Watch Rooster Conspiracy Weave “Deal” & “Cassidy” Into A 90-Minute Jam

first_imgWhen a new supergroup is born, it’s not the circumstances that matter as much as the music it makes. At Brooklyn Comes Alive 2017, Rooster Conspiracy—the brand-new group featuring Eric Krasno, Reed Mathis, Todd Stoops, and Jay Lane—showed that they could generate high-voltage mayhem and infuse fireworks into lengthy improvisations centered around the beloved catalog of the Grateful Dead.Rooster Conspiracy was actually born from Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann‘s good intentions and celebratory spirit during the first few days of 2017. Having just rung in the new year in a friend’s backyard in Hawaii with a band that included his Billy & the Kids bandmate Reed Mathis and Mathis’ Electric Beethoven bandmate Todd Stoops, Kreutzmann was in the mood to keep jamming. When he heard that Eric Krasno just arrived on his little island of Kauai, he invited the guitarist to join in.The ensemble spent the better part of New Year’s Day casually jamming just for the fun of it. The following evening, Kreutzmann arranged for a surprise luau at his house. He had instruments set up in his garage and ready to go, so the four jammed again—this time going into unrehearsed Grateful Dead songs. This time around, they landed in a funky style that showcased Kreutzmann’s signature shuffle and locked in with Krasno’s jazz-club funk, Mathis’ constant drive for creation, and Stoops’ kinetic approach to the keyboards.The “Bill’s Garage” jam felt like a purification ceremony that opened up pathways for the new year. In a nod to both the time (the Chinese “Year of the Rooster” was just about to begin) and the place (Kauai, an island with wild roosters everywhere), the four new jamming buddies decided on the name “Rooster Conspiracy.”When Kreutzmann couldn’t make it to New York for Brooklyn Comes Alive, the rest of the guys wanted to bring their Dead-funk 2017 jams to Williamsburg. The group tapped the great Jay Lane of Ratdog and Primus fame for the highly anticipated first-ever East Coast edition of the Rooster Conspiracy. The resulting set turned out to be a nearly ninety-minute jam session that was, at the heart of it all, only two songs! Rooster Conspiracy proved that “It’s not always the destination it’s the journey,” weaving between the two songs like madmen and creating seemingly endless amounts of psychedelic space between them.We managed to get the entire set on one long video (though there is a short break in our camera footage during a speedy battery change), so you can get lost in the magic just as we did when it happened live. Enjoy!“Deal” > “Cassidy” > “Deal”last_img read more

Sinkane Expands 2019 Tour With New Fall Dates

first_imgFans will have more chances to catch Sinkane on tour this year, as the free-jazz/funk-rock fusion band centered around singer/guitarist Ahmed Gallab has added a run of fall dates to their 2019 performance schedule.Announced on Wednesday, Sinkane’s run of 2019 fall performances will begin on September 12th in Richmond, VA and continue for a month before wrapping on October 12th in Pittsburgh, PA. Throughout the month-long North American trek, Gallab and his band will make stops at a mix of venues including The Mothlight in Asheville, NC (9/14); The Basement East in Nashville, TN (9/15); The Parish in Austin, TX (9/21); The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO (10/5); The Mill in Iowa City, IA (10/8); Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO (10/10); and the Thunderbird Café & Music Hall in Pittsburgh, PA (10/12); just to name a few.The new fall dates will add to the band’s previously-announced run of summer performances, which begin on June 4th in Zurich, Switzerland. The run of international and domestic summer tour dates will come to an end on June 29th following a show in Los Angeles.Gallab continues to build momentum towards the May 31st release of the band’s next studio album, Dépaysé. Since the album’s announcement back in late February, Sinkane has shared a trio of new singles including its title track, “Everybody”, and “Ya Sudan“.Tickets for the new fall shows go on sale Friday, May 17th. Fans can head to Sinkane’s website for tickets and tour info.Sinkane Fall Tour Dates9/12 – Richmond, VA – Richmond Music Hall at Capital Ale House9/13 – Durham, NC – Motorco9/14 – Asheville, NC – The Mothlight9/15 – Nashville, TN – The Basement East9/17 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl9/18 – New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa9/19 – Houston, TX – Last Concert Cafe9/20 – Dallas, TX – Three Links – Deep Ellum, TX9/21 – Austin, TX – The Parish9/24 – Phoenix, AZ – Last Exit Live9/30 – Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s Restaurant & Nightclub10/2 – Salt Lake City, UT – The State Room10/4 – Ft Collins, CO – Aggie Theatre10/5 – Boulder, CO – The Fox Theatre10/6 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown10/8 – Iowa City, IA – The Mill10/9 – Kansas City, MO – recordBar10/10 – St Louis, MO – Old Rock House10/12 -Pittsburgh, PA – Thunderbird Café & Music HallView New Tour Dateslast_img read more

Student examines toxicity of shower curtains at Saint Mary’s

first_imgSaint Mary’s students may be regularly exposed to toxic chemicals, according to a research project by senior Malia Hosoi-Gallucci.Shower curtains currently installed in Saint Mary’s dorms are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which has been shown to give off a variety of volatile organic compounds and toxic chemicals.Hosoi-Gallucci, a global studies major, conducted the project for an anthropology class titled “Water, Culture and Sustainability,” taught by assistant professor of global studies Laura Elder. After learning about the toxicity of PVC, Hosoi-Gallucci decided to research the situation at Saint Mary’s regarding the school’s use of PVC shower curtains. She discovered PVC curtains were in wide use in the College’s dorms, despite the fact that vinyl chloride has been classified by the EPA as a Group A human carcinogen. However, the EPA — and all other federal agencies — does not have the authority to regulate the use of PVC plastics inside private homes.Hosoi-Gallucci said she alerted the administration, which was unaware that the shower curtains contained PVC. Benjamin Bowman, director of Saint Mary’s facilities, said in an email statement that the College is now looking into new curtain options.“At the last Going Green Committee meeting, Malia Hosoi-Gallucci shared her research on plastics and their impact on human health with the audience,” he said. “Members of the committee indicated that they should further explore alternative shower curtain options and my team has been working on this.“At Saint Mary’s, we educate and empower our students to address problems, seek solutions and make a difference in their communities. We are proud of Malia putting her research to action, and as a College, we are committed to a safe, sustainable solution. Currently, we are working with our supplier to identify a sustainable and durable replacement curtain.”A study by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice’s PVC Campaign showed that PVC curtains give off 10 different volatile organic compounds which, when inhaled, can cause health issues such as cataracts, nervous system depression, liver and kidney damage, narcotic effects, eye irritation, potential damage to fetuses and hematological disorders.“[These plastics] are not good for showers — especially for people who like to take hot showers,” Hosoi-Gallucci said. According to the EPA, inhalation of vinyl chloride fumes has been shown to increase the risks of a rare form of cancer, known as angiosarcoma. That “new car smell” people love is a result of these toxic fumes, Hosoi-Gallucci added. “New car smell is actually really bad because it’s off-gassing really bad chemicals,” she said. Notre Dame Building Services, when asked if the shower curtains at the University are the same as the curtains in use at Saint Mary’s, said in an email: “We’ve confirmed with Building Services that shower curtains used in the Notre Dame residence halls are made of 100 percent vinyl and do not include polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.”Hosoi-Gallucci said the safest alternative to PVC curtains is hemp curtains, because “hemp is mildew and bacteria resistant” and doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals. However, hemp shower curtains are significantly more expensive than the PVC variants — around $70 each, Hosoi-Gallucci said — and the cost of replacing every shower curtain at Saint Mary’s could be substantial. “[The administration] is definitely open to change. But again, the price is a factor, so they’re kind of like ‘maybe not,’” she said.Hosoi-Gallucci said she hopes that through her efforts working with the administration on this issue, more students will become aware of the situation and push for a healthier change.Tags: Chemicals, polyvinyl chloride, Saint Mary’s facilities, shower curtainslast_img read more

Alluring Chickens.

first_imgWhen Thomas Whiting left theUniversity of Georgia in 1982 with his master’s in poultry science,few knew how high he would let his education fly.Today, Whiting is president of WhitingFarms in Delta, Co. where more than 100,000 chicken pass througheach year. But none make it to the processing plant, and he doesn’traise them for eggs.The Secret’s in theFeathersWhiting raises chickens just for their feathers. And fly fishermenacross the world are glad he does.Called hackles in fly-fishing circles, the feathers are usedto make lures. The farm raises specially bred chickens for theirfly-tying feathers. He also raises a few black-meated meat chickens,some Junglefowl and about a half dozen pheasant species crosses.Through breeding, selection and other scientific methods, feathersare created that resemble the colors and textures of insects thatattract fish.Genetics is the Keyto His SuccessAfter graduating from UGA, Whiting went to the University ofArkansas and earned a doctorate in poultry genetics. He then foundedthe company that allows him to combine his education and his passion- big business.The farm casts out more than 2,200 different types of fishingproducts each year. Current sales are just under $4 million andgrowing. “I expect continued steady growth,” Whitingsaid, “maybe up to 250,000 birds per year in five years.”Worldwide HacklesIn April 1989, Whiting hatched out his first Hoffman chicks,from which Whiting Farms “Hoffman Hackle” has risento be the best and dominant hackle in the world market.In addition, Whiting created many new colors, 28 now and expanding.He also developed an “American Hackle” chicken linespecifically for salt water and salmon flies. In 1996, WhitingFarms added the number 2 quality genetic hackle stock known as”Herbert Hackle,” to complement its gene pool and productline.”We have now added further processing of some of our featherproducts in Mexico and Sri Lanka,” Whiting added.The Best in the MidwestLast year, Whiting Farms was named the Small Business Exporterof the Year by the Small Business Administration for Coloradoand SBA Region VIII which includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montanaand North and South Dakota. Whiting Farms also received the PioneerSpirit Award from the Delta Colorado Area Chamber of Commercerecognizing their rapid growth and contribution to the area economy.Whiting’s goal is to make Whiting Farms theproducer of quality fly-tying feathers in the world, and theyare well on their way. Whiting Farms sells their feathers worldwidewith Japan as their largest single foreign market. Canada, Europe,Australia and New Zealand also buy considerable quantities. Inall, Whiting Farms sells products to 30 countries and 46 states.(Photographs courtesy of Whiting Farms.)last_img read more

Golf course watering

first_imgWith help from Waltz and UGA agronomist Bob Carrow, Esoda developed an outline for superintendents to follow. Because of Georgia’s diverse climate and soils, the BMPs would have to be specific to each golf course. “We’ve had to cut off watering roadside areas and driving ranges,” he said. “We’re saving water for our playing surfaces. It’s time to show the world that we walk the talk and prove that we’re good stewards of the environment.” To save and use water best, the plan needed expert input from the industry. “The original plan for golf was only exempting misting of greens,” he said. “That was unacceptable. Having us on an odd-even schedule wasn’t a smart watering plan, either,” because it would use more water, not less.Rallying the troops for the cause By Sharon OmahenUniversity of GeorgiaMark Esoda has a plan for how he’ll get his “lawn” through Georgia’s drought: stop watering here, cut mowing and fertilizing there. … His plan will save water on thousands of acres this year and keep hundreds of thousands of golfers happy. Esoda, the golf course superintendent for the Atlanta Country Club, developed his plan after taking an extensive class, “Best Management Practices for Golf Course Superintendents.”Class work, homework and extra credit”This was a national class we presented in California,” said Clint Waltz, one of the course’s instructors and a turfgrass specialist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “We asked each participant to return to their home state and develop a ‘best management plan’ for their facility.” “This isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation,” Waltz said. “South Georgia’s conditions aren’t similar to north Georgia’s. The soils are different, the environments are different and the grasses are different.”A promise kept Last week, Esoda made good on his promise, and then some. He handed EPD Director Carol Couch 229 BMPs. Now 89 percent of GGCSA members have them for their golf courses. Esoda has put his course’s plan into action. Previous water rulings, he said, have unjustly singled out golf courses as nonessential water users. “They are essential,” he said, “economically and environmentally.”Managing a precious resource “We have a bad reputation when it comes to water usage,” Esoda said. “Everyone thinks we use too much water and too many inputs. The truth is we don’t use too many inputs and we do manage our water.”center_img Esoda made a deal: Give him three years and he’d have 75 percent of the GGCSA members using water BMPs. Waltz said the superintendents have elevated themselves in the eyes of state regulatory agencies. They “want to be viewed as part of the solution, not the problem,” he said. “(Couch) called the superintendents pioneers in the area of water conservation.” “Superintendents are smart,” he said, “and they should be doing this anyway. They should be monitoring their water usage. It’s just good management.” He met first with the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. “This was 2004,” Esoda said. “At the time, the state’s outdoor water management plan was being developed.” Businesses that rely heavily on water, such as golf courses, would be devastated if the state cut off their access or strongly restricted their usage, Esoda said. “We don’t feel that the state would ever cut us off completely,” he said. “But now, we have plans and strategies in place for what to do if they do turn the water off or add more restrictions.” Esoda did his homework and extra credit, too. He decided to encourage fellow members of the Georgia Golf Course Superintendent’s Association to develop BMPs for their courses. Besides saving and managing water, Esoda saw the plans as a way to show that when it comes to preserving the environment, golf course superintendents are forward thinkers.last_img read more

Elected officials recognize importance of National Financial Literacy Month

first_imgNational Financial Literacy Month begins today, and with it, the public recognition by elected officials of the importance of financial education–a keystone of the credit union movement.President Barack Obama proclaimed April as National Financial Capability Month. “This month, let us encourage informed financial decisions and promote resources that help the American people make them,” he wrote in Thursday’s proclamation.Governors nationwide signed proclamations for Financial Literacy Month as well, while some specifically noted Money Smart Week, April 23-30, or Credit Union Youth Month. County commissions and city councils also issued proclamations about the importance of financial education. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Subject in FedEx truck leads law enforcement across counties

first_imgCharges:Criminal possession of stolen property 3rd degree, a class D felonyCriminal possession of stolen property 4th degree, a class E felonyCriminal possession of a weapon 4th degree, a class A misdemeanorCriminal possession of a controlled substance 7th degree, a class A misdemeanorResisting arrest, a class A misdemeanor (WBNG) — The Broome County Sheriff’s Office released an update regarding the arrest of the man in connection with the police pursuit on Tuesday afternoon. (WBNG) — A police chase that began in Broome County ended in Tioga County with one subject being taken into custody Tuesday afternoon. The sheriff’s office said the van was reportedly traveling westbound on State Route 206 in Greene and was headed toward Broome County. They say they spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it, but the operator of the vehicle would not comply. May 20, 2:19 P.M. UPDATE: (WBNG) — Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrested one person in connection with the police pursuit this afternoon. Additionally, the sheriff’s office said that after towing the vehicle, they found a muzzle-loader long gun, laptops, various tools, a generator, bicycles and more. —— The sheriff’s office said that was when they located 39-year-old male Bradley Hesco. They say Hesco tried to run away from the officers, but they were able to take him into custody. The sheriff’s office said they received a tip at about 3:00 p.m. that a FedEx van was reported stolen early in the morning on Monday, May 18. They say the van was reported stolen from N. Brotzman Road in the Town of Chenango. center_img Police officials say the vehicle pursuit traveled through Whitney Point, Lisle, Richford, Berkshire and Newark Valley. They also say once the pursuit reached Newark Valley, the driver turned off the road, parked the vehicle and attempted to run off on foot. —– Captain Kate Newcomb with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office told 12 News the subject stole a FedEx truck. The truck was reported stolen on Monday. The truck is in possession of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office. 7:53 P.M. UPDATE: Capt. Newcomb says a deputy noticed the truck on Route 79 in the Town of Lisle and a chase ensued before ending in Newark Valley. Bradley Hesco, 39, was taken into custody, interviewed and ultimately charged. Captain Newcomb says it’s too early to comment on potential charges.last_img read more

Tony Adams highlights ‘massive error’ Mikel Arteta made during Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea

first_img Metro Sport ReporterSunday 29 Dec 2019 5:41 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.8kShares Comment Shkodran Mustafi backed off Tammy Abraham in the build-up to Chelsea’s winning goal (Sky Sports)‘This is an old habit Arsenal have been doing week in, week out, they drop off and drop off because they’re scared, it’s fear.‘If he’d gone in on Abraham [near the halfway line] in here, stick him in there, make the foul, you saw Jorginho, you make the foul there, stop him turning, get in front of him ideally and win the ball.‘But you’re on your back straight from that position.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Tony Adams highlights ‘massive error’ Mikel Arteta made during Arsenal’s defeat to Chelsea Bukayo Saka was tasked with dealing with Tammy Abraham at Arsenal’s back post (Premier League)‘And when you’re playing the zonal it’s so important.‘So many goals come in that area, and not to have one of your best headers in that zone is a massive error.’More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityAdams also criticised Shkodran Mustafi for backing off Tammy Abraham on the halfway line before the Chelsea striker’s winning goal.‘Chelsea have got back into the game, it’s 1-1, all game they’ve [Arsenal] been going in and pushing in and defending well, he [Mustafi] chose to drop off again,’ said the former Arsenal captain.center_img Advertisement Tony Adams was unhappy with Arsenal’s set-up at set-pieces (Premier League)Tony Adams believes Mikel Arteta made a ‘massive error’ by not instructing a stronger Arsenal player to guard the back post at set-pieces during their defeat to Chelsea on Sunday.The Gunners took the lead through Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but failed to hold out as late goals from Jorginho and Tammy Abraham sealed the win for Frank Lampard’s side.Chelsea’s equaliser came from a free kick as Bernd Leno misjudged the ball, leaving Jorginho to tap home from close range.But Adams has criticised Arsenal’s set-up for set-pieces as Bukayo Saka was tasked with dealing with Tammy Abraham at the back post.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT‘There was a mismatch at the far post,’ Adams told the Premier League. Advertisementlast_img read more

New hospital on the Sunshine Coast is boosting the housing market

first_imgSunshine Coast land values and house and land packages experiencing boom driven by new Sunshine Coast University Hospital.SUNSHINE Coast vacant land values are set to continue their upward trend with house and land packages the standout performer, as the positive impact of the new University Hospital takes affect. Ray White Land Marketing director Jamie Martin said in the 12 months to June, 2016, the median price paid for land reached a new high of $567sq m, while house and land packages had shown three consecutive years of volume increases.Mr Martin said in the “Between the Lines — Sunshine Coast Vacant Land Report February 2017” that median land values had grown 4.02 per cent to $259,000 over the last year.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home2 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor8 hours ago“House and land package sales have been the stand out performer for this region, increasing their volume of sales each year for the last three years,” Mr Martin said.“There were 268 sales recorded in the year to June 2016, ahead of the 2015 and 2014 results of 253 and 185 respectively. “This number of sales is the highest recorded since 2008, highlighting the attractiveness of these packages resulting in a 6.45 per cent increase in value in the last year to $495,000.”Ray White Commercial head of research Vanessa Radar said the Sunshine Coast market was benefiting from strong investment into infrastructure projects, which is expected to continue with the opening of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital“Support businesses have been looking to position themselves around these projects and the increased population growth has confirmed the boost in employment demand across the region,” Ms Radar said.“This has been further emphasised by the improved result across the Sunshine Coast office market which, according to the Property Council, has seen vacancies fall from 14.1 per cent back in 2013 to the low of just 6.9 per cent in January, 2017.”last_img read more

ABC Pushes ‘Polyamory’ With ‘Trailblazing Triad’

first_imgNewsBusters 27 July 2015ABC’s Nightline hyped a polyamorous, “trailblazing triad” on Thursday evening, highlighting the threesome’s “unusual modern family.”The segment began with a shot of the throuple in bed together with their two children, who share a father but were each born to one of his “wives.” “This triad wants to make it clear that they are not polygamists,” ABC’s Abbie Boudreau eagerly explained, and that they are all sexual partners with each other. This arrangement began when Melinda Phoenix decided she wanted to add a man to her “marriage” to Dani, a woman. The two lesbians decided they desired a masculine man. He impregnated both of the women and their children were born five weeks apart.Boudreau explained, “A strong family unit has been their goal since exchanging vows in an intimate three-way wedding ceremony last year.”ABC didn’t bother to give too much consideration to the impact being raised by adults in a polyamorous arrangement will have on children. The clip focused heavily on Dani’s, Melinda’s, and “husband” Jonathan Stein’s feelings and very little on what life is like or will be like for the children involved. But the trio asserted that their arrangement makes parenting easier because one woman can breastfeed while the other cooks. The segment briefly acknowledged that this arrangement is “controversial” and showed Melinda Phoenix explaining to her other two partners how she feels like she misses out if they do activities without her. read more