ZDTVH sent a request to institutions to protect quality and accurate interpretation of cultural heritage as well as licensed tourist guides

first_imgThe Association of Croatian Tourist Guides (ZDTVH) has sent a request to the Association of Historic Towns, the Association of Counties and the Ministry of Culture asking them to put a letter attached to their institutions in visible places, in order to protect cultural heritage and its presentation.Also, if we care about a story that tells our history, culture and identity, so should counties, cities and tourist boards, which have tourist attractions and sights.In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, encouraged by the practice in many EU Member States, where Ministries of Culture, regional and local government units in many institutions have posted letters like the one attached, in order to protect cultural heritage and its presentation, especially in designated areas. as protected sites (which can be presented only by persons who have been specially trained to interpret the cultural heritage of historic cities – protected sites) ZDTVH sent a request to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian Union of Counties and the Association of Historic Cities. in their areas of activity) in which they are asked to place attached letters in visible places in all institutions under their jurisdiction – areas designated as protected sites.We consider the way our cultural, sacral, tangible and intangible heritage will be presented to be extremely important for our national identity because historical cities, cultural, sacral, tangible and intangible cultural heritage are woven into the very core of our national identity.Do we care about ourselves and our culture, traditions, heritage…? Tourist guides are interpreters of cultural heritage, and we must care how our story is told. However, all this is a negative implication in accordance with the amendments to the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, which has just allowed foreign tourist guides to tell the story they want about our history without any control or education, ie they think it is accurate and sufficient. our localities. Interpretation is key!This is not just about our interests, but about the interests of each State, because one cannot read a classic tourist guide or pick up information from Wikipedia about a tourist destination, locality… and talk about it. Both for foreign tourist guides in Croatia and for our guides in Europe. That is why it is insane and counter-productive for tourist guides who have not undergone quality and extensive education, either domestic or foreign, to guide tourists through protected localities and tell false and untrue stories.I wonder: Who cares if our history, culture, identity is misinterpreted and distorted? Each country preserves and nurtures its culture and history, identity, and it certainly cares about the story being told, and most of all that the story is true and credible. It is up to us how and whether we will regulate the market and start systematically, planned, long-term and strategically dealing with tourism.We are destroying ourselves, our market and most importantly our identity and authenticity.Post notices about the importance of licensed guides and protect our history, culture, heritage… from misinterpretation or misinterpretation.Side dish: Do you have a licensed guide?last_img

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