first_imgToday’s “Readers Poll” question is: Are you disappointed that the newly appointed City Council Finance Chairman hasn’t made a request to the City Controller for a detailed financial accounting of the Evansville Thunderbolts?If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site. We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated. The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy?center_img We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?(Recently we detected an issue where our subscribers may have not been getting breaking news alerts from the City-County Observer. This notification is to let you know that starting today you have been added to receive future news alerts. If you no longer want to receive future news alerts please opt-out by clicking the link in your e-mail to unsubscribe.)IS IT TRUE members of the Vanderburgh County Commission and Evansville City Council just passed a minimum square footage housing ordinance that could allow ‘TINY HOMES” to be built within Vanderburgh County? …right after this vote, Mayor Winnecke said: “Let the experts do what we’ve engaged them to do”? …this vote put Mayor Winnecke in a real pickle because he hired an out-of-the-area consulting firm to study the outdated Zoning Codes of Vanderburgh County at the costs of $250,000?IS IT TRUE that some people feel that Mayor Winnenecke could have saved thousands of dollars of our tax money by appointing a “Blue Ribbon” study committee to look at ways to improve some of our outdated Zoning Codes?IS IT TRUE we been told that Republican candidate for County Commissioner District One, Zac Rascher stated that he “would not simply hire consultants to tell us what our problems are”?….it looks like Zac Rascher and Mayor Winnecke may have a little philosophical difference over the hiring of consultants?IS IT TRUE if the Mayor’s statement is accurate that we should “Let the experts do what we’ve engaged them to do” then why have the projections or studies of past consultants missed the mark?IS IT TRUE attached are a few examples of past studies or projections of consultants that our readers felt that may have missed the mark? …a prediction if the City spends millions of our tax dollars to build around 24 expensive homes (that costs $250,000 each) for low to moderate-income folks in the Hayne’s area they would sell like hotcakes? … a study of expanding the University Parkway; a study that projected that the Ford Center would be a cash cow for the taxpayers of Evansville; the West Franklin Street parking study; a projection that predicted spending $18 million dollars on renovating North Street would generate unprecedented economic growth for that area; a study that predicted if the Evansville taxpayers would donate $30 million dollars to build a new downtown Hotel it would attract many major conventions; a study that convinced local officials that they should invest $250,000 towards the Earthcare project; the recommendation that locating the LST at Marina Point would become a major regional tourist attraction and doesn’t need any seed money to adequately promoted this project regionally; a study and predictions if donate $58 million dollars to help build a downtown medical school it would attract about 2,000 medical students, a consultant projected if the City installs “Smart Water Meters” the water customer would save a substantial amount of money on their water bills, and let’s not forget the numerous studies over the years concerning the re-routing of downtown traffic?IS IT TRUE we predict that sometime at the end of this year an announcement will be made by the Vanderburgh County officials that they have agreed to renovate the County jail? …we predict that the renovated jail will meet our needs for at least 20 years?IS IT TRUE that the CEO/ President of the Evansville CVB just hired a key marketing person who use to work for the Old National Events And Convention Center? …that CVB CEO/President James Wood also hired an employee from City View? …we don’t remember this publically subsidized not-for-profit agency advertising these positions in area publications?…we have also been told that no minorities have been hired by the CVB as of yet?IS IT TRUE we are told that several mover and shakers would like to turn the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum in downtown Evansville into a Military Museum? …we are told that they are getting tired of seeing this historic gem being used as a bingo parlor?IS IT TRUE that its common knowledge that political candidates with name recognition generally do very well at the ballot box?IS IT TRUE we are told that a few of the mainstream media elitists are degrading the City-County Observer? …all we can say about this is that we are proud to be a home owned community publication and that’s more then they can say?IS IT TRUE that in Indiana gamblers must be 21 or older in order to place a bet in a “Sportsbook” facility? …that Indiana gaming law allows casinos to take wagers on dozens of professional, collegiate and international events, including football, basketball, baseball, auto racing, hockey, soccer, boxing, golf, and Olympic competitions. No betting is allowed on high school or youth sporting events, or e-sports?IS IT TRUE that a loyal reader of the City-County Observer takes Rosuvastatin (generic for Crestor) on a daily basis? …without insurance or government assistance this medicine would have cost him $677.25 dollars to fill? …he uses the GOOD RX APP. at a local pharmacy and paid only $22.18 for a three month supply of this prescription? …we highly recommend that you Google the Good Rx App because you will save big bucks on your future prescriptions order?IS IT TRUE we overheard someone say that the CCO Publisher reminded him of the late political conservative Willam Buckely? … we feel that the CCO Publisher would strongly disagree with that statement because he feels that Mr. Buckely was too liberal for him? Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers.last_img

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