Bethesda claims Interplay can only make Fallout MMO if it has nothing

first_imgBack in 2007, Bethesda — makers of the popular Elder Scrolls series of RPG games, including Oblivion — arranged to purchase the license to the popular post-apocalyptic Fallout series from failing publisher Interplay.The fruits of that deal are well known: namely, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. What you might not know is that Interplay retained the rights to make a Fallout MMO as long as that title stays in production and is eventually released… and Bethesda’s been fighting Interplay tooth and nail ever since for the exclusive rights to a Fallout MMO back.It appears that Bethesda may now be resorting to dirty pool to get the MMO rights back: in a recent court filing, they claim that they only allowed Interplay to keep the rights to a Fallout MMO if it bears no resemblance to the Fallout universe at all, or use any of the characters or themes found there-in.Interplay, rightly, is completely incredulous: “First, this is not only absurd, but is specifically prohibited by the agreement because Interplay was only granted a ‘license and right to use the Licensed Marks on and in connection with its FALLOUT-branded MMOG … and for no other purpose,” Interplay argued.“It was not the parties’ intent that Interplay create, for example, an online baseball game or poker game called ‘Fallout,’” they witheringly conclude.We can see their point. It sounds to me like Bethesda wants to make a Fallout MMO of their own and (probably rightly) conclude that Interplay will just sit on the rights for years, never getting any closer to actually making one. That would suck, but it’s also Interplay’s legal prerogative… completely outlandish claims like “We only agreed they could make a poker game called Fallout” simply don’t help the case.Read more at Gamasutralast_img read more