Salvadoran Government Sends Soldiers to the Border to Combat Insecurity

first_img The government of El Salvador deployed a total of one thousand soldiers Monday to guard sixty-two “identified” illegal crossing points along the country’s borders, in order to combat the passage of drugs and arms and prevent the entry of criminal organizations, an official source announced. The soldiers will not only combat trafficking in drugs and arms, but will also try to deter the entry of undocumented migrants. Beginning last week, 1,500 soldiers have been deployed to the country’s prisons in order to strengthen security and try to prevent imprisoned gang members from continuing to order crimes from behind bars. The authorities are blocking cellphone signals inside jails in order to prevent communication with persons on the outside. These thousand soldiers are part of a contingent of 7,170 who are reinforcing the police in their public-safety responsibilities on the street and in prisons, by order of the president, in order to try to deter the criminal activity that is leading to an average of thirteen murders every day. “The orders are to intercept drugs and arms entering the country along the border; there are locations that we’ve identified that are used by drug traffickers or criminal organizations to bring in arms, and this is what we’re going to combat,” Salvadoran defense minister Gen. David Munguía explained. “This is all part of the actions that the president (of the Republic, Mauricio Funes) has ordered in order to attack crime and criminal organizations; we’re not going to give crime room to flourish,” Munguía maintained. By Dialogo June 30, 2010 The authorities decided to keep secret the locations the soldiers will be patrolling, in order not to “alert” the criminals. last_img

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