King Mohammed VI to Start a Tour to West Africa

Rabat – King Mohammed VI is expected to start a West African tour that will also take him to southern neighbor Mauritania, reported Spanish news agency EFE.The regional tour, whose specific dates have not yet been disclosed, aims to amplify Morocco’s influence in Africa through the signing of bilateral agreements, the same source said, adding that the kingdom is seeking to strengthen economic cooperation with these countries and to fight against terrorism, organized crime, drug trafficking and religious extremism.According to the same source, the Monarch is planning to create an African Development Organization for which there is already a mobilization of various embassies and consulates. In February 2014, Mohammed VI, accompanied with a large delegation, kicked off a four nation West Africa tour to Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Gabon. The visit resulted in the signing of a series of agreements on bilateral cooperation in the social and economic spheres. read more