Review: White Absinthe? It’s a Thing

first_img 10 Best Gins Under $20: Just Add Tonic How to Drink Absinthe and Live to Tell the Tale Ah, the Green Fairy, the drink of artistic greats such as Hemingway, van Gough, Proust, and perhaps most famously, Oscar Wilde. Anise-flavored, the spirit is typically green, but, as we see here with Louisville’s Copper and King’s Blanche Absinthe, it can also be colorless.This white absinthe is double distilled from muscat brandy in American copper pot stills. In addition to anise and wormwood—a hallmark botanical of the spirit, which is said in certain dosages to contribute to hallucinogenic effects—fennel, hyssop, and other accent botanicals are also macerated in the muscat low wine before being distilled a second time.Nose: As you might expect from an anise-flavored spirit, the scent of licorice is strong on the front end of this absinthe. You can also pick up notes of fennel and an herbaceousness that calls to mind sweet grass. On the back end of the nose, you get hints of muscat which, combined with the grassiness, evoke walking through a vineyard full of ripe grapes.Palate: Candied licorice is the main flavor here. The bitterness from the wormwood and other herbs plays with the sweetness in a great way. At 65% ABV, there is a warmth here, but it is not overpowering like you might get from other spirits of this strength. Once your palate acclimates, there’s a little bit of black pepper as well.Finish: A medium to long finish, full of licorice and and fruitiness—in the form of apples and raisins—from the muscat brandy.Final Thoughts: Absinthes have never been easy for me to get into and with such a high ABV, this one might seem a little intimidating. The licorice flavors are there, but not overwhelming, and when consumed in the traditional absinthe way with water poured over sugar through a slotted spoon, this spirit goes down (almost) dangerously easy. If you’re dead set on doing it the right way, I recommend picking up a proper absinthe fountain set, such as this one, to go with your white absinthe.Copper and King’s Absinthe Blanche retails for $55. Editors’ Recommendations 11 Best Gins for a Refreshing Gin and Tonic The Best American Liqueur Rum 101: An Introduction to the Different Types of Rum and How They’re Madelast_img read more

Bulgaria freezes accounts receiving millions from Venezuela

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Officials in Bulgaria say they have frozen several bank accounts that received millions of euros transferred from Venezuela’s state-owned oil company.Chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov said Wednesday that the money was meant to be eventually sent to accounts abroad.“All measures have been taken so that the funds that are still in the accounts … will be fully under our control and not leave the country on false grounds,” he said.Tsatsarov said charges for money laundering would likely be pressed against the accounts’ owner, a Bulgarian citizen who was currently out of the country.“Our government is working very closely with Bulgaria and other EU members to ensure that the wealth of the people of Venezuela is not stolen,” U.S. ambassador to Sofia, Eric Rubin, told reporters.The Associated Press read more