Nedo Pinezić: Tourism and Consumerism

first_imgThe neoliberal social system, which is best manifested through consumerism – the addictive disease of modern society, has “eaten” all the millennial positive achievements of Western civilization.”To own, not to be”, is the motto of the society in which we live, where material values ​​are placed before and above everything.A good car, house, apartment, yacht,… long and expensive tourist trips with the use of luxurious accommodation, dining in prestigious restaurants… All this photographed, documented so that it could be shown to friends and “friends”, relatives, acquaintances with the basic goal of arousing jealousy and admiration for our successes. These are the symptoms of consumerism in tourism.INSATURABLE GENERATIONThis lifestyle is promoted by insatiable generations growing up in an environment of poverty, and pervasive shortages caused by the wars and restrictions of utopian ideologies that prevailed after World War II in a half-divided world. When we look at the mentality of people from post-socialist countries and countries in transition today, this cramp for material fulfillment and proof is inevitable. The tourist offer follows such demand, so the “luxury” drops to a level accessible to a wide range of “materialists”. Luxurious resorts, cruisers, rich meals in all-inclusive arrangements, are the contents that “burn” generations of “Baby boomers” (the generation born during and immediately after World War II). Of course, the entire machinery of the consumer industry supports demand by broadcasting a whole range of content through the mass media, which presents materially well-off people as an example of success. This famine continues to be fueled by the ongoing process of immigration of millions of people from war-torn and conflict-affected countries to Western democracies. These people are faced with a consumerist measure of success and the vast majority accept such a life.ARE WE BUILDING A TOURIST OFFER FOR GENERATION ON DEPARTURE?Yet the world is changing. The digital industrial revolution has lifted the veto from the free exchange of information, the mass media is slowly losing its influence. Generation X (generation born from 1960 to 1980) has been consuming much less television and even print media. Millennians (the generation born from 1980 to 2000), on the other hand, follow almost nothing that is not on digital platforms. By the force of nature, the baby boomers generation is slowly leaving the life scene and is no longer predominant. Generation X is now “in its prime” when it is slowly becoming aware of what the Millennians already know well. Millennians do not want to be enslaved to material values ​​and repay their loans for real estate and movables all their lives, on which they still have to pay taxes. The younger generations do not buy cars, apartments, or houses, much less boats and villas. The only things they buy are digital devices and bicycles. Everything else they rent, “share”, share. Hence the name for the new economy, sharing economy or “sharing economy”.Millennians will be the predominant travelers, tourists, guests in ten years. They are not enchanted by the luxurious facilities, they are looking for an experience. Instead of a luxurious villa, they would rather try spending the night in a tree house. Instead of a “buffet”, they will taste local naturally grown products. They are increasingly vegetarians, eating small meals, paying attention to the quality of food, looking for the lost core values ​​of society. While nothing will change in vain, overnight, planning the development of the tourist offer over the next twenty years simply has to follow the transition of the traveler profile.CREATION OF THE OFFER “BY SHOEING THE SHOES OF FUTURE PASSENGERS”Meaningful, marketing-organized offer creation begins with the study of future users of our services. We simply “have to get into the shoes of future guests”Among the Millennians, there are five basic types recognized so far, “persona”: Achivers, Sparks, Stampeders, Fierfliers, Simple lifers. At this point, for the first time in Croatia, we will present the main characteristics of travelers who will dominate the world of tourism in the next twenty years. Achivers are very organized and strive to do everything they do with full engagement. Sparks are extremely environmentally conscious, creative, independent and want to make a positive impact on the environment. Simple lifers are relaxed, they want to go “easy through life”, they are very comfortable, satisfied with an uncomplicated routine. Firefliers are active, spontaneous, carefree, eager for fun and eager for positive action for the world. Stampeders want to be at the center of all events and want to participate in all important events.Photo: ww.everplans.comTRANSITIONThe time we live in, at the beginning of the digital industrial revolution, is a time of transition of consciousness and behavior of the average traveler. We are already noticing the first signs of saturation of the uniform offer at all levels of quality. People become more specific in their preferences. Families with children are looking for places with certain facilities that children will enjoy, pet owners are looking for destinations where pets are welcome, cyclists are looking for destinations and accommodation with the highest possible level of infrastructure and service for cyclomobility.Pedestrians, nature lovers, people who prefer an active vacation combined with relaxation and enjoyment of indigenous enogastronomy… Dozens of “personas”, imaginary people of today’s travelers, are looking for an environment conducive to their lifestyle. The search for such an environment is increasingly individual, independent, exploratory. The freedom to create free time without detailed pre-definitions is sought. The availability of information from the wish list of an individual “person” is important.LABELING, BRANDING, OFFER SPECIALIZATIONCurrent events in the hotel industry clearly show the necessary direction of movement. Kinder hotels “Amarin” in Rovinj and “Vespera” in Mali Lošinj, are branded and specialized hotels that most accurately meet the wishes of the market segment of family vacations. Needless to say, these hotels are extremely well stocked with above-average prices in the supply segment. Another hotel group, “Valamar”, follows a similar path in Rabac, where family hotels and hotels for couples without children are specially profiled. Older people, whose children have grown up, occasionally need a little rest from their grandchildren and time devoted to each other. But there are also hotels that are dedicated to grandchildren and grandparents who still have more free time available for quality socializing with their grandchildren. There are over a hundred market segments, “persona” and today’s tourist offer is trying to adapt to the profile of the desired guest. All of these are indications of a more rational, more meaningful spending of free time where seeking luxury and fueling the pity of neighbors is no longer the main motive for travel. Travel is a necessity of life today. Physically, mentally, socially conditioned need.We are looking for something that we do not have enough in the environment, be it peace, good food, the beauty of nature, communication with people, family rapprochement… Family accommodation has a great opportunity to “branch out” to all known segments of demand. The first step on this path is the transformation of accommodation owners from landlords to hosts, then association with other hosts through quality clubs and constant education and acceptance of service standards according to the desired specialization.WE LIVE WHAT WE OFFER TO OUR GUESTSThe credibility of our offer is visible through the honesty with which we live what we offer. If we love pets and have a pet ourselves, our “pet friendly” offer will gain in value. If we ride a bike, even recreationally, we will be able to “get into the shoes” of a cyclist much easier and understand all his needs. Our “bike friendly” accommodation will get on the price.WE CHOOSE THE FUTURE OURSELVESBy ignoring modern trends, we run the risk of lagging behind and not competing in the market. This can happen to us even if we nicely equip the accommodation, if everything looks good and there is no “soul”, no tuning, no specialization. Being average, offering the same or similar to thousands of others, means “drowning in the mass” of supply. Then we are left with the only marketing tool we use to attract guests – lowering the price.Materialism lives and will continue to live, especially in our area, but the ratio of guests who choose luxury will change in favor of those who choose experience.Nedo Pinezićlast_img

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