Coming Yellow Submarine Special Edition Art Is Amazing

first_imgA section from the Yellow Submarine painting by Alex Rossfeaturing the Blue MeaniesWith everyone happy with the outcome of the first collaboration, Apple Records heads decided last year to commission the follow up series. Each of the four prints captures on of the Beatles in a portrait style, as well as imagery from the film surrounding their characters. He quickly finished the first two, the John Lennon and Ringo Starr pieces and has been hard at work finishing the Paul McCartney and George Harrison versions to accompany them. The upcoming Apple Records re-release of The Beatles legendary film Yellow Submarine just got a little more powerful…super powerful actually. The Label tapped fan favorite comic book painter Alex Ross to provide a series of profile paintings, entitled John, Paul, George and Ringo. Ross’s photo-realistic style and his uncanny ability to make the fantastic plausible was a perfect match for bringing the unique designs of artist Heinz Edelmann to life. Yellow Submarine‘s release is seen as something of a landmark in animation history, heralding a new age of art house acceptance.Alex Ross burst onto the comics scene with Marvels, a mini series showing the world of super heroes through the eyes of the people on the street. It was an instant sell out and has been reprinted dozens of times. His paintings made the colorful heroes and villains look incredibly lifelike. From an early age, Ross had been a big fan of the rich visual spectacles of the comic book world, and found himself studying the vastly different styles of the different artists. At the American Academy of Art in Chicago, he perfected his blending of neo-classical painting with the kinetic styles of comics legends like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Bernie Wrightson. He quickly developed a reputation as the go to artist when it came to portraying the most iconic versions of any character he painted. Superman by Alex RossRoss’s first attempt at a Beatles image, a beautiful 6 foot wide example of his famous panoramas highlighting the characters from the movie made even him nervous. “I was warned at the outset that they might not get approval from the [John Lennon and George Harrison] estates to release it formally — that it was a kind of test. I thought I might not get another chance at this, so I wanted to put everything plus the kitchen sink in one piece of art.” Luckily for Ross, his renditions of Edelmann’s visionary work wowed everyone. John by Alex RossRingo by Alex RossRoss gushed “Yellow Submarine has also been one of my favorite films since I was six years old. The opportunity to work with the Beatles’ likenesses in the very inspired context of the ‘Yellow Submarine’ film is an absolute dream come true. There is so much I love about these men, their legacy and this film.” The artist is excited to unveil the finished series when the box set goes on sale April 30th at the Beatles store in the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. Until they’re available for purchase, let’s have a small look at the last two prints in the series and another of Ross’s detailed production drawings. Information for this article was gathered from Rolling Stone, Comic Book Resources and AlexRoss.comlast_img read more

Graduate Commons Program: Supporting Student Parents

first_imgGraduate study at Harvard is a full-time job and many students are juggling school, parenting, and homeschooling — all from inside their apartments.Kaitlin Roberson, an Ed.M. candidate at the Graduate School of Education (HGSE), is one of those students. She recently shared her experience at a fireside chat event with HGSE Professor Junlei Li, an expert in supporting children and their caregivers hosted by Harvard Housing’s Graduate Commons Program (GCP). The full video can be viewed here.“I wake up super early to study before my children wake up, and then catch up on assignments in the afternoons when they’re on screens,” Roberson said. “I’m amazed at how hard it is to be productive while being isolated with my kids.”Li’s message to parents like Kaitlin was simple: There are reasons for hope, even in this difficult moment. Research shows that what children — and adults — need is attainable: Maintaining at least one caring and consistent human connection through ordinary daily interactions, even if such moments must be brief at times.This event was the latest collaboration undertaken by GCP to support graduate student parents and their families, following an earlier partnership with Harvard Ed Portal to offer Mind Matters: Families Make A Difference series. Since February, more than a dozen Harvard parents, led by the GCP family programming team, have been meeting weekly.Since COVID-19 broke out in the Boston area, serving Harvard families has taken inventiveness. First, GCP took Mind Matters online. But even then, the curriculum could only reach the subset of families already enrolled — and parents were asking for space to discuss the challenges of caring for children during COVID-19. So, a new solution was found: Pause Mind Matters for three weeks to offer a new, Harvard-wide series. In addition to the event with Li, the Parenting in Challenging Times series has included parent-to-parent support sessions facilitated by Graduate Commons family programmers Cyntia Barzelatto, Stephanie Catz, and Eva Gottschalk.Spearheading the novel Parenting in Challenging Times is doctoral candidate and GCP family programming intern Anna Kirby, who also studies with Li at HGSE. As a resident of Harvard University Housing, Kirby is passionate about promoting learning experiences outside the classroom.“Our recent programming has blurred the line between my academic work and my internship,” she said. “We’re using the insights from Harvard researchers to directly support caregivers in our own community.”Holding space for student parents to connect during this unprecedented time hit home with the Graduate Commons leadership team, who works to fulfill the Harvard Housing vision of Making Harvard Home. For students like Roberson, the events are often a reminder that kids don’t need caregivers to be perfect.“I’ve been more focused lately on the small little connection points [with my kids],” Roberson said. “Kissing my kids’ freckles, a one-minute snuggle, or a back rub can reconnect us in the midst of very stressful days. Parents need to know that we are all doing the best we can and that some days will be smoother than others.”last_img read more

Salvadoran Government Sends Soldiers to the Border to Combat Insecurity

first_img The government of El Salvador deployed a total of one thousand soldiers Monday to guard sixty-two “identified” illegal crossing points along the country’s borders, in order to combat the passage of drugs and arms and prevent the entry of criminal organizations, an official source announced. The soldiers will not only combat trafficking in drugs and arms, but will also try to deter the entry of undocumented migrants. Beginning last week, 1,500 soldiers have been deployed to the country’s prisons in order to strengthen security and try to prevent imprisoned gang members from continuing to order crimes from behind bars. The authorities are blocking cellphone signals inside jails in order to prevent communication with persons on the outside. These thousand soldiers are part of a contingent of 7,170 who are reinforcing the police in their public-safety responsibilities on the street and in prisons, by order of the president, in order to try to deter the criminal activity that is leading to an average of thirteen murders every day. “The orders are to intercept drugs and arms entering the country along the border; there are locations that we’ve identified that are used by drug traffickers or criminal organizations to bring in arms, and this is what we’re going to combat,” Salvadoran defense minister Gen. David Munguía explained. “This is all part of the actions that the president (of the Republic, Mauricio Funes) has ordered in order to attack crime and criminal organizations; we’re not going to give crime room to flourish,” Munguía maintained. By Dialogo June 30, 2010 The authorities decided to keep secret the locations the soldiers will be patrolling, in order not to “alert” the criminals. last_img read more