Trillions of Tribbles Tribute Art

first_img49 years ago today (December 29th, 1967) one of the most iconic episodes of Star Trek (The Original) aired. The 44th episode that debuted in season two went through several forms until the final script and concept were decided on. The aptly named “Trouble with Tribbles” is a fan favorite and still is one of the most memorable episodes of the original series.The episode unfolds as the Enterprise the tasked with protecting a container of grain bound for Sherman’s Planet. As they crew arrives at the Deep Space Station K7, the Klingon’s control half of the Planet. And they don’t want to see any part that isn’t their’s successfully developed.Lt. Uhura meanwhile is enchanted by a purring tribble and has one gifted to her. Even Spock is taken by the tribble’s tranquil tons. But the tribbles begin reproducing and have other nefarious plans …to eat all the grain on board! Eventually, Kirk discovers that the grain has been poisoned.The production team made almost 500 tribbles for this episode; some were even made with beanbags and surgical balloons. They literally covered the entire station in them.As Bones says, “It is a human characteristic to love little animals.” Here are some of our favorite recreations of the crew and the adorable and destructive lil critters.View as: One Page Slides1. Commander Flowers2. Meghan Kirkpatrick3. Aiden R4. Naut Moon5. Hallaze6. Janey J7. Lee Sargent8. Malfey Vii9. Lee Draws Stuff10. Ella G11. Blatterbury12. Aanel D Flowright13. Olly Moss14. Rory B15. Annabel Doylelast_img read more