Photos: Collection of favorite Kevin Durant moments before his Achilles injury

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceAs Kevin Durant begins his recovery from his Achilles surgery today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite images I have taken of him throughout my career.Durant stated on his Instagram account: “My road back starts now! I got my family and my loved ones by my side and we truly appreciate all the messages and support people have sent our way,” Durant wrote on Instagram about the injury he suffered against …last_img

Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast August 27, 2019

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Leaving the forecast pretty much alone this morning. We are wet here in the short term with plenty of rain around today, but then shift to dry weather for a time, with our next rain threat coming later this weekend.Today we expect rains of .3″-1.8″ across 90% of Ohio. The heavy rains will be triggered by thunderstorms, and have the best potential along and east of a line from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Rain likely does not end until near or after midnight tonight in eastern parts of the state.Mostly sunny skies expected tomorrow through Saturday, although clouds will be on the increase Saturday afternoon.Scattered showers return Sunday with moisture potential for a few hundredths up to .4″. Coverage will be at 50%.Clouds linger through Monday, with increasing sun potential in the afternoon. Then sunny and dry Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.Next Thursday scattered showers may try and push into the northern part of Ohio, but we stay partly sunny south.10 day rain potentialThe extended period is wet for next Friday and Saturday (6th and 7th) with combined rain potential of .4″-1″ and coverage of 90%. Then Sunny and dry from Sunday the 11th through Wednesday the 14th.Temps over the next 2 weeks will be generally below normal. We do get a bit of a bump in temps this weekend, but otherwise below to well below normal, on average about 5-10 degrees.last_img read more

Am I Hallucinating or What?

first_imgI got a press release in the mail today for a new product called “Doorbrow”, including the following points:“…a revolutionary new product…” , “…will minimize water intrusion and sun deterioration…”, “…prevents leaks between a building and its entry door, effectively eliminating water intrusion…”OK, I was intrigued, so I checked out, and man was I shocked. I will reserve judgment on the aesthetics of the product (give me time), but I can’t see how it will do much of anything to keep water or sun from reaching a door. On top of that, their primary marketing photo shows this device attached directly to the stucco. Now in my book, that causes two problems. First, you are punching holes in the stucco (or siding, etc.) creating wonderful little pathways for water to get into the house. Oh, but you can caulk the holes you say! Yeah, well, we all know how well caulk works in keeping water out – about as well as a screen door. Then, on top of that, they recommend caulking the top where it hits the wall, yet another fine example of hoping that water will flow uphill. I realize that this is a common delusion of builders – I can’t count the number of times I drive by jobsites and see people putting up weather barriers and window flashing totally wrong. They miss the point that felt, housewrap, and flashing all need to layer, shingle style from top to bottom. Doorbrow expects the caulk at the top to keep out water. It might do that, IF the caulk is PERFECTLY APPLIED TO CLEAN SURFACES, and even then it probably won’t last more than a couple of weeks. I am so tired of “building professionals” who have no clue as to how to build. Water ruins buildings. We need to keep it out. It only stays out if you build it to keep it out. If the door leaks, fix the damn door, don’t put a Doorbrow on it. You are just putting whipped cream on #$%&, and it probably is not as much an improvement as the whipped cream.Oh, and by the way, it is pretty damned ugly too. My buddy Michael has this to say about it:“Possibly one of the most irresponsible and worthless products I have seen in a while. Not only is the product “Butt-Ugly” it serves no purpose other than to possibly compromise the durability of the home. The flashing detail in the photo is backwards (nailed to the face of the stucco… Really? Who was the brilliant guy who thought of that installation detail… oohh I know, I bet it was the guy who dreamed this ridiculous thing up!). Besides, what kind of protection does a 6” overhand give you? I going to go out on a limb and suggest.. NOTHING!”last_img read more