Firearm Businesses Get Clarity on New Federal Legislation

first_imgNew federal government legislation means Nova Scotia businesses no longer have to record names of people purchasing long guns. On behalf of the federal government, the province will send letters this week to businesses that sell firearms notifying them that due to the elimination of the federal long gun registry, they are no longer required to collect and store information on people buying long guns. A strict system of controlling restricted firearms will continue through the provincial Firearms Office, which administers the act on behalf of the federal government. Police checks and safety courses are still required to buy a gun and ammunition. Firearms dealers have been recording long gun sales transactions since the 1980s, along with purchases of restricted firearms such as handguns. This information was then shared with the province’s Firearms Office. Under the new federal legislation, they will only have to keep information about the sale of restricted firearms. This information will continue to be shared with the Firearms Office. Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island administer the act on behalf of the federal government. There are about 76,000 firearms licences in Nova Scotia.last_img read more