Ramjattan re-enforces 2am curfew

first_imgAmid an active countrywide campaign to crack down on noise nuisance, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has now re-enforced the ‘2am curfew’ for nightspots and other places of entertainment.In a statement on Thursday, the Public Security Ministry sought to “put into proper perspective” this recent decision of the Minister.It was explained that after taking into account the effects of alcohol consumption on crime and violence – including domestic violence, traffic accidents, the unproductive capacities of the population the day after along with other attendant circumstances such as the adverse effects of the proliferation of noise nuisance – Minister Ramjattan has determined that “it is in the best interest of the country to enforce the existing laws which have mandated that these entertainment facilitiesPublic Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattanto be closed at 02:00h.”This move, according to the Ministry, has gained support from women’s groups, religious groups and a number of other organisations. It added too that such legal restrictions are not uncommon in other countries.In fact, the statement outlined that the ‘2am closing time’ is provided for in the Music and Dancing Licences (Amendment), Act Chapter 23:03, Act #12 of 1982.That Act states at section 9 that: “A place, so kept or used, although so licensed as aforesaid, shall not be opened for any of the purposes afore said except on the days and between the hours stated on the licence: Provided that the holder of a first-class hotel licence may keep open the licensed premises for the purpose of dancing, singing, music or other public entertainment once in every week until the hour of two of the clock in the morning except on any Sunday.”“Place” as used in Section 9 means “house, room, garden, or other place” andGCCI President Deodat Indarcovers bars, clubs and restaurants – as well as open spaces used for dances and entertainment purposes.“This law is being enforced in the interest of citizens’ security and safety with the aim of suppressing criminal and other offences,” the missive from the Ministry stated while urging full public support in this process.Only last week, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) President Deodat Indar, during an interview with Guyana Times reminded of the effects the initial enforcement of the 2am curfew had.“The 2am curfew had an impact on businesses and some of them had to close down,” he stated.Moreover, he raised the concern that some businesses were targeted while others were left to operate past the curfew time.“My compliant to the Police at that time [when the 2am curfew was enforced] is that they were implementing the law or enforcing the law unevenly. Some people were being targeted and closing down at that time while some were getting off with it,” the GCCI President posited.Indar was at the time commenting on the ongoing noise nuisance campaign. As part of a training exercise, which some 50 Police ranks underwent, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) together with the Guyana Police Force carried out an exercise last Thursday on Station Street, Kitty, where they tested the noise level at several popular nightspots using decibel meters.During that exercise, a few prominent businesses were left with no choice but to cease operations until the next day. The GCCI President insisted that if these enterprises were operating for lesser hours, it could have an impact on their income.Meanwhile, during an address to those 50 ranks, Minister Ramjattan had stated that tough action needed to be taken against bars and persons who are responsible for noise nuisances. He went on to suggest much more effective measures such as seizing equipment, revoking business licences, and increasing fines to curb this societal scourge.“We want to take the profit out of this illegal activity and that means we must start, after going through the procedures, ensuring that we can revoke some of the licences of these bars that play loud music or the (carts) selling their video and their tape recordings … or the cars of people,” Ramjattan said last week.last_img read more

Ethical practice awards for SA wines

first_img8 January 2010 As the South African wine industry continues to grow its exports despite the global recession, it is also achieving increasing international recognition for its ethical approach to winemaking. Within the space of a few weeks in November, South Africa was acknowledged by influential UK trade publication The Drinks Business, winning its Ethical Award for 2009, while also earning the lion’s share of trophies and prizes in the Fairtrade Wine Committee’s competition for best wines of the year, held in London. “It is fitting that after our re-entry into world markets just over 15 years ago, we should become leaders in establishing ethical standards, as we redress the wrongs of the past and promote a better quality of life for many of the people on whom the recent success of our industry has been built,” Wines of South Africa (WOSA) CEO Su Birch said in a statement last month. She added that the awards had come at a particularly important time. “Worldwide, as businesses face increasing economic pressure, workers become more vulnerable. We are able to show that tougher trading conditions do not necessarily have to impact on ethical labour standards.”Project Laduma The Ethical Award was presented to Project Laduma, WOSA’s programme to train 2 010 wine stewards ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, funded mainly through the sale of Fundi Wines, created for the purpose. These wines are selling in a range of markets abroad, including the UK, North America and Japan. Candidates for training are drawn from both the hospitality industry and the ranks of the unemployed. Charlotte Hey, director of The Drinks Business, said the Fundi project impressed the judges as an initiative that would have real value and benefit on an ethical level. “The idea of combining an international event with education and training in wine for people who would not necessarily get a chance to learn about the product shone above the other entries in the category,” Hey said. “The essence of the Wine Innovation Awards is both to innovate and inspire, and the Fundi project is the embodiment of what these awards stand for.” Others short-listed for the Ethical Award were the UK retailer The Co-operative Group; Cullen Wines in Australia; and South Africa’s Women in Wine, the country’s first all-women owned and managed company operating in the wine industry.Fairtrade At the Fairtrade Wine Committee’s competition, South African producers won the 2009 trophies for Best Overall Fairtrade Wine, Best Fairtrade Red Wine and Best Fairtrade White Wine. The top prize and also the prize for best red went to Isabelo Pinotage 2008, while the prize for the best white went to Six Hats Sauvignon Blanc 2009. The title of Best Fairtrade Sparkling Wine was won by the Co-operative Fairtrade Cape Sparkling Rose NV, produced by Du Toitskloof Cellars. Decanter, a prominent British consumer magazine with an international readership, chose six South African wines for its top ten list of Fairtrade wines. These included wines from Isabelo, Hope’s Garden, Thandi, Fairhills and two produced for the Co-operative Group. Fairtrade, initiated to protect workers across a range of industries, has helped to focus international attention on the importance of fair labour practices in promoting socio-economic sustainability. Research conducted by Globescan earlier last year found that 87% of UK consumers believed the issue of payment to farmers or their workers in developing countries was important. The first Fairtrade certified wine to be launched in the UK was a South African product, Thandi Pinot Noir. “There are now more than 250 Fairtrade-certified wines available in the UK, sourced from South Africa, Chile and Argentina,” Birch said. According to Kate Lewis, Fairtrade’s business development manager, close on 4.5-million litres of Fairtrade-certified wines were sold in the UK last year. In 2008, Britons spent over £700-million on all Fairtrade goods, including wine, an increase of 43% on 2007. “Many South African wine producers have embraced the Fairtrade principles while building their quality credentials,” Lewis said. “The Fairtrade Wine Committee awards, now in their fourth year, show just how well they are doing.” Birch said that WIETA, the Agricultural Ethical Trading Initiative SA, founded in 2002, had also helped local producers to raise working conditions on wine farms. The organisation had established a code of good practice governing labour standards to encourage reform. It was also collaborating with major retailers abroad to build support for its objectives. Earlier last year, WOSA was selected for The Drinks Business Green List for its role in building public awareness of the environment. WOSA was listed in fifth position, just behind US President Barack Obama (in fourth), but ahead of any other national wine marketing body. South Africa boasts the fastest growth rate of wine sales among its competitors in the UK, with a volume share of the market at just over 10%. SAinfo reporter Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Anti-gay discrimination is wrong: South Africa

first_img26 February 2014No one should be subjected to discrimination or violence on the basis of their sexual orientation, South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Co-operation said on Tuesday.This follows Monday’s signing into law, by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, of a bill that makes that country’s existing penalties against homosexuality even tougher, including life sentences for gay sex and same-sex marriage.Earlier this year, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law an anti-gay bill in terms of which offenders could be sentenced to as long as 14 years in prison.Outside Africa, meanwhile, the US state of Arizona is considering a bill which would allow business owners to refuse to serve same-sex couples on the basis of their religious beliefs.And Russia continues to draw criticism from the global LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex) community following President Vladimir Putin’s passing last year of a law prohibiting public support or promotion of homosexuality.SA to ‘seek clarification’ on recent developmentsOn Tuesday, Clayson Monyela, spokesman for the Department of International Relations and Co-operation, said South Africa took note of recent developments regarding the situation of lesbians, gays, bisexual, transsexual and intersex persons worldwide.“The South African government will, through existing diplomatic channels, be seeking clarification on these developments from many capitals around the world.”South Africa is the only African country in which discrimination based on sexual orientation is constitutionally outlawed, as well as the only country in Africa to legally recognise marriage between people of the same sex.“South Africa views the respect for the promotion, protection and fulfilment of human rights and fundamental freedoms as a critical pillar of our domestic and foreign policies; hence they are enshrined in our Constitution,” Monyela said.SA ‘working to end violence against gays, lesbians’At the same time, he acknowledged that South Africa was still faced with the challenge of homophobia and violence against gays and lesbians.“The government has decided to adopt measures aimed at significantly enhancing our protection mechanisms aimed at curbing violence against the LGBTI community,” Monyela said. “To this end, our focus will also be on ensuring that acts of violence do not go unpunished and that perpetrators are apprehended, prosecuted, convicted and appropriately sentenced.“Our Constitution makes it impermissible to discriminate on the ground of sexual orientation. Therefore, eradicating hate crimes and intolerance in regard to this matter remains a key preoccupation of the government, working collectively and with the relevant civil society organisations.”SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Google Maps Adds Businesses in 30 African Countries

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Google#news#NYT#web marshall kirkpatrick Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts center_img Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Google Maps is a great program, but it’s always been disappointing to see where in the world it doesn’t offer much coverage. Today the Google Africa blog announced that local business data has been added for 30 countries in Africa.“As well as searching online Maps for towns, highways, or roads,” Joe Mucheru and Jarda Bengl of Google wrote today, “Google Maps users can now find local businesses. This could be a burger place in Lagos, a garage in Kampala, a hairdresser in Accra or an airport shuttle in Dakar.”Google added a large number of streets and roads throughout Africa to its maps in May of last year and has offered mobile location services in Africa for several years.Today’s announcement included pointers to the Local Business Center and Maps API, so users in Africa can help fill out the maps all the more. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

Is Your Phone Answering Habits Hurting Your Business? 68% of People Say Yes

first_imgNathan Bradshaw is a health enthusiast, talented author, celebrated pod caster and a poet who is now the co-editor and imaginative contributor of health fuel with a background in collaborative care networks and artificial intelligence. Nathan Bradshaw works from a creative wellspring that shows no signs of running dry. Nathan Bradshaw Follow the Puck What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Medical Practice Have you called into your office lately? Maybe you should, if for no other reason than to experience what your patients and other people go through when they call in. A pleasant experience will leave a pleasant image, while a negative experience can create an instant hostile exchange when the patient does get through, and if a new patient, the frustration could lead patients to seek another doctor.Generally, the first contact a patient has with a physician is by way of the physician’s phone. If difficult, the impression is the practice, and the physicians are uncaring or difficult. The staff that does answer the phone life will tell you that a frustrated patient will be more exhausting and time-consuming for your staff to deal with. Is your phone system setting you up for a more difficult patient-physician relationship than necessary?The value of making the initial contact with you a positive one is borne out by studies that show the benefit of doing it right and the determent of doing it wrong. Numerous studies have indicated that patients who view their physician in this negative manner are far more likely to sue if or when something goes wrong in the course of their treatment. Others show that a client’s or customer’s perception of their wait time is directly related to their overall customer satisfaction. One study found that 68% of a company’s lost customer base is due to indifferent or negative phone treatment.On Hold Surveys, Studies & FactsHow callers are treated over the phone, how they are greeted, the automated messages, and any labyrinth to find a live person all impact how a patient perceives they will be treated by the practice and its physician. Treat this first impression opportunity in a brash manner or as an interruption of more important things, chances are that’s how the patient will believe they will be treated when they go in for a visit. If the phone rings and rings, they will think twice about becoming a patient. Don’t call back, when a message is left, and you dramatically increase the chance of losing the patient, and the revenue they bring.Read more about: What Happens When you Ignore Basic Business Practices?Assessing if your phone system needs helpThe first step in assessing if your phone system needs improvement? Pick up a phone and dial.Call in as an outside caller and try to maneuver through the system. Is it easy? Is it friendly? Can an older patient use it without frustration? Have family and friend try out the system as well.Do your own little study; did you perceive the voice on the other end as warm, friendly and caring? Are there too many prompts? Is it easy to get to speak to an actual person?Use the time that your patients are in the waiting room to conduct your own brief. Ask how they feel about their experience with reaching your office by phone. Keep the responses anonymous for more likely honest answers.What can you do to fix it? Knowing what works and does not is the starting point for implementing the need fixes. Some things to consider:Reduce the number of prompts in your system to one set. If this isn’t possible, offer callers the option of speaking to an operator in the first and subsequent series of prompts.Make sure the phone is answered promptly – ideally before the third ring. Any longer gives the impression your office is inefficient.Use call forwarding to a live administrative staff member instead of an answering service or lengthy automated service. Nothing beats talking to a live human being when you’re calling about urgent medical matters.Allow callers on hold to listen to messages about your practice, rather than silence or music. With silence, they wonder if they’ve been disconnected, while music can be grating or annoying depending on the caller’s tastes.Record your practice’s outgoing message yourself, rather than having a nurse or receptionist do it. It lends a personal air to your practice and puts patients at ease. Now EHR software has reduced this hurdles to managing and preserving the patient’s data in paper forms.If your system is older, there are new technological features that can improve patient satisfaction; Auto attendant, call overflow, and direct inbound dialing (DID).If you have multiple offices, set up one networked phone system for your entire operation. This helps patients perceive you as one seamless practice, which bolsters the perception of you and keeps your sites covered at all times.Read more about: ARE YOU READY – Disaster planning for your officeWhat should you avoid?Don’t allow calls to go to voicemail during business hours. This sends the message that your practice is understaffed, which can mean long wait times for them in your office.Don’t use busy signals. Establish enough phone lines instead.Don’t allow your staff to answer the phone in a rushed, distracted, bored or impatient manner, or while still carrying on a conversation with someone else. All are unprofessional and make your practice look bad.Don’t rely too much on technology. Try to have a real person be your callers’ first point of contact with your practice whenever possible.last_img read more

The Best Camera Options for Production Company Startups

first_imgAre you on the cusp of launching your own production company? Looking for a camera to get started? Well, let’s check out your best options.Top Image Courtesy of Sony.As you know, if you want to start a production company, you’re going to need production equipment. Now, the first thing you need to keep in mind is to not go crazy and just buy random gear. I made that mistake and soon realized I would’ve been better off with a great tripod instead of a cool, fancy gimbal. With that in mind, consider this quote from photographer Julian Cardona that he wrote in an article for Transom:The camera is only a tool. Nothing more. You have to master photographic technique.While he was speaking directly about photography, the same logic should be applied to filmmaking. It doesn’t matter if it’s fictional, documentary, commercial, or industrial — you need to master the techniques of visual storytelling versus buying a long list of film gear.So, let’s look at some camera options that can get you on your way to fulfilling your new client’s requests.Panasonic GH4The Panasonic GH4 is a great camera to get you going on a smaller budget. It can shoot both still photos and video. Its video capability is quite impressive, as it can capture UHD at 24-30fps and full 4K at 24fps. Keep in mind that it is a Micro Four-Thirds camera, so, if you currently use EF lenses, you’ll need to get your hands on an adapter for $60 from B&H Photo.Here is a short film, In the Middle of Norway by T//Motion. In this short, he uses the Panasonic GH4 with a Panasonic 14-140 Zoom Lens, Tokina 11-16mm Micro Four-Thirds, Walimex 7.5mm and a Metabones Speed Booster. GH4 Camera Body: $1497.99Panasonic 35-100mm Zoom Lens: $1197.99SanDisk 64GB Extreme SDXC Memory Card: $38.99Panasonic DMW-BLF19 Battery: $51.00Rode VideoMic Pro: $250.00Oben CT-3561 Tripod: $359.95Ruggard Outrigger Backpack: $39.95Load-out Total: $3435.87 Sony Alpha a7RIISony’s Alpha a7RII is one of the most popular cameras on the market right now. Using the Sony E-Mount, the a7RII can record full 4K HD internally unlike the a7S or the Sony FS700, both of which use an external recorder. One interesting note about the a7RII is that it can record up to 60fps in 1080 & 120fps in 720, which is far better than the Canon 5D Mark III. The image quality of this camera is pretty incredible. Look for the Sony Alpha a7RII to release August 2015.In this short commercial for the new Sony a7RII, we see a group of skydivers using the camera in mid-free fall. While some of this commercial was, in fact, shot with the Sony a7RII, the slow motion sections were shot using a RED EPIC DRAGON. The video below from Cutting Edge gives us a little behind-the-scenes footage in addition to the commercial itself. Mark III Camera Body: $2499.00Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 Lens: $625.00Canon 24-70mm Zoom: $1899.00SanDisk 32GB CF Card: $59.99Canon Battery: $62.00Rode VideoMic Pro: $203.75Manfrotto Monopod: $279.88CineBag CD-25B Backpack: $192.95Load-out Total: $5907.77 Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K & 4.6KNext up is the Blackmagic URSA Mini. While the URSA Mini hasn’t officially released yet, it has generated plenty of buzz — especially with its incredible shift in size and weight compared to the URSA. The Mini is an incredibly powerful camera that uses a Super 35mm sensor in either 4K with 12 stops of dynamic range, or 4.6K with 15 stops of dynamic range. Either option can capture 4K at up to 60fps and HD at 120fps.Since there isn’t any available footage out there for the URSA Mini, we’ll have to rely on the footage from the original URSA. Remember, the URSA Mini and the original URSA are nearly identical under the hood, so what we are seeing is what you can capture. This showreel is from 50MM FILM. FS7 Camera Body: $7999.00Metabones E to EF Adapter: $649.00Rokinon Ceni Prime Kit: $1996.00Canon 24-70mm Zoom Lens: $1899.00Lexar XQD Memory Card: $139.95Sony BP-U60 Battery: $269.95Rode NTG-2 Mic Kit: $254.95Porta Brace Large Camera Bag: $399.00Manfrotto 504HD Tripod: $889.88Load-out Total: $14,496.73 RED SCARLET-XThe last camera we’ll look at is the RED SCARLET-X. This has been my camera of choice for the past two years and I’ve never been disappointed by its results. The RED SCARLET shoots a great flat RAW image at up to 6K… just be aware that 6K only captures at 12fps. You can capture 5K & 4.5K at up to 48fps, while 4K, 3K & 2K can capture up to 60, 80 and 120 fps.I would suggest to anyone that they shoot in R3D RAW when using the SCARLET, as this format is natively read in all major NLEs and there’s a world of flexibility at your fingertips when in post. If you strip the camera down to just the basics, it will weigh around 8-9lbs, which would allow you to place it on a gimbal with relative ease.Again, the image quality of the RED SCARLET is outstanding. This camera is most often used in music videos or as a camera for VFX. Here’s a music video for Airplane Friendship by Buvette and filmed by Simon Wannaz. SCARLET-X Light Collection: $20,045.00 (Includes Monitor, Storage & Battery)Rokinon Ceni Prime Kit: $1996.00Canon 24-70mm Zoom Lens: $1899.00Zoom H6 Kit: $499.99Rode NTG-2 Mic Kit: $254.95Rode Boompole: $129.00Manfrotto 504HD w/535: $1149.88Load-out Total: $25,972.83In closing… If you’re just starting out, go small and save your money. Trust me… you’ll need it sooner than later for a large variety of other things needed to run a business. Also, remember there are other cameras out there that are not on the list such as the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Canon C100, Sony FS700 and so on that won’t break the bank.I will say this… keep your eye on the Blackmagic URSA Mini. I’m not alone in thinking that this camera could really shake things up. If word of its image quality holds true, we could have a real challenger for the FS7 and SCARLET. That would change the game for many of us.Want more content on camera equipment? Then check out these articles from PremiumBeat.7 Tricks for Keeping Your Camera Equipment OrganizedReal Cinema Lenses You Can Afford10 Essential Filmmaking Tools Under $100Are you on the cusp of starting your own production company? Was this helpful for you? Are there other camera loadouts that you would want us to cover? Let us know in the comments below. Alpha a7RII Camera Body: $3198.00Sony 16-35mm Zoom Lens: $1348.00Sony 128GB SDXC Memory Card: $86.39Sony NP-FW50 Battery: $49.95Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro: $283.99Manfrotto Tripod: $299.88Sony Rugged Soft Case: $45.00Load-Out Total: $5311.21Canon 5D Mark IIIEveryone knows about Old Faithful, right? The geyser in Yellowstone National Park? Well think of the Canon 5D Mark III as Old Faithful. This camera has been in used on hundreds of documentary, short indies, and even big-budget films for years now. It’s a tried and tested camera that gives you really great imagery. So, if your want to build your production company around Canon, then this is the best place to start.There are literally thousands of short films and videos shot using the 5D Mark III, but here’s one of our favorites: Imersão by Morgan Jouquand. In this video, Morgan is using a Mark III with a Canon 24-70mm 2.8 zoom lens and a Zeiss 35mm f2. To get the smooth shots, he used a Wondlan Mini Steadicam and a Zoom H4N for the sound. URSA Mini 4K: $2995.00URSA Mini 4.6K: $4995.00Rokinon 24, 35, 50 & 85mm Cine Lens Kit: $1996.00×2 Lexar 128GB CFast 2.0 Cards: $314.99 (per)Switronix Battery & Charger: $1048.95Rode NTG-2 Mic Kit: $254.95Blackmagic Shoulder Rig Kit: $395.00Manfrotto 502HD Tripod: $409.95CineBags CB-01A: $199.954K Load-out Total: $7614.794.6K Load-out Total: $9614.79 Sony FS7 Super 35Another quality Sony entry is the FS7 Super 35. This camera features the standard Sony E-Mount, but, as always, you can purchase an adapter for PL, EF, and Nikon lenses. This camera also has 14 stops of dynamic range, which is quite impressive. Another impressive feature is the fact that this camera can record 4K internally unlike it’s predecessor the Sony FS700. It can capture 4K up to 60fps and UHD up to 180fps. Remember that this camera uses Sony proprietary XQD memory cards, which are not cheap.The image quality of this camera is legit. To show this off, we’re showcasing the short film The Waiting by To Guys, which was shot using the Sony FS7.last_img read more

Why Your Operations Team Struggles and What To Do About It

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now There are three reasons your operations team struggle to give your clients what they want.The biggest reason your operations team struggles to give your clients what they want is because your clients can’t have what they want the way they want it. Your people can get them the outcome they need, but they can get your them the outcome doing it the way the client wants it done. Which leads us straight into the next reason you operations team is having a tough time: conflict.Telling your client that they can’t have what they want the way they want it is a recipe for conflict in a lot of cases. Your clients don’t want to know what they can’t have it, and they don’t want excuses. Whining about how difficult it is to produce results isn’t likely to win you any sympathy either. So, in a lot cases, the problems persist and become an even more fertile ground in which to grow dissatisfaction. When there is enough unhappiness, you a may get called; you sold it, you own it.Why do your operations team members avoid the necessary conflict surrounding the problem? Simple. They don’t want to be responsible for losing your client.Your operations team is full of good people. They are trying to do right. They work really hard to keep the promises that you made, and they bump up against constraints that were unknown until they began working on your client’s account.But your operations people are not salespeople. They’re not used to having difficult conversations, and they may not have the same rapport-building skills that you have. They weren’t hired to sell ideas; they were hired to execute. You owe them your support and your help.Schedule a meeting to address the challenging issue with your client. Help your client understand that they can likely have the outcome they want, but you may need to deliver that outcome in a way that is different from what they believe necessary. And you may even need more money to do so. Bring some game subject matter experts to the meeting so they can watch and learn–and so they can execute.Don’t wish your operations team was made up of salespeople. You need people with their skills to do their job. Don’t let them go it alone so long that their relationship is damaged. They still need to work with your client. Instead, help your operations deal with the conflict and help them find a way forward.last_img read more