first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE an interesting situation arose recently at the City Park at the corner of Vann and Pollack?…a child felt the call of nature during a ball game and couldn’t use the city bathroom because there wasn’t single toilet or urinal in the men’s room?…the main pieces of infrastructure that are required to relieve oneself we not in the bathroom?..the child’s parent was able to get ladies room unlocked so nature could take its course, but not without pain, anguish, and fear?…the highly touted #strongcity of Evansville can give $20 million in taxes to a subsidized hotel, considering millions more to build a new indoor swimming pool at Roberts Park and millions more for a new penguin display at the Zoo but can’t even keep our city park bathrooms functioning?…repairing the restroom would only cost a mere $1,000 or so if the Evansville Parks purchasing department had a lick of common sense?…this park is literally less than a mile from our City Council President’s house?…the total lack of common sense among Evansville’s governance is simply maddening?…for the cost of a lobbyist funded booze fest In an downtown bar this restroom could have been functional and this child’s comfort could have been possible? …we bet Burdette Park doesn’t have this problem?IS IT TRUE that Susan Kirk is doing a credible job as County Treasurer?IS IT TRUE that we miss the wisdom and the leadership skills of Curt John as a member of the Evansville City Council?IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Republican party Chairman Wayne Parke is consider to be the most effective leader of that body in many years? …that Mark Owen and Larry Aiken both did a credible as party Chairman of the Vanderburgh Democratic party?IS IT TRUE that Marsha Abell Barnhart and Betty Knight Smith were the most effective Vanderburgh County Clerk we’ve had in many years?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that many people are wondering when will the current President of the Vanderburgh County Commission start taking back control of that elected body?IS IT TRUE we are pleased to hear the Vanderburgh County Commission have decided to advertise the vacant position of the Director of Burdette Park?IS IT TRUE we been told that the proposed $500,000 renovation project to combined the offices of the County Commission and County Council will be shelved this budget year?IS IT TRUE that Frank McDonald Sr., Russel Lloyd Sr and Benjamin Bosse were the top three Mayors in Evansville history?IS IT TRUE that long time County Councilman James Raben and Tom Shelter Jr are doing an excellent job as a leaders of that elected body?IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County jail is busting at the seam? …we predict that during this coming budget hearings the subject of adding a new correctional pod to the current jail shall be a hot topic once again?IS IT TRUE That it is no surprise to thinking people that smokers rack up higher healthcare costs than non-smokers do?…the Fairbanks Foundation just completed a study to learn just how much more smokers on Medicaid cost the state of Indiana than non-smokers do?…the answer just in Indiana is more than half a billion dollars per year?…Indiana Medicaid members who smoke have monthly healthcare expenditures that are 51 percent higher than those who do not smoke?…taxpayers are spending spending $904.61 per month for smokers as compared to $597.58 for non-smokers?…we the taxpayers should exercise out right to impose penalties on people who enjoy the benefits of citizenship who choose to live recklessly and stick the taxpayers with the costs of their unhealthy lifestyles?…even in a universal healthcare option the limit of the public’s liability should be to cover the medical costs associated with choosing a healthy lifestyle?…it should be the expectation of the taxpayers that the smokers pick up the additional $307 per month due to the self inflicted nature of this additional costs?IS IT TRUE if that $540 M number for Medicaid using smokers is extrapolated to national levels this amounts to $30 Billion per year?…that is on the order of the total of all medical malpractice insurance premiums?…if we as a society can’t impose some lifestyle penalties on those who are determined to do the wrong thing, we will never succeed in offering care to everyone?…this is of course a drop in the bucket when compared to the costs of opioid addiction related economic impacts?…the estimated cost to Indiana for opioid addiction is $8.2 Billion per year?…scaling that to a national level that will exceed $400 Billion or about 10% of the federal budget?…accountability must return to the United States of America and healthcare is a perfect place to start?FOOTNOTES: Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that Mayor Winnecke had any idea about the amount of debt that the Thunderbolts has incurred since he agreed that the city taxpayers will cover all of their losses this year?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. 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