Job-hop graduates failed by firms

first_imgOverhyping of graduate opportunities by employers is causing high turnoveramong graduate recruits, according to the Institute of Employment Studies.As the number of graduates rises and employers grow keener for staff withdegrees, companies are recruiting indiscriminately without setting firm careerdevelopment plans, the IES claims.As a result, graduates are moving into “average” rather than”élite” jobs, becoming disillusioned and leaving, said Nick Jagger,one of the authors of Grad- uate Review 2000.”Increasingly graduates are a large proportion of the fresh intake; 30per cent of 18 year olds now go to university,” he said.”There is no longer a particular type of graduate and no typicalgraduate job. Employers need to be clearer about what they are looking for anddifferentiate more between jobs.”Carl Gilleard, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters,said its research showed that graduates want to be told the truth “wartsand all”.”There is always a temptation to exaggerate how good it is to work inthis organisation, but graduates want a realistic understanding of what isinvolved.”He said the growth in company web sites is helping, as it allows candidatesto do more research before deciding on a job.”There is a temptation to go for the best graduates, but you could endup with a frustrated hopeful waiting for dead men’s shoes,” said CarmelMaguire, HR director at the British Library.Ralph Tribe, HR director at Getty Images, said graduates have to learn thattheir graduate status no longer guarantees them fast-track opportunities.”They have to be proactive. The people who get the best jobs are theones who make their own opportunities,” he said.Toyota said it has always been honest with graduates. “We are a flatstructure and do not have many managers so they will not be on a fast track tomanagement,” said Helen Baker, senior HR specialist at Toyota.• For copies of the report, costing £27.50, call 01273 686751.By Dominique Related posts:No related photos. Job-hop graduates failed by firmsOn 14 Mar 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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