Spin Doctors To Celebrate 30th Anniversary With Very Special Performance At Brooklyn Bowl

first_imgOn Thursday, November 8th, Spin Doctors will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a performance at New York’s Brooklyn Bowl presented by Relix. A return to New York is a fitting way to celebrate 30 years of the Spin Doctors. The band originally formed in the Big Apple in the late 1980s under the moniker Trucking Company with Blues Traveler‘s John Popper. By the end of the decade, the band had changed its name to Spin Doctors and solidified its classic lineup, featuring lead vocalist Chris Barron, guitarist/vocalist Eric Schenkman, drummer Aaron Comess, and bassist Mark White.Spin Doctors emerged from the burgeoning jam band scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s to achieve mainstream success. The band got their big break with the release of their smash hit debut album, 1991’s Pocket Full of Kryptonite, which went on to be certified Platinum by the RIAA five times over in the USA, with another five million copies sold internationally. Two singles on Spin Doctors’ debut, “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”, went on to dominate the charts and the airwaves in 1992 and 1993, with “Two Princes” earning a Grammy nomination in the Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal category. Other highlights included appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and performing on Saturday Night Live.Spin Doctors – “Two Princes”[Video: SpinDoctorsVEVO]In 1992, Spin Doctors joined forces with Phish, Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, and Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit on the inaugural H.O.R.D.E Tour. The original Spin Doctors lineup went on hiatus from 1994 through 2001 before the band reunited for a performance at former Manhattan live music hotspot Wetlands Preserve, marking one of the final shows at the venue before it shut its doors. The former owner of Wetlands, Pete Shapiro, would go on to open Brooklyn Bowl in 2009, adding an extra layer of emotional weight to their upcoming anniversary show.The band has remained together ever since their Wetlands reunion, releasing new albums in 2005 (Nice Talking to Me) and 2013 (If the River Was Whiskey). Beyond their Brooklyn Bowl performance, Spin Doctors are planning to return to the studio in early 2019 to record a new album and will hit the road in the U.S. and Europe to continue their 30th-anniversary celebrations next spring and summer.Tickets for Spin Doctors’ 30th-anniversary performance at Brooklyn Bowl are available now. To grab your tickets, head here.Enter To Win A Pair Of VIP Tickets + A Meet & Greet!<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>last_img read more

STS9 Set To Bring Their Unstoppable Force Of Energy To The Fillmore In New Orleans

first_imgMoving out of their milestone 20th anniversary year, STS9 will continue to embrace their evolutionary path as the band heads to New Orleans for a special pair of shows at the brand-new Fillmore.Hunter Brown, Jeffree Lerner, David Phipps, Zach Velmer, and Alana Rocklin will make their debut at the new venue this weekend, on Friday and Saturday, April 5th and 6th. The group recently made a post that they were in the studio prior to their performances at 2018’s Holidaze and Emerald Cup, which leaves plenty of possibilities on the table for the upcoming run.The Fillmore opened up at Harrah’s Casino New Orleans, LA earlier this year in partnership with Live Nation. The 2,000-capacity venue is the newest addition to Live Nation’s Fillmore brand, which already includes rooms in Denver, CO; Charlotte, NC; Miami, FL; Silver Spring, MD; Detroit, MI; and Philadelphia, PA. Considering its location, The Fillmore at Harrah’s New Orleans showcases local architectural styles, such as wrought iron gates and gas street lanterns, a seemingly perfect setting for the musical juggernauts.Hunter Brown shared his excitement with Live For Live Music on the upcoming run, saying: “We’re thrilled to be back in New Orleans, one of our favorite cities. Can’t wait to hear where the music takes us.”Related: Watch STS9’s Psychedelic Improv Set With Richard Devine At Wave Spell Live [Full Set Video]In addition to the headlining shows, STS9 has tapped an exciting opener for support duties each night. On Friday, April 5th, downtempo, experimental glitch navigator Thriftworks will get things warmed up with his exploratory beats and sonic textures. The following night, Saturday, April 6th, STS9 will be supported by Pnuma Live, marking only the second time the former Pnuma Trio band members are coming together to perform in several years. The group’s first performance went down over STS9’s New Year’s Eve celebration at The Fillmore in Denver.Tickets for STS9’s upcoming two-night New Orleans run are still on sale here, so make sure to grab them before it’s too late!Following their run at The Fillmore, STS9 has scheduled performances in Tulsa, Dallas, Houston, and Austin throughout the month of March. The quintet also has scheduled festival appearances at Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and their own Wave Spell Live.For a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and more information, head to STS9’s website.last_img read more

Why you should care about your personal finances

first_img 36SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Sometimes when people ask what I do for a living and I tell them that I’m a personal finance journalist, they react with a blank stare followed by, “I know nothing about personal finance.” To be honest, it doesn’t surprise me when I hear that. Nearly half the country is financially illiterate, according to Standard & Poor’s Rating Services 2015 Global Financial Literacy Survey.Knowledge about personal finance certainly isn’t innate, and most schools don’t teach the subject. Just 17 states require high school students to take a course in personal finance, according to the Council for Economic Education’s 2016 Survey of States.Personal finance isn’t always taught at home, either. The T.Rowe Price 2016 Parents, Kids & Money Survey found that 71 percent of parents are reluctant to talk to kids about financial matters, and less than half of the parents surveyed take advantage of opportunities throughout the day to teach their kids about money.Money touches almost every aspect of modern life, so why do Americans struggle so much with understanding how to manage their finances? Despite efforts and initiatives such as National Financial Literacy Month every April, which raises awareness of financial education resources, Americans’ money savvy is still lagging ― and the problem has lasting consequences for everyone. continue reading »last_img read more

Garnar to expand contact-tracing team to 60 workers

first_img(WBNG) — Broome County Executive Jason Garnar announced he will be doubling the amount of contact-tracing employees in Broome County. He says the Broome County Department of Health will train the county employees to become contact tracers. Garnar’s current team has 30 employees. He says he will take county employees and make them contact tracers to create a team of 60 people. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in order for a county to reopen, it will need 30 contact tracers per 100,000 people. One more person has died from the coronavirus in Broome County. As of April 30, the death toll is at 22. Coronavirus numbers For a map detailing where cases are located, click here. There are 92 active cases of the coronavirus in Broome County. 171 people have recovered from the virus. Broome County April 30 coronavirus update Contact tracing Broome County has about 200,000 residents.last_img read more

Glenwood Elementary, Vestal Hills Elementary and Vestal Middle Schools to go remote

first_imgVESTAL (WBNG) — The Vestal Central School District announced some of their schools will temporarily switch to remote learning starting Monday. The district’s website also says all 6th-grade students at Vestal Middle School will be fully remote from Monday, Oct. 26 through Friday, Oct. 30. According to the school district’s website, all K through 5th-grade students at Glenwood Elementary and Vestal Hills Elementary Schools will be fully remote on Monday, Oct. 26 only. They say the Tuesday cohort will report to school as scheduled.last_img

Expert backs MP’s call for rewrite of drug laws

first_imgNewsHub 29 May 2017Family First Comment: Are we missing something here??“United Future Leader Peter Dunne wants drugs like cannabis to be legalised, saying this might actually help cut down the nation’s use.”So an illegal substance becomes legal and freely available, and apparently the usage will drop??And if we increase the speeding limit to 110km/h, everyone will actually drive slower.#saynopetodopeA drug expert is urging the Government to seriously consider an MP’s case for legalising Class C drugs.United Future Leader Peter Dunne wants drugs like cannabis to be legalised, saying this might actually help cut down the nation’s use.“First, we should move to an overall approach similar to the full Portuguese model, where the cultivation and possession of all drugs remains illegal, and all drug users are referred for assessment and treatment,” he wrote on his website earlier this month.“The second stage of the process, when the Misuse of Drugs Act is rewritten, would be to transfer the current Schedule of Class C Drugs from that Act to the Psychoactive Substances Act.”That means marijuana would be subject to the same level of scrutiny as other psychoactive substances, including synthetic marijuana.“The test is evidence based around the risk posed to the user… there are clear controls on the manufacture, sale and distribution of any such products that might be approved.”READ MORE: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/health/2017/05/expert-backs-mp-s-call-for-rewrite-of-drug-laws.htmlDunne urges move towards cannabis decriminalisationRadio NZ News 28 May 2017New Zealand should move towards decriminalising cannabis over time, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says.Mr Dunne said he wanted the country to follow Portugal’s model, where the drug was legalised and regulated.The first step would be to treat possession of low levels of cannabis as a health issue, rather than a crime, he said.The next step would be to test the drug and allow it to be sold, but to regulate its sale.“If you moved to a regulated market, and that would be some years away at the very least, then you would have a better control of it.“But you would also have…control of the production and distribution of it, which would mean taking it away from the gangs,” Mr Dunne said.http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/331773/dunne-urges-move-towards-cannabis-decriminalisationPrime Minister Bill English rejects Peter Dunne’s way forward for weedNewsHub 29 May 2017Standing in Mr Dunne’s way is his ministerial boss – the Prime Minister. Bill English says Mr Dunne is “making a lot of assumptions” about a drug that “does real damage to people”.“We don’t want to encourage open trading in cannabis and a whole industry around it,” he told The AM Show.Mr English says the impact on gangs would be minimal, as they have other criminal avenues to make money, while Customs and police are “doing a much better job now” of intercepting drugs before they hit the streets.Despite his unwillingness to make any changes to drug laws, Mr English does agree with Mr Dunne that the so-called war on drugs can’t be called a success.“It’s failing if one person is having their lives wrecked, or wrecking their family’s lives with drugs. You can never say it’s succeeded – put it that way. There’s always more to do.”Mr Dunne in unfazed by Mr English’s position, saying his own views are not those of the Government.READ MORE: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2017/05/prime-minister-bill-english-rejects-peter-dunne-s-way-forward-for-weed.htmlKeep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

7 surprising ways you’re destroying your health

first_img“Woulda. Coulda. Shoulda.” No one wants regrets.As we get older, we realize the importance of the basics: daily exercise, a diet abundant with fruits and veggies, etc. But that’s not all we need to be in prime living condition. Consider this a wake-up call from your future self. Here are seven things you’re doing now that will ruin your health later.Not getting enough physical touchGot hugs? If not, consider the positive effects of physical contact and affection: lowered heart rates, raised oxytocin levels, and heck — it feels good!Game plan: Get a full body massage. Pet your dog. Frequently hold your spouse’s and children’s hands. Hug your loved ones. Cuddle on the couch. Be intimate with your spouse.Not stretchingFlexibility isn’t just for yoga gurus. Stretching brings blood to your muscles and increases joint flexibility. And stretching warmed muscles a couple times a week may help ward off injury. Your future self wants you to remain active lifelong, and stretching may prevent injuries from repetitive activities such as typing, texting and even walking.Game plan: Since improper stretching can do more harm than good, talk to your health provider about how to incorporate stretching into your life.Not forgivingYou were wronged. You know it. God knows it. But not forgiving those who have offended you can be as hazardous to your health as a major stressful event.Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what happened to you is OK. Forgiveness says that you are letting go of any power that the hurt has in your life. “Future you” needs less stress — and so do you.Game plan: Decide to forgive one person today. Pray for him or her. Let go of resentment.Not getting your 7+ hoursLack of sleep isn’t a sign of endurance. It isn’t an indicator of good genetics. Losing sleep because of family obligations isn’t a sign of love for your family. Not getting enough ZZZ’s is just not taking care of yourself. Future you wants you to know that the long-term effects of sleep deprivation aren’t pretty, including an impaired immune system, being more accident prone and weight gain (like any of us want any of that).Game plan: Determine when you need to get up in the morning and then go to bed at least 7-8 hours beforehand. And go ahead and take that nap!Not connecting with othersEmotional connection is a super-vitamin. It heals. It creates positive energy. And it is physiologically necessary. The connection found on your smart phone isn’t going to cut it. We’re talking in person, eye-to-eye contact. In fact, healthy connection decreases the overall pain we experience in our lives. The research is convincing; loving relationships really are the answer. For those of us who are starting to feel the creaks in our bodies, being with those who love us can help us age better.Game plan: To refuel, schedule time daily to spend time with loved ones.Not scheduling preventive visitsWe’ve heard it before: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Though you may be consistent with your annual physicals and bi-annual dental exams, consider the extra ounce of prevention offered by specialized screenings. For most women, mammograms should begin by age 40. For men, prostate cancer exams should begin at age 50. And for all, colorectal cancer screenings should begin no later than age 50.Game plan: Talk to your health provider about your family’s health history. Ask your doctor about screenings for cardiovascular disease, bone mass measurements, diabetes and glaucoma. Don’t overlook symptoms of depression.Not teasing your mindCrosswords, jigsaw puzzles, playing a musical instrument, learning a language or picking up a new skill — these are things that can help challenge and maintain communication between the cells in your mind. Daily mind stimulation keeps your brain strong. Future you wants you to become a lifelong learner, bringing novelties to your synapses.Game plan: Try something new! Challenge your mind.Don’t forget: significant changes happen when you start small — but you’ve got to be consistent. Your future self will thank you! Tweet Share HealthLifestyle 7 surprising ways you’re destroying your health by: Familyshare.com – December 20, 2014 258 Views no discussionscenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

Antiqueños will benefit from UHC Law, says PHO

first_imgThe Provincial Health Office is alreadyin the process of forming the Provincial Health Board composed of stakeholdersof the health sector, municipal officials and representatives from theindigenous groups. In a separate interview, meanwhile, Dr.Ric Noel Naciongayo of the Antique Provincial Health Office (APHO) announcedthat this province is one out of the other 33 provinces considered asintegration sites of the UHC Law. It will be implemented in the next six years. SAN JOSE, Antique – The Universal HealthCare (UHC) Law provides for the strengthening of preventive health care andreferral systems, Chief Social Insurance Officer Junie Sabusap said. For those who have less can also availthe benefits, as long as they are registered and have complied with therequirements and their proof of being indigent were properly assessed by thelocal government social welfare and development office, or the hospital socialwelfare service unit if hospitalized. When implemented, the services will beavailable not only to indigents and senior citizens, but also to everyone, includingthe employed sector. Naciongayo is also optimistic that thefunctional health referral system and preventive health care could improve thehealth seeking behaviors of the Antiqueños, as well as ease their burden ofshouldering hospital expenses when admitted. The Primary Benefit Care Package will beenhanced with services purposed towards the prevention of illnesses such as out-patientservices, diagnostic laboratories, healthy lifestyle programs promotion andstrengthening of referral systems. During a radio program, he emphasizedthat the implementation of the UHC will bolster the preventive health care andreferral systems at the local level. However, those who can afford to paywill be categorized as contributing members and will pay the premiumcontribution. Going back, Sabusap urged everyone toregister with PhilHealth regardless of social status and employment, as long asthey are 21 years old and above for them to avail the benefits and privilegescovered by the law. As to maternity health package, majorityof the Rural Health Units in this province are accredited by PhilHealth.(With a report from PIA/PN)last_img read more

Three IMCA divisions run every Thursday at Norman County Raceway next season

first_imgADA, Minn. – Three IMCA divisions will run a complete schedule next season at Norman County Raceway. IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and Mach-1 Sport Compacts are on Thursday cards in 2015 from opening night May 7 through the season championship program on Aug. 27. All three classes had run limited schedules during their introductory 2014 IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing campaigns at the 3/8-mile semi-banked dirt oval in Ada.“We had a good response from the drivers this year and our fans liked the better, closer racing in the IMCA divisions,” promoter Jake Bitker said. “I know they will be more cost effective for our drivers.” Track champions will be crowned and bonus points awarded in all three divisions. SportMods join the field for the June 24-25 B-Mod Blitz. Norman County Raceway hosts the Sanders Metal Products Modified Challenge on Aug. 13. Sanctioned Modifieds and Northern SportMods also return to Sunday shows at Buffalo River Race Park in Glyndon, 33 miles south of Ada. Both divisions will also be new in 2015 at North Central Speedway in Brainerd. Modified points earned at all three tracks apply toward Belleville Motorsports North Central Region standings.last_img read more

Gutierrez aiming to make mark

first_img Norwich are certainly in need of reinforcements as they look to pull clear of trouble, with the Canaries in 15th place but only two points ahead of 18th-placed Cardiff after no wins in the last six league matches. Argentina international Gutierrez, who joined Newcastle from Real Mallorca during the summer of 2008, figured only twice for Alan Pardew’s side this season, and hopes he can make an instant impact with chance of regular football at Carrow Road. ”It is an opportunity for me to get back in the game and to try and do my best for the team,” he said on the club’s official website, www.canaries.co.uk. ”Personally I want to do the right things on the pitch and win my place, and then for the team we want to finish as high as we can. ”It is a tough league, all the games are difficult, but we have a good opportunity.” Hughton is in no doubt Gutierrez’s Premier League know-how can benefit his squad in the challenges ahead. ”Jonas is somebody that will certainly bring experience – he has played close to 200 games for Newcastle, so he knows the Premier League very well,” said Hughton. ”He has been in England for five years, so there won’t be that settling in period that you would have with some other players, and that is important, particularly in January when you need players that can go straight into the squad. ”Jonas can play on either flank and in a central position, so he’s a very welcome addition and we look forward to working with him.” Midfielder Jonas Gutierrez is confident his experience can help steer Norwich away from the Barclays Premier League relegation zone after signing on loan from Newcastle until the end of the season. The 30-year-old effectively took his leave of the Magpies over the weekend, when he posted a series of farewell messages on his personal Twitter account suggesting that his time at the club was over. And he will now link-up once again with Canaries boss Chris Hughton, who was in charge at St James’ Park between June 2009 and December 2010 as he led the Magpies out of the Championship and back into the top flight. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more