New UNbacked flood management project for Africas Limpopo River unveiled

The project, funded by the UN Environment Programme’s (UNEP) wing of the Global Environment Facility and executed by the UN Human Settlements Programme (HABITAT), aims to improve the way land along the river is managed, boost the ability of governments, local authorities and communities to respond to extreme flooding events and establish early-warning systems. A key feature will be improving cooperation among the three countries concerned – Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe – as well as forging closer links in areas such as flood forecasting in consultation with other nations that have dams on the Limpopo.Studies pinpointing regional and national gaps in flood warning and alert systems will be undertaken alongside improved training for national experts in these areas. In addition, surveys of “safe” areas will also be carried out to identify areas along the lower Limpopo River basin where both people and livestock can go when a flood alert is issued. read more