This is how he dies for his destination and breaks the status quo

first_imgPhoto: FB Tatjana Rau When you’re small, then you have to be fast, agile, proactive, creative, and innovative to stand out in the crowd and fight the big ones. This is exactly what Mirko Bačić, the director of the Tourist Board of Županja, is doing. a great spectacle in the middle of Zagreb. All with the aim of promoting and branding Županja and announcing its biggest event – Šokačko sijelo. This event has been representing carnival customs and other folklore original contents for more than half a century, so this year in its 52nd edition it will once again show all the beauty of the original folk costumes, chariots and horsemen, the folk word will be heard again – Slavonians. Last week (February 15.02), hundreds of Županja residents proudly presented the upcoming 52nd Šokačko sijelo on Ban Josip Jelačić Square. Of course, we can always say that it could have been done much better, but the people of Županja gathered their strength, joined forces with one goal and got the most out of the whole situation that they can and know. And that is exactly what is most important. Proactivity and desire for development. They showed how it is always possible, no matter what. This is a story of how he fights for his destination, how he dies and how the status quo collapses, with all the flaws and troubles, in spite of everyone and everything. They said that the Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia could not be held, but it would still be held. Even some Slavonian tourist boards lobbied not to support the whole initiative, because it disturbs their status quo. Unbelievable, but true. But this is a story I will tell on another occasion, and the motive of this article is just the opposite. Along with Slavonian tamburitza players in the center of Zagreb, a big Šokac wheel was danced, KUDs presented themselves, and this was a great opportunity for the promotion and tasting of autochthonous Slavonian products (kulin, honey, Slavonian plum brandy, wine, jams, cheese, leaves, etc. .). Thus, in the best way, with the focus of the national media, they called on all citizens of Zagreb to from February 23 to March 5 come to Županja for the oldest and largest manifestation of traditional culture of the Županja region – 52. Šokačko sijelo. Yes, it is certainly much harder to work to develop tourism on the continent, but I personally mind because the good majority is guided by the slogan that nothing can be done and they adhere to the status quo. It is possible, in fact, especially today in the 21st century and the opportunities offered by the online world. Only the will is important. center_img Small tourist boards, especially those on the continent, do not have nearly the same prerequisites as those at sea. First and foremost, they do not have the financial or logistical conditions to be in a somewhat equal match with other maritime TZs. Not to mention the statistics of the number of arrivals and overnight stays, investments and much less support from the Ministry of Tourism or the CNTB. It is possible to make a show and tell a story without a “budget”, ie with the minimum budget that every tourist board has. For all the effort and proactivity, Mr. Mirko Bačić deserves every praise and great respect. I hereby call on the CNTB to support such stories and people, and not those who only know how to whine and stick to the status quo. In the table for collecting points related to co-financing, this category should be at the top, which should bring the most points. Of course, they also used their visit to Zagreb to get closer to the national media, so they presented their story in the show Dobro jutro, Hrvatska on HTV and through various other media appearances. O Županjo, you are always dear to me – the slogan of the 52nd Šokački sijelo These are the ambassadors and heroes of our tourism. He could say you can’t, I don’t have money, the CNTB doesn’t see me, etc.… he could find hundreds of reasons to stick to the status quo. And probably no one would tell him anything, because what can a director of the tourist board from distant Županja do. Screenshot Fair and honest. Let’s support those who want and are involved in development. The glove is thrown again, what is your excuse?last_img

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