Court said that to disallow thewritten interrogatories will curtail Mary Jane’s right to due process,” saidthe SC. “Her imprisonment in Indonesia and the conditions attached to herreprieve denied her of any opportunity to decide for herself to voluntarilyappear and testify before the trial court in Nueva Ecija where the cases of therespondents of illegal recruitment were pending.” Meanwhile, overseas Filipino workersgroup Migrante said that the decision to allow Veloso’s written testimony wouldbe a precedent to future cases. Veloso was sentenced to execution byfiring squad after she was convicted of drug trafficking for being caught with2.6 kilograms of heroin in her luggage at Yogyakarta airport in 2010. “The Supreme Court has allowed thetaking of the testimony of convicted drug trafficker Mary Jane Veloso againsther recruiters by way of deposition in Indonesia,” said the SC’s PublicInformation Office (PIO). “It shall also serve as a precedent foroverseas Filipinos who may in troublesome circumstances later find themselvesvictims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment,” Migrante said in astatement. Veloso was supposed to have beenexecuted on April 29, 2015, but it was postponed to allow her to testifyagainst her alleged illegal recruiters in the Philippines. last_img

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